12 Best Dry Herb Vaporizers 2021 : Reviews & Buyer's Guide

Best Dry Herb Vaporizers 2021

2020 was a weird year to say the least! We would like to welcome you in to 2021 with a big, warm, e-hug… And of course our list of the Best Dry Herb Vaporizers for 2021! We spent hours arguing amongst each other about who should make it onto the list. We shouted, we threw things, we cried a little… and then we all gave each other high fives because this list is AWESOME!

We have compiled all of our favorite products on the site and want to share them with you! There are some old classics in here, as well as some you may have not yet discovered.

There truly is a vaporizer for everyone, whether you are a beginner or expert, rich or poor, traveller or stay-at-home stoner, you name it!!

Below you will find a handy breakdown of what we consider to be the best of the best:

Category Vaporizer Price Discount?
Best Overall Mighty Vaporizer
HERB5 (5%)
Largest Clouds Boundless CFX
HERB5 (5%)
Best Vapor Quality DaVinci IQ2
HERB5 (5%)
Best Battery Life Arizer Solo 2
HERB5 (5%)
Most Compact DaVinci Miqro
HERB5 (5%)
Most Easy To Use Crafty Plus
HERB5 (5%)
Best Vape Pen  DynaVap M
HERB5 (5%)
Best For Groups Volcano Hybrid
HERB5 (5%)
Micro Dosing Pax 3
HERB5 (5%)
Best Under 150 £/$ Pax 2
HERB5 (5%)
Best Under 100 £/$ Boundless CFC 2
HERB5 (5%)
Budget Desktop  Arizer Extreme Q
HERB5 (5%)

Best Overall  - Mighty Vaporizer

The Storz & Bickel Mighty vaporizer is hands down one of the best portable vaporizers that money can buy in 2021. There, we said it and it’s true! It has two massive battery’s that ensure you are charged up for hours. Its striking design and sheer massive-ness make this product a real head-turner.

You will be blown away by the rugged, durable, heatproof plastic shell. It doesn’t break easily. The Mighty is not the smallest vape on the market. However, its size allows it to carry mountains of strength, power, and performance. It even has a large, bright LCD screen so you can easily adjust the temperature and settings. The Mighty possibly has the aptest name in the vaping industry. It does what it says on the tin.

Storz and Bickel is a German tech and engineering company that has specialized in designing the top Dry Herb Vaporizers in the world since 2002. The Mighty is so advanced, it is actually a medically certified product in some countries. What that means is Doctors are prescribing the Mighty as their recommended device for patients to take medical marijuana with! If that doesn’t fill you with confidence, we are not sure what will!

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Mighty Vaporizer

Buy Mighty Vaporizer

Largest Vapor Clouds - Boundless CFX

This powerhouse of vaping mastery is one of the best value dry herb vaporizers in the universe. The Boundless CFX boasts a large range of high-end features you would expect from a much more expensive model. Fortunately, that doesn’t affect the product’s reliability. You are in for a treat.

The Boundless CFX, like the Mighty, is really rugged and can take a beating. You can use it to vape both dry herb or concentrate. The temperature is easily controlled via the two buttons and can be monitored on the HUGE 1.7 inch LCD display. This display is so big, we were wondering if you could get Netflix on there (you can’t, unfortunately, but it would have been dope).

The Boundless is also packed full of features that some of its competitors don’t share. This includes Dual Charging capabilities; you can charge it via Micro USB or use the wall charger for a faster charge. It also boasts a super-fast heat-up time of 20 seconds. Like the Mighty, the CFX uses hybrid heating technology to ensure you get an even draw and a massive vapor cloud every time.

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Boundless CFX

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Best Vapor Quality- DaVinci IQ2

The DaVinci IQ 2 is for the dedicated vapers among us. It’s the size of an average smartphone and also appears to have just as many features as the latest iPhone! When it comes to customization, DaVinci IQ 2 is where it’s at. You can adjust each hit by customizing the airflow and track your dosage level from session to session. It also has precision temperature controls and a free app that you can use to control all the settings and monitor battery life and usage.

The DaVinci IQ 2, a bit like the PAX, has taken design cues from Apple. It is minimal, stylish, sleek, and elegant. It is also discrete, on first glance it could be anything from a perfume bottle to an electric razor. Its brushed aluminum body is available in four different colors. The mouthpiece is made from Zirconia Ceramic which provides excellent cooling for your vapor. The DaVinci IQ 2 truly is one of the best dry herb vaporizers out there. Prepare to be blown away in a beautiful cloud of vapor!

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DaVinci IQ2

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Best Battery Life- Arizer Solo 2

Do you love efficiency? Are you too busy to be constantly charging and recharging your dry herb vape? Meet the Arizer Solo 2, one of the most user-friendly portable vaporizers on the market. Doesn’t matter if you are looking for a single micro-dose on your own or an extended vaping sesh with your buddies, the Arizer Solo 2 has your back.

The Solo 2 boasts an eye-watering 3 hours of fun on a single charge. That is a truly remarkable feat of battery wizardry. Not only is this battery a real trooper, but you can also use the Pass-Through charging feature to keep vaping whilst you charge; perfect for those back to back sessions.

The smooth, sleek body of the Arizer Solo 2 is crafted from high-grade stainless steel which feels super-premium. It’s super easy to clean, easy to use and it looks great. The product is designed and made in Canada by Arizer, one of the industry leaders. Their rationale behind the Arizer Solo 2 was to create a dry herb vaporizer that was excellent yet simple. It’s a minimalist’s dream.

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Arizer Solo 2

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Most Compact - DaVinci Miqro

Does this product look a little familiar? We thought so too. In fact, we were pretty blown away when we realized the DaVinci Miqro looks almost identical to the DaVinci IQ; the only difference? It is 33% smaller. But does that make it 33% less powerful? Not at all, if anything, this thing packs an epic punch we weren’t prepared for!

The Miqro is available in two different versions. The Standard version comes with an extended mouthpiece, USB cable, and cleaning kit. The Explorer version comes with all of the above PLUS a useful carrying case, an extra 18350 battery (which comes with a carry can), and a card grinder. This setup truly rocks, it means that if you keep both batteries charged and go on a long outing, you are highly unlikely to run out of battery, even on longer excursions. Of course, as the Miqro is 33% smaller, the battery is slightly smaller too. This is why we recommend the Explorer version, it truly is the perfect travel companion.

Just like it’s bigger brother, the DaVinci Miqro creates an unparalleled vaping experience. This is largely thanks to its zirconium ceramic vapor path and powerful oven. If you like to GO places often and you like simplicity, this is your dream vaporizer for 2021!

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DaVinci Miqro

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Most Easy To Use - Crafty Plus

Welcome to the Crafty Plus, Storz and Bickel’s most transportable new dry herb vaporizer. Just like its older cousin, the Mighty (see above), the Crafty Plus blends classic German engineering with an expanse of high-tech features. The durable, heatproof, medical-grade plastic shell is designed to function as one large heat sink to keep your hands cool as it heats up your dry herb of choice to your desired temperature. The Crafty Plus boasts longer battery life and new features which make it undeniably superior to its predecessor, the Crafty. It fits snugly in your hand and easily fits into your rucksack, handbag, or pocket.

Nobody likes it when their vapor arrives into their mouth and it’s still piping hot! This is why Storz and Bickel invested greatly in designing a truly unique Cooling Unit. It sends the vapor on a long journey which cools it right down before it reaches your mouth. The Crafty Plus also integrates with its very own smartphone app meaning you are always in control. It connects seamlessly via Bluetooth, allowing you to easily and remotely adjust all of the settings the Crafty Plus has to offer.

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Crafty Plus

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 Best Vape Pen - DynaVap M

This might be the smallest dry herb vaporizer you can find right now. Anything smaller enters the realm of novelty. The Dynavap M is a truly remarkable product. Its unique design puts it in a category of its own. This is because the product has no circuitry and no battery, it relies completely on heat from your external heat source (we find butane lighters seem to work the best). Don’t let this perceived simplicity fool you into thinking it’s a simple product, it’s not.

The Dynavap M is perfect for micro-dosing, due to its small size. It also has the impressive ability to reduce its chamber size by 50% if you are looking for a more mellow vaping experience. We can’t boast about its fancy smartphone app or massive LED displays, but we can boast about its impressive design features. The stainless steel mouthpiece fits perfectly into most 10mm female glass fittings. This means you can connect your Dynavap to other smoke-ware accessories, such as bubblers and water pipes. Using the Dynavap is easy. You simply load it with your herb of choice and heat it with your lighter until you hear 1-2 clicks. Then give it a spin and inhale the vapor you deserve.

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DynaVap M

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Best For Groups - Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

The Volcano Hybrid is the OG desktop vaporizer. They can be found in any of the legendary coffee shops of Amsterdam. Few brands have attempted to come up with a vaporizer that rivals the Volcano’s iconic design and function. If you are looking for a product that is perfect to take with you anywhere you go, you have come to completely the wrong place! The Volcano is a beast!

It looks like it was designed by rocket scientists, however, using it is a breeze. You simply unscrew the top compartment, load your dry herb (or concentrate) and you’re ready for blastoff. This product is for you if you love vaping with your friends. This is for the ultimate vaping enthusiasts who won’t take anything but the best. We feel quite comfortable telling you the Volcano has the purest vapor in the market.

You can vape using the included hookah-style tube or you can use the balloon attachment for a bit more fun. Switching back and forth is super easy thanks to the Volcano Hybrid’s Easy Valve. The Volcano is ready to vape in under 40 seconds, which considering its size, is phenomenal. Imagine how long your oven takes to heat up! The Volcano Hybrid is heavy, it’s expensive but it’s also the most legendary vaporizer in existence (and for good reason).

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Volcano Hybrid

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Best For Micro-Dosing - Pax 3

PAX Labs have been making a solid reputation for themselves since 2012. They are known for their Apple-like tendency to design gorgeous, high quality, user friendly dry herb vaporizers. The Pax 3 is no exception to this tendency. The Pax 3 is a sleek and discrete dry herb vaporizer that looks more like an iPod than a vape. It is super intuitive to use making it perfect for beginners to the world of vaping.

This vape is discrete, powerful, versatile and easy to use! It is a available in a wide range of colors and comes with its own handy smartphone app so you can control all of its features. Its logo doubles up as an LED Notification Light showing battery life, temperature settings etc… Simply give the device a shake to activate the lights.

The Pax 3 is perfect for micro-dosing thanks to its half pack lid function. Tihs allows you to drastically reduce the size of your bowl so that you can load it up with a perfectly sized micro-dose. This takes your dosage right down to 0.18 grams. That’s some serious micro-dosing potential!

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Pax 3 Vaporizer

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The Best Under £/$150  - Pax 2

The Pax 2 is the predecessor of the Pax 3. They share a lot of features but major difference is the price. Understandably, the Pax 2 is cheaper than the Pax 3 as it was released longer ago. That being said, the two devices are remarkably similar. The major upgrade took place between the Pax and Pax 2. The Pax 2 has many of the same components as the Pax 3, just slightly slower heat up time (and we are talking about a few seconds here)

It is ultra portable due to its small size and it won’t break the bank either! This vaporizer is perfect for use with dry herb and weighs only 90 grams. There are four temperature preset options which provides a great range depending on whether you want to prioritise taste or potency. You can expect to get between 6 and 8 vape sessions out of a single charge. This is pretty impressive considering how miniscule the Pax 2 is. It also charges in approximately 120 minutes.

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Pax 2 Vpaorizer

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The Best Under £/$100 - Boundless CFC 2.0

At under $90, the Boundless CFC 2.0 has got to be the best value! There aren’t many better ways to spend your cash. This dry herb vaporizer is compact, simple and solid. Its perfect if you are new to vaping and on a budget and it gets the job done remarkable well. You can use the CFC 2.0 with dry herbs. You can easily adjust the temperature using the LED display and two button control system that allows you to adjust in single degree increments.

The Boundless CFC 2.0 uses a conduction heating system and features a ceramic heating chamber. This heats your herb in a way that is similar to a kitchen oven and provides powerful and even heating. Boundless have been creating dry herb vaporizers for quite some time now and its clear from the CFC 2.0 that they have come a long way. The original CFC was a little on the small side and would get hot, so Boundless addressed this issue completely by removing the tear drop shape for the CFC 2.0, helping it to remain cooler.

This might just be the one of the best beginner budget vapes on the market today. It is also perfect as a travel companion for more experienced users who may not want to take their more expensive vapes on longer journeys.

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Boundless CFC 2.0 Vaporizer

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Best Budget Desktop Vaporizer - Arizer - Extreme Q

If this list appears Arizer-heavy, it’s with good reason. The Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer is a popular and top quality desktop vaporizer at a good price, where could you possibly go wrong? Made by Arizer, the Extreme Q offers what all Arizer products do, excellent quality at good prices.

The Extreme Q is known as a ‘multi purpose’ vaporizer. The user can draw from a whip system or fill a balloon with vapor which makes it better for sharing and parties, it also doubles as an aromatherapy diffuser and deodorizer. The vapor quality is brilliant with the Extreme Q, whether from the whip or the balloon. Both methods deliver excellent vapor that is great tasting and very nicely consistent.

The Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer is also super flexible with temperature control. It comes with a digital temperature display and remote control for absolute ease of use. The temperature can be very accurately changed from the digital display or the remote control. The Extreme Q also performs great on both lower and higher temperatures. The casting is high quality stainless steel mixed with glass parts, and just like everything else with this device, is excellent for the overall quality.

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Arizer Extreme Q

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