The Best Desktop Vaporizers in 2021

The best desktop vaporizers 2021

A lot of us have been spending time at home recently, there’s no shame in that! What do you expect with the year that 2020 was? Well, seeing as you’re going to be at home a lot, why not invest in a new desktop vaporizer?

Portable vapes are great, but they make a lot of sacrifices in the name of portability. The true vape aficionado looks to desktop units when they want to enjoy a truly next level vape experience. So, to help you with this decision, we’ve pulled together a comprehensive list of some of our favorite desktop vaporizers.

We’re all hoping that this year, we’ll be out and about a bit more. However, if we aren’t. Then at least with these, we’ll be prepared.

Ranking Vaporizer Price Discount
#1 Volcano Hybrid £424.99 HERB5 (5%)
#2 Volcano Classic £274.49 LOVE5 (5%)
#3 Arizer Extreme Q £113.49 LOVE5 (5%)
#4 Arizer V Tower £113.49 LOVE5 (5%)
#5 Plenty Vaporizer £163.99 HERB10 (10%)
#6 Dr. Dabber Switch £279.99 HERB10 (10%)
#7 KandyPens Oura £163.99 HERB10 (10%)
#8 Dr. Dabber Boost £163.99 HERB10 (10%)

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#1 - Volcano Hybrid

Some things are practically preordained. The Sun will rise, the tide comes in, and Storz & Bickel will dominate every single ‘best of’ list. These German vape giants are world famous in the vape industry, and with good reason; they set the bar that every other vape in the world is measured against. The Volcano Hybrid is the long anticipated update to Storz & Bickel’s flagship vape. Improving upon perfection is an imposing task, but the German vape pioneers were more than up to the job. The result is a vape that looks very similar to the original at first glance, but has a lot of new tech hidden under the hood. While the Volcano is a timeless vape, the updates in the Hybrid ensure that the Storz & Bickel reputation is thoroughly future-proofed.

Brand New Whip Attachment

One of the most obvious changes present in the Volcano Hybrid is the new addition of a fantastic whip attachment. Previously, the main delivery method for the Volcano was a system of easy valve bags. These worked incredibly well, but they were somewhat unwieldy for certain users. Now, this specially designed whip attachment makes using the Volcano Hybrid simple. It features a comfortable level of drag resistance and you can even activate the internal fan for an assistant hit. The whip is designed to swivel, making it easy to share, and the silicone tubing is resilient and not prone to kinking.

Updated Heating System

The Classic Volcano built its reputation on the power and quality of its heating system. It is one of the most advanced and consistent in the entire vape industry, fusing the best aspects of both conduction and convection vaping. Storz & Bickel managed to do the impossible and improve on this legendary piece of vape engineering. The Volcano hybrid features a new heat exchanger that manages to be quicker and more efficient than the original. It features an improved heat up time, and even more consistent conduction heating, leading to even purer and more potent vapor.

Smartphone App

Smartphone apps have gone from niche add-on to a widely adopted feature in the vaporizer market, so it makes sense that the Volcano Hybrid would incorporate this tech into its design. The Hybrid features bluetooth connectivity, allowing it to connect to the Storz & Bickel smartphone app. This app allows you to adjust the auto shutoff timer, the display brightness, and set up a system of alerts. It also features a system of preset vape experiences called ‘Workflows’ that allow you to choose the vape experience of your dreams.

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Volcano Hybrid

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#2 - Volcano Classic

This is one of the foundational devices of the vape scene, and now, nearly two decades later, it remains one of the most in-demand vapes on the market. The Volcano Classic’s distinctive cone design is a true vape icon. It is known across the industry as an incredible piece of engineering that epitomises vape design. Its hybrid heating system, next-level design, and ease of use make it the gold standard for desktop vaporizer design. This is a true luxury vaporizer, and an absolute must have for vape aficionados.

Hybrid Heating System

There are two main types of heating systems in the vape industry. The first, conduction, works by applying heat directly to the surface area of your herb. Think of it like a kitchen stove. The other method is convection. This heats the air surrounding your herb, gradually baking out a thick and potent vapor. Think of this like an oven. The Volcano uses both of these techniques in harmony with each other, creating dense, tasty and powerful vapor. There are few vapes on the market that can boast the sheer power of the Volcano. With a temperature spectrum that ranges from 350° F to 446° F, there’s a lot of scope for different vape experience.

Incredible Engineering

The Volcano’s distinctive silver cone conceals a host of incredible and reliable engineering decisions that are rarely seen in any consumer electronics, never mind vaporizers! It is so well designed that the only control scheme you need to get the most out of it is a simple analog dial. With a little practice this is quick and intuitive to use. Some vape fans swear by this control system, claiming that it's even better than digital and smartphone controls!

Easy Valve System

The Volcano Classic features a famous easy-valve bag system. This means that you can enjoy each session by filling a specialized bag, or ‘balloon’, with vapor before detaching it from the rest of the device to be used at your leisure. This means that you’re not tied to the large Volcano body during your vape sessions, and a balloon is far easier to share. The valve is simple and intuitive to use, and doesn’t leak. Best of all, the bags can hold your vapor for up to eight hours!

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Volcano Classic

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#3 - Arizer Extreme Q

The Canada-Based Arizer, are a long standing fixture of the vape industry, and they are renowned for the quality of their portable vapes from the Air and Solo series. However, they also have a lesser known range of desktop vaporizers. The Extreme Q is a veritable powerhouse of a desktop vape with a price tag that won’t break the bank. This opens up desktop vaping, a usually expensive pursuit, to more people than ever. Truly this is a desktop device for the masses. It comes with a huge range of unique and interesting features, all of this packed into a discreet and easy to store body.

Remote Control

One of the most distinctive features of the Extreme Q is its remote control. This addition was a groundbreaking advent when it hit the market. Remember, only recently has bluetooth connectivity become a standard in the vape scene. This remote allows you to activate the device, control the temperatures, control the fan speed, and much more. If you don’t want to mess about with a remote, don’t worry. The Extreme Q comes with onboard controls and a clear and easy to read screen.

Internal Fan

At this price tag you’re probably expecting to have to make a few sacrifices. Don’t worry, the fan isn’t one of them. The Extreme Q Features a handy, nearly silent internal fan that allows you to enjoy hefty assisted hits and even make the device compatible with a bag system. Bags, or ‘balloons’ allow you to enjoy a vape experience away from the rest of the vaporizer. If this isn’t for you, then the included whip will do just fine.

Great Tasting Vapor

The combination of a ceramic heating chamber, glass tubing, and specially treated whip tube means that you’ll enjoy nothing less but the most delicious and pure vapor possible. This is further augmented by the convection heating system that gradually bakes the vapor out of your herb and delivers a consistent and potent vape experience every time.

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Arizer Extreme Q

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#4 - Arizer V-Tower

The Extreme Q brought desktop vaping to intermediate users, and the Arizer V-Tower brings it to beginners. The Arizer V-Tower is a budget desktop vaporizer that delivers shockingly good vapor quality and reliable performance. It has the same general design as the Extreme Q, with a conical body and broad base, but it eshwes some internal design features for a more focused vape experience.

Precise Digital Controls

The Arizer V-Tower features a clear, illuminated, and easy to read LED Display that makes seeing exactly what’s going on inside your vape incredibly easy. It has a simple and intuitive four button control scheme that makes setting up a fantastic vape experience a breeze.

Silicone Whip, Glass Joints, and Ceramic Heating

The V-Tower deploys a range of different materials to ensure that each hit is pure, tasty, and 100% untainted. It features glass joints and a glass herb chamber. The non-reactive nature of glass ensures that your herb remains true to your expectations. The ceramic heating element features great conductivity, so you can be sure of consistent results, and the flexible silicone whip is specially treated to be heat resistant.

Great Design

While this is a budget vaporizer, you don’t have to worry about any shoddy engineering. The V-Tower is built to the same exacting standards as the Extreme Q, the only difference is the omission of certain components. With its broad sturdy base, and attractive metallic finish, this is a piece of kit that doesn’t look cheap or janky.

Dr. Dabber Switch

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#5 - Plenty Vaporizer

That’s right, yet another Storz and Bickel vape! While everyone has heard of the Volcano, fewer people are aware of the Plenty. This vaporizer is the black sheep of the Storz & Bickel family. Not only that but it's an unusual vape that doesn’t quite fit into the usual conception of desktop vaporizers. However once you get over your initial impression, you’ll find that the Plenty is a potent and reliable vaporizer that delivers incredible, potent, and smooth vapor. This is a truly unique vaporizer that more than lives up to the Storz & Bickel name. It’s also a glimpse into a world of desktop vaporizers that could have been if design conventions were just a touch different.

Hybrid Heating

As can be expected with any Storz and Bickel vape, the Plenty features advanced and powerful hybrid heating. It has a proportionally large heat exchanger located down in the base of the device. This generates a huge burst of convection heating at the start of a session. As the device approaches vaping temperatures, the metal ring and screens located near the herb chamber heat up too. This adds conduction heating to the equation. This results in those trademark Storz & Bickel clouds and ensures that 100% of your herb is put to use!

Unique Control Scheme

So far it seems like a pretty normal Storz & Bickel vape, right? Well it has a totally unique control scheme that we haven’t seen replicated in any other vaporizer. At first glance, the Plenty looks a little bit like a power tool. It has a solid plastic design, and some orange control components. The power switch is on the side but it wont start heating up until you grasp the handle and press in the dead man’s switch. At this point, the plenty will begin to heat towards its target tempmeratures. On the front of the device there is a large and distinctive analog gauge that shows the internal temperature. This is a 100% analog vaporizer!

Fantastic Cooling

After the gauge and the handle, the next most distinctive feature (on a very distinctive vape) is the reticulated metal coil. This is the airpath! Not only that, but it’s the cooling system. When you take a hit, the vapori travels through this spiralling mouthpiece, getting thoroughly cooled. By the time it hits the mouthpiece the hit will be smooth and tasty. This,combined with the incredible airflow, means that each hit from the Plenty will go down easy.

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Plenty Vaporizer

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#6 - Dr. Dabber Switch

The Dr. Dabber Switch is a little different from the previous vapes on this list. For one thing, it doesn’t require an external powersource to operate, and another is that it doesn’t use dry herb, it uses concentrates. These mainly come in one of three forms, oil, wax, or shatter. They’re several times more potent than their equivalent weight in herb, and they only vaporize at very high temperatures. Thankfully, the Switch can easily reach these temperatures.

Long Battery Life

If you have any familiarity with vapes than you may know that generally, the higher the temperature, the shorter the battery life. This makes sense, it takes a lot of power to push a heat setting to its highest temperature. However, the Switch is different. This vaporizer has a truly incredible battery life. Allowing you to enjoy up to 150 hits on a single charge. You can push this device as hard as you want, you won’t have to worry about a prematurely flat battery.

Hyper-Fast Heat Up Time

Ok, so its battery life can stand up to the needs of a powerful heating system, surely the trade off must be a long heat up time? Nope! The Switch is lightning fast. Within ten seconds of pressing the power button you can expect to enjoy a potent and powerful hit from this vape. This is a level of speed unheard of in many dry herb vaporizers, but it is perfect when you want to enjoy concentrates in a rush.

Compatible With Dry Herb

We may have been keeping something from you when we said that the Switch is a concentrate vape. It is actually a dual use vape. This means that it can use dry herbs too! Out of the box, the Switch comes with two ceramic coated titanium induction heater cups. A white one, for concentrates, and a black one for dry herbs. This means that you can enjoy the power of this incredible vape with your material of choice!

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Dr. Dabber Switch

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#7 - KandyPens Oura

Another concentrate vaporizer, the Oura from KandyPens is a striking and beautiful piece of vape engineering. It features a built in power supply so you don’t have to worry about finding an outlet, and it features high quality glass and built-in water cooling. This is a premium vaporizer that is designed with true vape aficionados in mind.

Portable Dab Rig

While the KandyPens Oura is a vaporizer, it actually falls closer to the design conventions of a portable dab rig. This means that it is built from the ground up with extracts and concentrates in mind. It features a nail rather than a bowl. This is a specialised receptacle that is super conductive and resistant to thermal shock. It is designed to operate at the temperatures that concentrates need to vaporize. It also features a sturdy glass cap that is held on with a small piece of black rubber, this is designed to cut off outside airflow, so you get the purest concentrate hits imaginable.

Built-In Water Cooling

While water cooling isn’t anything new to the world of portable vapes, most of us are used to only seeing it with third party attachments and external bongs. The Oura features a built in glass water reservoir that cools each of your hits as you use it. This means that you can enjoy cool, tasty vape experiences without having to rely on any external components.

Intuitive Control Scheme

Rather than relying on fragile buttons, the Oura features a user-friendly and intuitive touch sensor. This is located below the heating coil, ergonomically placed for easy access when you’re handling the device. Don’t worry about a lack of tactile feedback. The Oura has a band of LEDs that light up around the base of the device when it is in use, so you’ll never be in any doubt about whether it’s working or not.

KandyPens Oura

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#8 - Dr. Dabber Boost

Finally, we have the Dr. Dabber Boost. This imposing piece of vaping technology is known as an e-nail, another way to enjoy the potency of dry herb concentrates electronically. This is a solid e-nail that is perfect for beginners thanks to its ease of use and preset temperatures that make it a true plug in and play device.

Three Choices of Nail

There are three main materials that concentrate nails are generally made of. Titanium, is a conductive metal that quickly heats up and quickly cools down, making it safe and consistent to use. Ceramic is known to heat evenly, distributing heat across all of your concentrate’s surface area equally. Quartz is all about flavor, it is renowned for its non-reactive nature and the pure, untainted hits it delivers. The Dr. Dabber Boost comes out of the box with all three of these included! This means you can mix it up and experiment to your heart’s content.

Super Easy To Use

A new method of consuming herb can be a little bit intimidating, there’s always a bit of a learning curve. However the Boost is quick and easy to assemble, and swapping between the three different nails is as simple as lifting out one and replacing it with another. The temperature presets even take the stress out of working out what heat level works best!

Water Bubbler

While dabbing vapes operate at incredibly high temperatures, you can be sure that all of your hits are smooth and go down nicely thanks to the built in water bubbler. Every draw will pull your vapor through the reservoir, effectively cooling its surface area and making sure you get to enjoy a comfortable vape experience.

Dr. Boost

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