Volcano Vaporizer Hybrid Review

Volcano Vaporizer Hybrid Review

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer UK - Overview

No matter how long you’ve been a part of the vaping community, it is very likely that the Volcano vaporizer by Storz & Bickel has been there longer than you. Since the time that it came out, a bit over a decade ago, the Volcano vaporizer has been a cult favorite, and it remains incredibly popular to this day.

This vaporizer is incredibly different from all vaporizers on the market, and this is not only due to its age, but its design, it is used differently than other vaporizers, and it is always a party favorite.

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Volcano Hybrid Features - New Volcano Vaporizer



Hybrid Heating

With the new hybrid heating technology, the new Volcano Hybrid combines convection and conduction heating to produce the best vapor possible.

Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth technology allows you to connect to the Storz & Bickel app, allowing you much more control over your sessions.

Custom “workflows”

Users can customize workflows through the app, which allows you to create the perfect heating profile for your hands-free sessions.

Faster Heating

Now, the Volcano Hybrid heats up in no more than 1 ½ minutes!

Rotatable Whip

The all-new addition of a rotatable tube kit allows users more flexibility at parties, and makes the whole experience much easier!

Touch Buttons

The new Hybrid comes with new display features, such as new touch buttons and a larger display screen. They are easier to use, and much more advanced.

Display Screen

The display screen allows you to pinpoint the exact temperature of your vaporizer, and it makes the overall experience of using the Hybrid much better.

Removable Cord

The removable cord feature allows users so much more mobility with their vaporizer, and it is much easier to store the unit when not in use.

Each of the Volcano Hybrid’s features makes a world of difference when comparing it to its older brother, the Volcano Classic. In this review, I’d like to show you all the different features this awesome desktop vape comes with, and my experience with the vaporizer.

But it goes without mentioning that the release of this amazing vaporizer was highly anticipated, and Storz and Bickel couldn’t have done a better job with their newest version of the Volcano vaporizer.

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Here is a bit of information about each of these vaporizer’s best features. I find it important to understand each feature to the fullest in order to truly appreciate it, and know how it adds value to the vaporizer. So here are all my favorite details:

Hybrid Heating

The new Hybrid Heating technology is one of my favorite features a vaporizer can have. It combines the powerful heating from conduction heating, with the uniform heating from convection heating to create the tastiest and most potent vapor possible. 

The thing that I like the most about the Hybrid’s heating is that it doesn’t just vaporize your product, but it truly extracts all the terpenes and goodies from the herb, and that’s what I’m always after in my vapes.

Bluetooth Technology

The fact that this new Volcano Hybrid comes with Bluetooth technology makes all the difference, and here’s why: it enables you to use the Storz and Bickel app with the vaporizer.

The app isn’t just an app, either. It allows you to control every aspect of your vaping experience with the desktop vaporizer, remotely. An app is a great option for people who like quick and easy controls, and overall easier-to-use controls.

It’s also thanks to the use of the app that you can create what Storz and Bickel call “Workflows”, which is one of my favorite features of this vaporizer.

Custom Workflows

A Workflow is, essentially, a heating program that the vaporizer follows. These Workflows are created with the app, and they can be customized down to the smallest detail, such as how long the vaporizer heats up at what temperature, how long it blows vapor into the balloon, and when it changes to a different temperature.

Their Workflows can be as elaborate or as simple as the user wants, and I personally love creating new Workflows and saving the ones I like for different moods. So overall, I love this idea, and I love that it can all be done from the comfort of my smartphone!

I honestly recommend trying out different Workflows based on the different strains you’re using, and what type of vapor you’re after. For tastier vape, I suggest going for a cooler and longer Workflow, but for balloons full of vapor, I suggest setting a hotter and shorter Workflow.

Faster Heating

One of the things which I had a lot of trouble with was the heating time of the original Volcano vaporizer. It takes what seems like an eternity (5-6min) to heat up, and then I still found myself giving it an extra 30 seconds or so to actually vaporize my product.

But when I used the Volcano Hybrid for the first time, I was floored with the incredible heating time. It only took around 40 seconds to heat up, and I noticed right away that I didn’t even need to give it the customary 30 seconds to vaporize my product.

In my opinion, this is one of the best feature improvements - especially if you like using the Volcano vaporizer at parties. No one wants to sit around waiting for the vape to heat up! We all want to get the party started, and with the Hybrid it becomes easy.

Rotatable Whip

When Storz and Bickel announced that they would be including a whip set-up with the Hybrid, I could just picture it being a stationary whip, much like the tools I already used with my Volcano Original. 

But I was so wrong! This desktop vaporizer comes with a rotatable whip, which can be vaped from all directions, and which stretches to be about 1m long. Not only is it long, but the tube Flexer and Easy Valve itself are much more flexible and easy to maneuver.

In short, I think that adding the possibility of using a rotatable whip was a great idea, and I love the high quality of the whip itself, and how easy it is to use. I’m pretty confident that I’m not the only one who feels this way!

Touch Buttons

As I mentioned above, you can control the entire vaporizer from the Storz and Bickel app. However, the new Volcano Hybrid vaporizer is now equipped with new touch-button technology and an all-new display screen.

The thing I like most about this feature is that it sets it in a completely new category when compared to the original Volcano vaporizer, and it elevates the overall value and user experience of the vaporizer so much. 

It’s great that Storz and Bickel decided to add this feature, because though the original Volcano vaporizer has always been a favorite, it definitely needed to grow with the times, and it did!




It has a better and more efficient hybrid heating system, which makes the most out of your product.

The bowl, a.k.a chamber, is quite large, and it does use up quite a bit of product.

It’s easier to control, and more precise in temperature controls (compared to previous versions).

Though it is easier to control, some people have found it difficult to get used to using the app.

Produces the tastiest vapor of all the Volcano series, and is really good at producing potent vapor.

The taste of the vapor can get a bit worse at the end of the session, so you might want to enjoy the beginning a bit more!

It’s compatible with balloons and the new rotatable whip.

With the use of the whip, one might find the use of a balloon unnecessary.

The removable chord makes the Hybrid much easier to move around, and take with you to parties.

Though it is easy to move around, it remains one of the larger desktop vaporizers.

New, easy to read digital display 

The unit is pricey, there’s no way around it!

So as you can see, this vaporizer does have its pros and cons, but I personally feel like the pros are much stronger than the cons, and I don’t really have much to say about the downsides to this vape because, well, I haven’t found many to mention!

I believe that it’s important to understand that this vape is definitely an investment and that you really have to want it to invest in it. The upside to this, however, is that the Volcano models are known to last a lifetime. So it is a smart investment, for sure!


As you can see, the Hybrid vaporizer has a wonderful set of unique features, and they all seem to be really great. But features aside, what is it like using a Volcano Hybrid, and what are its strong points? Does it deliver good vapor? I’ll tell you all you want to know!



Volcano Vaporizer Hybrid review

Vapor Quality

The first and most important thing to consider when evaluating a vaporizer is whether the vapor it produces is good or not. Without good vapor, the vaporizer itself loses the majority of its value, in my opinion. 

Well, let me tell you that the vapor from the Volcano Hybrid vaporizer is all I’ve ever looked for in a vape and more. Whether I use the balloons or the rotatable whip, I’m always blown away by the quality of vapor I get from this vaporizer.

There is something about the new Hybrid’s heating system that fully extracts the tasty terpenes and THC, and does it in a way that makes the vapor taste amazing throughout each session. 

Cool vapor is also really important to me because I tend to prefer quality over quantity. The Hybrid produces really nice and cool vape, which allows users to fully enjoy the tasty vapor, and to be more comfortable overall during sessions.

However, if you’re like me, and you want to vape on higher temperatures for bigger clouds, you can always use a bubbler or water tool which you can connect using a simple adapter. 

Overall, I am completely satisfied and happy with the vapor from this vaporizer. It’s as amazing as I expected it to be. But we really can’t expect less from Storz and Bickel, as they always deliver amazing vaporizers!


As you may know at this point, the Hybrid is different from the other Volcano models. It has been redesigned by Storz and Bickel, and it now includes many new outer features as well as internal changes. 

The design of the Volcano Hybrid is quite similar to the original Volcano design, as it still has its iconic shape, and its familiar color/finish. But its controls are completely new, and a bit fancier than the other models. 

It has a full display screen, which is beautifully positioned, and the perfect size. It also has touch buttons instead of the usual dial on the front. I personally really like this new design more than the previous designs, because it feels much more modern and advanced!

Design of Volcano Vaporizer Hybrid

Ease of Use

The controls for the Volcano Hybrid are really easy to use, and I find that learning how to control this vaporizer is really easy. The controls are intuitive and easy to use, and the touch buttons make the whole process easier.

When it comes to using the Storz and Bickel mobile app, I’d say that it’s just as easy, if not easier, than using the controls on the unit itself. The overall design of the app itself makes learning how to use it easy and simple, and I really appreciate a good mobile app.

Some may be hesitant to try the app at first because, let’s face it, no one has that much space on their smartphones. But I have to say that if you’ve been considering the app and are not sure if it’s worth it or not, it is well worth it and you’ll most likely love it!

Another really important aspect of this section is the ease of using the whip and balloons for vaping. I understand how strange it might seem that you have to use balloons to vape from this vaporizer if you’re new to it, but it’s not as strange as it sounds.

Using the balloons with the Hybrid is really great because all you need to do is connect the Easy Valve, connect the balloon to it, and start filling it up. Just watch out for overfilling, and you’re set!

The whip feature is even simpler than that because it doesn’t require watching the balloon fill or even dealing with vaping from the balloon at all. It’s just like a hookah or a bong with a whip, and you can inhale mouth-to-lung style, which is super great.

Loading the vaporizer is super simple. All you need is a finely-ground dry herb and a little spoon or scoop tool (if you want to keep your station clean). Then, all you have to do is load it up, put the bowl back in, and get to vaping!

I’ve also found the unit pretty easy to clean, which is great because keeping the unit clean is really important for the overall vape quality. I usually give it an easy clean after each session, and I deep clean it every week or two, depending on my use. 

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Product Efficiency

Vaping can get pretty expensive, especially if you prefer to invest in quality strains; and there is nothing worse than opening up the chamber after a few chambers and still seeing green products left over.

That’s why I always make a point of finding a vape that is super product-efficient, and that vaporizes all my herb within a few tasty sessions. Well, I found that amazing quality in the Hybrid. 

The downside to this vape is that the bowl is huge, and it takes a lot of product to fill it up properly. I use the chamber reducer to make the bowl smaller, but I have found that it’s still a lot for my personal sessions. 

So the Hybrid is quite efficient when it comes to using all the products you put into it, but it takes a huge amount of product to fill it up and vape it properly, even with the chamber reducer. So it’s a 50/50 for me on the efficiency note, but it is still a great vape for parties or group vaping. 


As you may know, the Volcano Hybrid is a desktop vape, which means it is not a portable unit due to its size and weight (1.8k). Therefore it isn’t very portable in the conventional sense of the word. 

But I personally love taking my Hybrid with me to house parties and gatherings so that my friends and I can use it during our time together. I will say that the hybrid is quite heavy for a vape, but it isn’t ridiculously heavy, and I can easily take it with me in one of my larger purses or bags. 

However, it is a bit cone-shaped, and I find it a bit awkward to pack the Hybrid into a bag, and still have room for other things in it. So is the Hybrid a portable vape? Not exactly. But is it easy to transport? Yes! As long as you have a big enough purse or pouch.





★ ★ ★ ★ ★


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★ ★ ★ ★ ★


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★ ★ ★ ★


★ ★ ★


★ ★ ★ ★ ★


★ ★ ★ ★

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