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Kandypens Gravity Review

I'm definitely a sucker for small, portable vaporizers, so out of all the vaporizer manufacturers on the market, Kandypens are definitely one of my favorites. Kandypens is considered one of the best portable vaporizer manufacturers on the market, or at least they are in my mind. With their high-quality vaporizers, I bet it's hard for their competition to keep up.

Actually, I'm not the only one that has found Kandypens vaporizers to be awesome. Their popular units have been featured in music videos of various artists, including Fetty Wap and Kid Ink. So, I guess I'm not the only vape lover that can appreciate the quality that Kandypens offers in their vaporizers.

How good is the Kandypens Gravity? Measure up?

Although I love Kandypens vaporizers, and I always find myself feeling more than satisfied with their units, their products also have flaws just as much as they have charm.

So, in this review, I would like to share with you the experience I had trying out the Kandypens Gravity vaporizer, so that before you press the purchase button, you could know more about this unit, and know if it's perfect for you.

KandyPens Gravity

First Impressions

Although it's not a date, seeing your vaporizer for the first time is definitely something that will add to your satisfaction and the overall excitement that you feel about using your unit.

I personally have found in my vape experience that unboxing a vaporizer, or seeing it for the first time will determine if I feel like it was worth buying it or not. So, in my mind, first impressions are super important.

The Kandypens Gravity is definitely not one of the fanciest or most stylish vaporizers on today's market, but it was designed to look minimalist, and cool.

When I first pulled it out of the box, I felt satisfied with the overall quality of its build, shiny materials, and durable body, but it wasn't the most impressive first impression. Sort of, well, plain.

With my years of trying different Kandypens vaporizers, I have noticed that Kandypens is actually capable of creating more exciting, quality designs for their vaporizers, however, they don't always do so.

With many of their collections, such as the Donuts vaporizer collection, they packed in the color, and the shiny finishing layers, so that when you inbox them, you can feel not only the quality, but also be impressed with the first impression.

So, in my personal experience, I didn't find the Gravity vaporizer to be as impressive as other Kandypens units. However, for those that enjoy units that boast a more minimalist, simple design and style, I wouldn't be surprised if you were impressed with this small, compact portable vaporizer.

Build Quality

There are some great things about the Kandypens Gravity, and its popularity is still growing despite it already being on the market for quite a while.

I believe that its popularity is due to a handful of things, such as the vapor quality it offers, its awesome ease-of-use, and more, but the actual quality of the materials used to create it is not a point that stands out.

In reality, if you go back to the ‘roots’ of the manufacturers, and the materials they use to create their units, you will only find parts sourced from low-quality Chinese manufacturers.

I'm not saying that the Kandypens is not an awesome little vaporizer, but when compared to other units on the market, it simply can't stand up to the quality of materials they boast.

To be honest, If the Kandypens Gravity weren't at the price that it is set at, I would have probably overlooked the fact that it is made from cheap materials. But due to the fact that there are a handful of vaporizers that is set at the same price as the Kandypens Gravity, but boast higher quality materials, I simply can't ignore the fact that it can be categorized as pretty cheaply made.

Multiple Kandypens Gravity

Is Vapor Quality Great?

If there's one, sole thing that the Kandypens Gravity can offer is awesome vapor quality. Thanks to the upgrades that were added to the Gravity, you can really taste the difference when comparing it to other Kandypens vaporizers. The vapor is smooth, the taste is clean and strong, and the extended temperature settings offer a more versatile vape experience.

If I'm honest, one of the only reasons that I fall in love with each and every Kandypens vaporizer is the fact that they offer such impressive vape quality. Set at their cheap price, and boasting a simple, minimalistic design, the Gravity vaporizer might not look like it's going to offer the best quality of vapor, but it truly does.

Also, due to the fact that there is now an option of two different atomizers, including the dual quartz atomizer, and the ceramic pad atomizer, you can enjoy two completely unique vapor tastes, consistencies, and experiences.

I personally found that the quartz atomizer was best for me because I enjoy bigger clouds of vapor, but I also enjoyed the ceramic atomizer because it offered a smoother, tastier vape.

So, if the vapor quality is what you look for in a unit, and the overall quality of its build is not something that seems too important to you, the Gravity is definitely the perfect unit for you.

At its cheap price, and with the incredible vapor quality at offers, I am sure that you are going to feel just as satisfied as I have with my time using this unit.

Is it Good for On the go Use?

On the go use is important. I know I'm not the only one that simply likes to grab a vaporizer, go, and enjoy wherever I may find myself.

I personally think that the portability and discreteness of a vaporizer can make a big impact on the overall satisfaction of the user, which is why I usually find myself purchasing only portable, compact vaporizers.

The super small, slim body that the Gravity boasts, it's easy to just take in a pocket, a backpack, a purse, or really anywhere, and enjoy it on the go. It is definitely one of the most compact, and portable options on the market, which is another reason why it has become my favorite.

Also, due to the fact that the Kandypens Gravity isn't too extravagant and is not made of bright-colored materials, it doesn't stick out when used in public. I find that it's a big plus that it can be enjoyed on the go, without making the user feel too obvious.

Its discreteness and portability definitely add to the overall satisfaction that it offers me when using it. I'm confident that if you are a portable vape lover like myself, the Gravity will definitely be one of your list of favorites.

Long-lasting Battery Life?

Kandypens Gravity Box

Get Kandypens Gravity

The battery life of vaporizers is truly getting out of control these days. Instead of it being like old times, when we would only be able to use our vaporizers for about 10 minutes before we had to recharge them for 8 hours, now, vaporizers are lasting for hours on end and allowing users to enjoy continual vaping goodness. It truly is the future, and I’m loving it.  

There are now a wide variety of portable vaporizers that offer an impressive amount of battery life, and although not at the top of the list, Kandypens Gravity does impress when it comes to the battery life it offers.

With Gravity, I was able to enjoy roughly around 100 cycles of continual hits and use. Depending on your vaping style, this can last you from 15 minutes to an hour. For me, it lasts around 45 minutes, due to the fact that I'm not constantly taking hits off of my unit.

So yes, the Gravity does have a relatively long-lasting battery life and does offer a good enough amount of time of continual vaping. However, if your goal is to find a vaporizer that will offer hours of continual use, the Gravity is definitely not for you, and you should probably take a look at another unit.

Kandypens Gravity is it Worth All the Hype?

The Kandypens Gravity, one of my favorite portable vaporizers, but is it worth all the hype? Yes and no. At the end of the day, I honestly find myself feeling satisfied with the ease-of-use, the functionality, the battery life, the vapor quality, and other things that the Gravity offers.

However, I know better than anyone that it is not the best vaporizer on the market.

The Gravity vaporizer does not boast the highest quality of materials, does not have a fancy or stylish build, and has a relatively short battery life when compared to other popular units on the market.

So, with its handful of charms, and its handful of flaws, it is still a great vaporizer, but it's not the best.

In my personal experience, I have found that the Gravity is perfect for those who want an easy, stress-free vape option that does not have difficult functions, that offers simple ease-of-use, and that offers quality vapor. Without any fancy settings, accessories, or functions, the Gravity can be enjoyed in a simple way, and offer a great vape experience to its users. It’s not the best, but it’s a great option.


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