Why do People Vape ?

Why do People Vape

Today, vaping has turned into a worldwide phenomenon. However, it was not the case a decade back. Its popularity can gauged from the fact that makers of electronic cigarettes, or vaporizers, are seeing year on year double digit growth. The U.S vaping industry alone generates revenue in excess of $6 billion.

So, what is the reason or reasons for this growing acceptance and admiration? Why have people decided to start vaping so?

Mentioned below are some of the compelling reasons.

Smoking/Nicotine Substitute

All over the world folks are becoming health conscious. Educated smokers have come to realize the effects of a long term smoking. Vaping offers a perfect gateway towards nicotine free life, at least in the long run. People have also realized the public health benefits of vaping compared to smoking.

Scientific studies prove that vaping is 90% safer than tobacco products. Vaping also offers a chance to drop this habit in small doses unlike regular cigarettes which are typically loaded with nicotine. Even light/mild cigarettes actually contain a high percentage of this chemical. Gradual withdrawal also means fewer side effects and the urge to go back to traditional cigarettes is minimal. Relapse ratio is low and pullback symptoms are almost absent.

Vaping does not kill lungs and it this feeling which has forced even hard core smokers to migrate to vaping.

A typical smoker begins his/her nicotine free journey by using devices which offer controlled nicotine intake mechanism. Once the initial pullout is successful the next step is to curb the yearning through minimal or nicotine free vaping.

Vaping offers a chance to redeem and at the same time enjoy/maintain a similar routine without compromising your health. It also translates into a healthy ambience for other family members who otherwise could suffer from of passive smoking, especially children.

Vaping provides 100% nicotine free options, and these are available in various flavours and forms. Vaping product manufacturers also do their bit by popularizing their zero nicotine products, especially e-liquids, concentrates, etc.

Vaping for Medicinal Purpose

The second most common reason for vaping is therapeutic benefit. In fact, the number of people shifting to medicinal vaping is growing every day. People from this category are those who are truly suffering from fatigue, burnout and mental stress. There is also a small percentage of people who have quit smoking and feel the need to go one step further and improve their health quotient.

Chronic illnesses such as migraines, body pain, insomnia and even asthma can be treated or their impact reduced through aromatherapy which is typically a vaping process where essential oils and herbs are used instead of standard ingredients.

Medicinal vaping has its proven health benefits. It also offers extra advantages such as erratic-free sleep, improved communication and overall positive vibes. These come from the special aromas that are set free by the vaping device.

Cloud Chasing

Then there are those who vape for sporting events. These are enthusiasts who use e-liquids which are 100% nicotine free. Cloud chasing participants typically boast high end devices, modified with vape mods and extra components and expensive raw ingredients to produce kick-ass clouds.

Why do people vape ? cloud chasing

These vapers produce some of the meanest clouds through their secret mixtures and customized vaporizers. They test the boundaries of their own talent, the ingredients and of course the device itself.  They are more like sports fanatics, and will go to any lengths to fetch accolades in terms of producing vapour size.

Cloud chasing is no longer limited to a particular country. Every continent and nation has its own competitions and rules. There are no prizes to be won. The only thing the winner achieves is the admiration of fellow cloud chasers. This of course is the biggest reward, as per many aficionados.

Indoor Recreation

Another important reason why people vape is simply to perk up their energy and spirits, something similar to indulging in coffee sessions, only this form of recreation is caffeine free. It helps unwind from the daily rut and offers an emotional and physical nirvana. It also allows vapers to look forward to an entertainment source which is free from the ills of negative influence.

Vaping and reading are like twin sisters. Both compliment each other very well. Vaping for fun could be in the mornings or after a hard day’s work. It simply induces a sense of rejuvenation, and an indoor activity which one can look forward to. It also offers a chance for introspection, free communication and spending more time at home with the family.

Community & Socializing

One of the lesser known reasons why people indulge in this activity is to catch up with friends and co-vapers on a common ground. They can exchange related news and new developments. In fact these communities are of people belonging to different strata of social and economic schools, converging for a common cause; vaping.

Why do people vape ? social cafe

These gatherings are also held in cafes, city outskirts and dedicated community halls. Such meetings not only keep the members away from smoking but also create an unwavering bond of camaraderie.

Here, tips and tricks are shared, new vaping devices discussed and even non-vaping agendas are also drawn up. Vaping communities offer a great platform to make new friends and new relationships.


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