Which are the best vaporizers for beginners?

best vaporizers for beginners

If you are reading this post, chances are you are on the threshold of entering into the world of vaping. Now, there could be many reasons for such action.

Maybe you are a chain smoker and realize the time has come to kick the habit. Or maybe you just want to refrain from this vice before starting. Vaping is a great way to indulge in something which is not addictive but fun.

Which are the best vaporizers for beginners?

Whatever may be the reason, vaping is a great way towards achieving that nicotine-free goal. Vaping is also a compelling alternative for anxiety, migraine, body pain and a good avenue to live a stress-free life. Its therapeutic benefits have been proven through scores of scientific studies.

Although beginner vapes may appear overwhelming, it is actually quite simple. However, as a beginner, you need to understand the options available in the market today.

This could be raw ingredients such as dry herbs, essential oils, concentrates and wax or the vaporizer itself. So, read on to know more about the vaporizers, vaping ingredients and the best options which are available for beginners to find that perfect vape.

Choose the right type of vaporizer

Choosing the right type of vaporizer from the beginning makes the transition a hassle-free affair later. Even non-smokers who’d like to experience vaping need to pick up the right device to enjoy this recreational routine to the fullest.

You can either visit vape shops or check out some of the online shops. Either way the range of vaporizers and raw ingredients is sure to overwhelm even the savviest user.

Mentioned below are three main categories of vaporizers apart from e-cigarettes.

  • Pen type vaporizers

    The Pen vaporizer is a user-friendly way to start your vaping journey. However, due to a lack of precise temperature control feature, at least in some of the older versions, vaping turns out to be quite a tricky affair for beginners.

  • The potent vapour production simply results in a “sensational” feeling which might not be the best way to begin the vaping journey.

  • best vaporizers for beginners? Pen vaproizers
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    Pen vaporizers also tend to have limited raw material acceptance factor.  This also includes a limited number of flavours and add-ons. The vapour in most pen devices is warm and are limited in terms of vape mods.

    On the positive side, they cost less, offer instant vaping experience and are extremely discreet. It is this last feature that makes them popular as kits for beginners. Moreover, extreme portability means it can be slipped in the shirt or jacket pocket easily, and no one will be any wiser.

    Portable dry herb and wax vaporizers

    Portable vaporizers as the name suggests are easy to carry but boast complex engineering. They also accept a wide range of raw ingredients, offer customized tweaking of temperature and thereby provide a broad range of vapour in terms of intensity.

    Best vaporizers for beginners portable dry herb

    Portable dry herb vaporizers incorporate state of the art features, use cutting edge technology and also offer software application for Bluetooth activated phones for further temperature tweaking. These devices boast adjustable airflow, multiple ovens and some even provide built-in games.

    In recent times several manufacturers have incorporated hybrid heating systems for their portable vaporizers. This simply means the user gets the best of Convection and Conduction systems. Incidentally, these systems are used to roast the raw ingredients and with the help of an atomizer convert the same into vapour.

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    Beginning with such a device simply means the user transitions from beginner to experienced category easily, and the vaper has no need to buy a new vaporizer for such a shift or migration. As mentioned above these devices are apt for beginners as well as experienced vapers.

  • Desktop vaporizers

    On the other hand desktop vaporizers are a breed apart. They are large in size, powered by electricity and therefore the portability factor is almost zero.

    Best vaporizers for beginners desktop dry herb

    However, it has its own set of advantages. Many desktop vaporizers these days have slip-on or valve based collection bags. Once the ingredient is set up and the vapour starts to generate, the same is then collected in food grade plastic bags/balloons.

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    Now here comes the interesting part. These bags can then be detached and the vapour inhaled in the comfort of the bed or shared with friends

    There are some desktop vaporizers that are fan-based. The vapour is typically pushed out and into the air, transforming the space through its aromatic diffusion.

  • The vapour floats inside and around the room and hence there is no need for special inhalation system. Simply breathe and relax your tired nerves or get rid of that persistent migraine.

  • While some desktop vaporizers are simple, and lack temperature control and display feature there are others which do offer these vital inputs to the user.

    Select the right raw ingredient/material

    Now, as a newbie, you have a wide range of ingredients to choose from. This includes dry herbs, tobacco, aromatherapy or a vape juice concentrate.

  • Then there are nicotine concentrates of varying potency, especially for those who are on the path of redemption. Smoker’s who are migrating to vaping to quit can gradually lower the intake of nicotine in the vaporizing device.

    How about accessories

    Beginner vapers do not need any extra accessories or special tools. For example bubblers, conduit pipes, extra power charging docks are not necessary for basic vaping.

    Moreover, these are pricey components and sometimes can cost a bomb. A few years down the line these mod kits along with a potent battery and power options might come into play. Till then beginners can enjoy vaping through vaporizers in their starter kits.

    The best vaporizers for beginner

    A low-budget, high-performance and discreet vape kit is what a beginner should look out for.  Read on to know some of the best desktop, portable and pen vaporizers available for beginners.

    Volcano Digital Vaporizer

    The volcano vaporizer sports an aluminium cone shape vape tank. This is actually an intelligent approach to harnessing the vapour.

  • Due to its shape and aluminium's impressive temperature stability the resultant vapour is highly potent and can be gathered quickly in the collection bag for group or solo inhalation. Beginners can really enjoy the cool clouds and the “sensational” feel.

    Best vaporizers for beginners ? Volcano desktop

    This device is not only suitable for beginners who want to quit smoking but also appropriate for those who'd like to indulge in leisure or medicinal vaping.

  • Made by Storz and Bickel it is one of the finest desktop vaporizers available in the market today. Although it is pricey compared to similar devices it offers a rainbow of advantages.

  • These include high-quality vapour which is a good thing for beginners, extremely durable even when set at extreme temperatures and most of all it is made from food and medical grade raw materials. Also a great benefit for beginners Storz and Bickel is well known for its customer service.

    The Volcano vaporizer is available in two variants - classic and digital. The name says it all. While the former allows the user to control the temperature via an analogue mechanism the latter does the same using digital technology.

  • The latter also offer precise temperature control. There is yet another difference between the two. Classic has no auto-stop feature while the digital one boasts this essential trait. It typically gets shut down after 30 minutes if left idle.

    Obviously the digital version is pricey. Beginners can typically start with the analogue version as this will suit their style and pocket.

    The Volcano offers two types of valve system to collect vapour – an easy valve or a solid valve option. Beginners can opt for easy valve which is comfortable to handle but offers just one balloon size.

  • Solid valve collection system, on the other hand, provides a wider range of balloon sizes but needs attention in terms of hygiene.

    Boundless CF

    The CF is one of the best portable vaporizers for beginners in the dry herb category.  It boasts a combination of conduction and convection heating system which might not mean much to a beginner but offers the best vapour in terms of quality and flavour. It’s also one of the simplest designed devices that can be used with just the twist of the mouthpiece

    Best vaporizers for beginners ? Boundless CF dry herb

    The Boundless CF also offers a no-nonsense stealth mode where previously set temperature is hooked onto without any frills or lights or multiple button actions. A large heating chamber means user doesn't have reload frequently. This is another attribute which goes down well with a beginner.

    The 10 to 15 “sessions” battery is good enough for that uninterrupted vaping experience. Here are some of the other features which any newbie would find it compelling.

    Five temperature settings and memory functions offer a broad range of vapour quality. Moreover, the option to load dry herb and concentrate typically means the beginner can experiment with various options.

    PAX 3

    Yet another intriguing and easy to operate dry herb vaporizer for beginners is PAX 3. This device is a darling, and although it is discreet a newbie will have a tough time keeping it under wraps.

  • It is stylish, feature-rich and not too pricey. The unique mouthpiece which detects an approaching pair of lips is a great boon for those who are new to vaping.

    Best vaporizers for beginners. Pax 3 dry herb portable

    It heats up as soon you move towards its mouthpiece and also beeps when ready. The default settings are optimal for a beginner while the LED icons through an array of colours offer intuitive interface.

    The exterior is made of anodized aluminium which gives it a premium appearance. A newbie who has chosen concentrate as his/her starting material can easily switch to other heating ingredients as the PAX 3 comes with an additional chamber called concentrate oven.

  • LED lights offer users info about the heating status, battery life and temperature settings. Once the settings are saved the next session can be replicated. This saves time in tweaking the device again and again.

    PAX 3 also offers Bluetooth activated mobile app for precision control.

    This device is good for smokers who have decided to quit nicotine or maybe cut down the chemical intake. Once the urge for nicotine is suppressed the user can quickly switch over to aromatic vaping\

    KandyPens Gravity Vaporizer

    Now, for those beginners who feel apprehensive or uninitiated when it comes to vaping, KandyPens Gravity vaporizer is a great option. One of the most adorable, discreet and power packed pen vapes, KandyPens, especially KandyPens Gravity boasts two atomizers, typically quartz and doughnut.

  • The device is built with high gloss quotient, smooth finish, easy to carry dimensions, and offers four temperature settings which is one more than any other pen vapes available in the market.

  • The colour of logo actually describes the current temperature. Some of the colour codes and its corresponding heat factor are given below.

    Best vaporizers for beginners ? Kandypens wax pens

    148°C, 176°C, 204°C and 221°C correspond to pink, red, green, and blue.

    Kandypens Gravity vaporizer is wax based device which is truly built for fashion fanatics. Everything about this pen vape is classy and stylish. So what more do buyers get from the package? A solid gravity battery, storage case, dual quartz rod atomizer, ceramic dish atomizer, battery charger and alcohol wipe.

  • Now, these are lots of goodies. But, beginners need not fear as most of these elements are clearly explained in the accompanying manual.

    FireFly 2

    Last but not the least, the Firefly portable vaporizer is a device to reckon with when it comes to a beginner’s choice.

    Best vaporizers for beginners? Firefly 2

    It is expensive, and the only reason why beginner’s might be tempted to look elsewhere. This well put together vape kit comes with a five-year warranty, heats up with just a single push of button and instantly offers vapour quality of the highest standards.

    The vaping sessions are sensational while packing the same with raw ingredients later is a joy. Well worth the price.

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    Firefly 2 boasts a magnetic lid, phenomenal flavour and zero waste. This simply translates into savings for a newbie. The Firefly 2 cools down as fast as it heats up, so in a way each draw has uniform exhilaration.

    This trusted information is sourced from the manufacturer's websites and our own experience with the different vaporizers.

    Kandy Pens

    Storz & Bickel




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