Mighty Vaporizer Review - 2 Year Review

Mighty Vaporizer - 2 Year Review

Storz & Bickel’s Mighty vaporizer has been hailed the king of portable vaping by the majority of vape reviewers and comfortably sits at the top of most rankings. Is the Mighty The best portable vaporizer? How does The Mighty function after 2 years of regular use? And what improvements could be made?

I personally own the 2018 iteration of the Mighty Vaporizer and in this review, I will share with you everything you’ll need to know before buying The Mighty Vaporizer. 

Why Did I Buy The Mighty

There is not one perfect vape, and each vape was developed for different users and their different unique needs. I personally have used the following Portable vapes in my 4 years vaping experience: 

  • Storz & Bickel Mighty & Crafty
  • Arizer Solo 2 & Argo
  • Davinci IQ
  • Dynavap M
  • Firefly 2
  • Pax 2 & Pax 3
  • Boundless CFX & CFC 2.0
  • Grizzly Eclipse
  • Black Mamba

This helped me understand what I needed from a vape, and know how I was going to use it day to day.

What did I need from my vape?

I primarily vape at home after a long day at work, to relax and unwind averaging about 5-6 times a week. Sometimes I have 1-2 friends over who I vape with but normally I vape by myself.

I also wanted something I could bring to a friend's house easily or out on a hike. Since I want to bring it places, and I’m quite clumsy… I need a durable vape, So ideally no glass components.

Additionally, I learned I love convection or hybrid vapes. Due to the flexibility in the quantity of material you can vape. As with conduction vapes, you have to fill the chamber full every time, or the heat doesn’t transfer to the dry herb well. So this ruled out the Pax and Davinci vapes for me. Also, I just like a big battery as I don’t want to be plugging it in all the time.

Storz and bickel Mighty Vaporizer In Hand for scale

Why was the Mighty was the best choice for me

Because I normally vape by myself or with 1 or 2 people I don’t need a large desktop vaporizer like the Volcano, however, because I want the flexibility to share with a lot of people I can’t easily use to small vapes like the Davinci Miqro or Arizer Argo. This makes me really need a medium to large portable vape. Something Like the Boundless CFX, The Mighty or Arizer solo 2

I didn’t want glass parts either so all Arizer vapes were off the board for me. Having all the good reviews for the mighty and knowing that I wanted to stick to vaping for the foreseeable future. I decided to make my most expensive vape purchase to date.

What Were My Initial Impressions

I bought my Mighty Vaporizer from Herbalize Store for an unbelievable price in the January sale, and it came fast in an unmarked package.

Storz and Bickel Mighty Vaporizer Box

Unboxing experience

The Mighty Box is nice but doesn’t scream 'I'm luxury product' like you would expect from a product at this price. However, It’s still nice and seems more appropriate for the industrial, durable and functional design which The Mighty is loved for. I would give the packaging a B+. 

What comes with the Mighty box?

This is one area in which Storz and Bickel didn’t cut corners and offer more than most other brands. Storz and Bickel want to be sure you can use and maintain your product to ensure you get the best experience the products entire lifecycle.

Mighty Vaporizer Box Contents

In the box you get:

  • 1 Mighty Vaporizer
  • 1 Storz & Bickel Herb Grinder
  • 1 Filling Aid
  • 1 Dosing Capsule
  • 1 Liquid Pad
  • 3 spare screens
  • 1 full set of replacement seals
  • 1 cleaning brush (not in the above image)
  • 1 proprietary wall charger (not in the above image)
  • The spare seals and screens made The Mighty super appealing and represent the functional design that S & B took with the mighty, making sure that you can keep your mighty going while producing the best vaping experience possible.

    Furthermore, these parts are readily available online alongside a wide range of other Mighty Vaporizer accessories. So you can be sure even though one tiny seal broke you can replace it for cheap and not have to buy a whole new vape.

    What was it like to vape?

    Having tried a wide range of vapes I was skeptical that the mighty was going to be noticeably better than other vapes. But to my surprise, it honestly is one of the best vaping experiences I have had. Being never used before it was the cleanest flavorful and powerful vapor I have taken.

    With a low draw resistance and cool vapor. I could easily take larger draws than I have had from other vapes without coughing.

    Being genuinely impressed by the vapor this has left me curious to try a Balloon based desktop vape like the Volcano or Extreme Q.

    Mighty turned on - Glamour shot

    The Design

    Storz and Bickel treat a vaporizer as an essential tool that needs to survive the roughest conditions or clumsy owners. As the Mighty has been built to last, with a strong industrial design. I do like, but I do not think it's the most attractive vape, but it’s raw functionality, power, performance and durability are what makes it rule supreme, and why I bought it.

    What Was it Like to Use Daily?


    Something I appreciate with all vapes is the efficiency of vaping and having to use a lot less dry herb, than alternative methods. The Mighty is no different, it evenly vaporizes all your herb if you have a pinch of her in it or have the herb chamber packed full, without the need to stir the herb for it to be evenly vaporized. Making your vape session easier. 

    Great Functional Features

    The Mighty Vaporizer is one of the easiest Vapes to use on the market. It’s best features are:

    • Flexibility in the material it can vape - using the included concentrate pad you can easily vaporize concentrates
    • Clear & easy to read screen - white is set temperature, Orange is current temperature and a clear battery indicator.Mighty screen in action gif
    • Precise temperature controls - with dedicated up and down buttons it's easy to set the temperature. (press both buttons at once for it to switch between Celcius and Fahrenheit.
    • Dedicated on/off button
    • Huge battery - Lasts upto 8 sessions, I found it could nearly go a week for me without a charge
    • Pass through Charging - Battery flat? No worry you can use your vape as it charges. This feature isn’t common on a lot of vapes and is one you’ll wish your vape had if it doesn’t
    • Large 0.3g herb chamber -  with this large chamber you can have a session by yourself or use the mighty to support a party.
    • Fast heat up time - given its large chamber, you may be worried it takes a long time to heat up but with its large heating coil and large battery the might packs the punch it needs to have such a large chamber.
    • Vibration notifications - it sounds insane but this feature is great, sometimes you forget that you have turned on your vape and the little vibration it does when it has reached temp is all you need to remember.
    • Super durable design - The mighty vaporizers solid plastic design makes it quite drop resistant, my mighty has only one tiny chip in it from the 10+ drops it has had from desk height onto tiled floor. Which does not affect the functionality at all.

    Having all these features on one vape is rare and is the main reason the Mighty can quite easily justify its mighty price.

    Mighty Vape Top

    The not so great features of the mighty

    Round Bottom

    It wouldn’t be a useful Mighty vaporizer review if I didn’t mention the not so great features of The Mighty. My first and biggest issue is that the vape has a round bottom… This means it can’t stand up on its own when filling unless you prop it up against something, or hold it in one hand. I have even included a video to show you this.


    I have seen a solution for this using the packing tool which is hidden in the bottom of the vape like below, by removing it and putting it back in the wrong way around. But this is better but isn't stable either. As when your filling the top is off, and I have once or twice showered my living room floor in dry herb due to it falling over.

    Mighty hack to make it stand

    My Prefered method has been clamping the mighty between my legs when I'm sitting down as I fill it with both hands.

    Proprietary charger

    Following this, I dislike the fact that it uses a proprietary plug, meaning that if you lose it, you can’t use your phone or laptop charger. Having USB-C would be the dream solution so all my devices phones, laptops, headphones & Mighty all used the same charger.

    Mighty Charging port

    And finally it’s not the easiest to clean, but I’ll go into detail below.

    Cleaning the Mighty Vaporizer

    The Mighty is one of the more complicated vapes to clean due to the cooling unit needing to be disassembled into its three main parts, as well as removing 4 seals and one screen to clean. So 8 parts total (see below, my very dirty vape parts). It’s not hard to clean, but it does take more time than other top tier vapes like the Arizer Solo 2 which only requires one part to be soaked in alcohol.

    Cleaning the mighty cooling unit

    The cleaning demands is something you may want to consider, given I’ve seen some power users of vapes reporting that they need to clean theirs once a week. So simplicity in this area might be something you appreciate more.

    I personally clean mine once every 14g (½ oz) of dry herb I vaporize which is about every 6-8 weeks vaping 5 times a week average, which also kind of highlights the efficiency of dry herb vaping. But opening up my vape for this blog I think I maybe should clean it a bit more often…maybe I’ll do it tonight... 

    We will make a guide on how to clean The Mighty soon, so follow us on social to know when that one comes out!

    2 Years Later Does The Mighty Still Function The Same?

    I’m glad to say it still functions the same as the day I bought it, so I am confident to say it’s built to last a long time. I have experienced the following issues over the last few days

    Maintaining The Mighty

    The mighty is a super durable vaporizer, which comes with parts to keep it up to it’s peak performance. But I have found I have not needed to replace any parts, or even use any of the spare parts included in the box yet. As I have found by being thorough with my cleaning and careful to remove my seals before cleaning they have lasted and are still functional. 

    The Battery

    All vape batteries degrade with time, and my mighty battery has definitely degraded about 30%, meaning that I get about 6 sessions out of it now. Which is still equal to a lot of brand new vapes. So it’s quite good the battery when you get it is so big. But given the battery is not removable, I kind of wish it was.

    Mighty Vape design highlight

    The Body

    The body has withstood an unbelievable amount of falls, which to be honest some are probably due to that round bottom. However, I have one tiny bit of plastic cracked on my mighty but I'm sure 98% of you didn’t realize and probably can’t spot it easily. It is visible in the photo below, as every photo has been of a 2-year-old well-used device!

    Is The Mighty still my go-to Vape?

    Since I got the Mighty It has been my daily driver. However, I have noticed my desire for something smaller, and this was reinforced when I got to try an Arizer Argo for a short period. It was nice to have a smaller super portable vape for personal use. But in the end I have stuck with The Mighty as it’s just so much more versatile. 

    To ease my desire for a smaller vape I now also have a Dynavap M, which as seen in the photo below is super tiny when put beside the mighty. But the dynavap is terrible for groups due to its small size, and it has to be used with a torch lighter, making it a very involved and slower process. finally it looks alot more suspicious when using it, as when do you normally see people using torch lighters to heat a small pipe... 

    Mighty& Dynavap comparison

    Final Scores & Desired Improvements

    To summarize my opinion of The Mighty Vaporizer I have created the scoring system below. Overall I think it deserves to be classed as the king/queen of vapes, for the time being, but I don’t see it impossible to beat at all. But it is incredible how a vape first developed in 2014 can still reign supreme after all this time, and it is a testament to the world-class engineering which Storz and Bickel are known for.

    Mighty Vaporizer Review Score By Tom Neilly


    Vapor Production


    Functionality & Flexibility












    Desired Improvements

    The mighty is regularly updated yearly, but recently Storz & Bickel have released a Crafty Plus, a modernization of the Crafty vaporizer. So I think it’s not a stretch to assume a Mighty plus may come. So these are my desired improvements for The Mighty Plus:

  • Have a flat bottom - So that it can stand up straight easily when filling
  • Make it charge over USB-C - quick charging capabilities and one charge for all my devices would be awesome
  • Have a replaceable battery - My battery has gotten worse and I would be willing to pay to replace the battery if it were possible that would be amazing.
  • Make it smaller - To make the mighty any smaller may stop it being Mighty, but any size-reduction without vapor quality or battery reduction would be appreciated.
  • I would like it to be easier to clean but I’m not sure how that would be possible without a major redesign, which it wouldn’t be a mighty plus then, it would be an entirely new vape.

    Did you like this more hands-on long term Mighty vaporizer review?

    I really enjoyed spending a full day creating this review for whoever stumbles upon it. If this blog performs well I can write more Reviews like this, sharing my knowledge and experience. So please support our store, by sharing this review and buying from the Herbalize Store! Considering to purchase a mighty? Check out our listing below.

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