Boundless CF Review

Boundless CF Review

Boundless CF from Boundless Technology is one of the few vaporizers that boasts’ distinct features. It is an extremely rapid heating device that reaches its max temperature in the quickest possible time. This is achieved through its impressive 80 Watts heating element.  

As for the vaping quotient, its offers a resistance free experience something akin to a sports car muffler. The resultant, untamed vapor is dense, flavored and potent to the core.

The External Build Quality

Boundless CF is one of the most stylish portable vapes on the market. Sporting one of the most compelling dimensions, and standing at 4.5 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide the Boundless CF  form factor is a feature to reckon with.

The Boundless CF is made from high-quality plastic. Although poly-carbonate is heat resistant and less susceptible to wear and tear it does tend to chip in case the same is dropped accidentally.

The aerodynamic ribbed design makes it look classy and at the same time acts as a heat dissipator. The Boundless CF is not just a portable vaporizer. It is a creative piece. A work of art, when it comes to appearance. Its mouthpiece or the inhaling component is one of a kind. The user simply needs to twist it, and lo and behold it actually evolves into a sipper.

The Internal Build Quality

Boundless CF has its combustion chamber fitted at the top. The chamber itself is impressive in terms of load capacity and made from innovative material, typically high-quality ceramics, ensuring uniform heat distribution.

The built-in conduction heating is suitably complemented by user-initiated convection heating. When the vaper inhales, the warm vapor is drawn upwards, through the dry herb, and towards the mouthpiece.

It simply reduces the load on battery which incidentally is lithium-ion variant. It carries a tag of 18650 (2500mAh) and charges in sixty minutes flat. Once charged if offers 10 full sessions and that at an optimum temperature of 212.8°C.

Incidentally, the battery can be charged with a complimentary USB charger. Battery life can be checked by clicking the button three times rapidly. Interestingly, once the optimum or preferred temperature is set, Boundless CF stores this setting in memory.

So, the next time you begin a new session you don’t have to fiddle with the controls again.

Temperature Settings

Vapers can hit 212.8°C in less than 30 seconds. Now this is one feature which is sure to put a big smile on every vaping enthusiast’s face. Moreover, Boundless CF boasts temperature slider switch.

With just the movement of your thumb you can adjust the temperature from five assorted options, namely; 179°C, 188°C, 196°C, 201°C and 213°C.

Boundless CF review

You can simply press and hold the power button for two seconds to shift to the next temperature level which is indicated by the blinking LED. Once the rhythmic twinkling stops and turns into a solid blue glow you are ready to go.  

Vapor Quality

One of the intriguing features of Boundless devices is the acceptability of ungrounded or large-sized herbal particles which can be stuffed in the oven. However, the question which instantly pops up inside the head is ... will it result in clogging or maybe unhealthy combustion. The simple answer is ... no.

In fact the vapor cloud retains its flavor to the max, and at the same time offers vapers a potent draw.  Usually, exploiting ungrounded botanical is a feature typically provided by premium vaporizers, and now Boundless CF makes it accessible through its entry level products.

Salient Features

At little under 300 grams, Boundless CF is a portable vaporizer that offers several premium features. Conduction/convection heating, large roasting chamber, digital display, and boundless screens for various applications are some of those. The 5-minute auto-shutoff feature enhances its features further.

Want to bypass all the drills and frills to initiate vaping session? No problem! Heat up the Boundless CF without lights by simply entering the stealth mode. How? Just hold the power button for three seconds. Yes, that’s all you need to do.

On the engineering side, Boundless CF is designed like a pricey vaporizer. Its cooling path and integrated circuit are housed away from each other. This results in several benefits – quality vapor, longer component life and error-free operation.

The Boundless CF also provides POD for wax/concentrates which makes it a truly versatile and a full-fledged premium vaporizer. The Boundless CF may not be the cheapest vaporizer, but it’s value is unrivaled.


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