Arizer Extreme Q Review

Arizer Extreme Q  Review

Arizer Extreme Q Review

The Arizer Extreme Q presents a high quality desktop vaporizer for a relatively low price. Available for under $200, it competes admirably with desktop vaporizers that sell for much higher prices, not only on price but with the excellent vapor and build quality.

The latest version, the 4.0, features improved build quality, a better ceramic heating element, quieter functioning and a more consistent vape. This Arizer Extreme Q Review includes all the important aspects of the vaporizer and attempts to disseminate accurate and reliable facts.

Arizer Extreme Q Review

In the Box

The Arizer Extreme Q Review starts with what comes with the device. In the box you will find:

  • Power adaptor (x1)
  • Remote control (x1)
  • Glass cyclone bowls (x2)
  • Aromatherapy dish (x1)
  • Glass whip mouthpiece (x1)
  • Glass stir tool (x1)
  • 3-foot silicone whip (x1)
  • All-glass mini whip (x1)
  • Balloons with glass mouthpieces (x2)
  • Spare flat screen (x1)
  • Spare dome screen (x1)
  • Aromatic botanicals sample (x1)
  • Manual (x1)

The manual is easy to read and very clear in its explanations, it has not been translated from a foreign language by a machine. It is hardly necessary to use the manual, however, as the entire machine is very easy and intuitive to use.

More fiddly is the temperature and fan setting, with so many options available it can take a little experimentation to get the right settings for each user, but when they are set they are extremely consistent.

Arizer Extreme Q - Included


The Arizer Extreme Q is controlled by a remote (a world first, according to their website). With audio, light and power settings on the top row, followed by the length of time the device should stay on for, then the individual settings to turn on the fan at different rates.

Temperature presets are offered on the control, with ten degree increments from 200°C to 230°C, as well as 50°C and 100°C. The use of the remote is simple and, as the manufacturers say, other vaporizers seem inadequate without one. For sessions or quick use, being able to control the vaporizer from anywhere in the room is very handy and adds to the appeal of the Arizer Extreme Q.

Arizer Extreme Q Vapor

Temperature can be controlled very precisely in one degree increments, with a range of between 50°C and 260°C (112°F to 500°F), which is comparable with any high quality desktop vaporizer. The LCD display on the front gives a clear readout of the current temperature and the target temperature.

There are three heat sensors in the Arizer Extreme, giving unprecedented levels of control for the exacting vaper. If Fahrenheit is preferred, the device can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Vapor Quality

The vapor from the Arizer Extreme Q is consistently excellent, producing thick clouds of flavorsome vapor at any temperature and no bitter, burned tastes. This quality vapor makes it a solid contender for the best quality desktop vaporizer on the market, regardless of the price.

When using the 3-foot whip attachment with borosilicate glass mouthpiece, there is almost no pull whatsoever, just a smooth toke. This is due to the three settings of fan speed that assist the draw. It is a leisurely way to vaporize.

The vapor is never too warm and arrives in the mouth at just the right temperature for maximum flavor and thickness. A very pleasurable experience for the writer of this Arizer Extreme Q review.

The dual purpose device allows for vaping with both the whip and with a bag, but also the vaping of waxes, dry herbs and extracts. The aromatherapy dish can replace the main bowl for creating a pleasant ambiance or for aromatherapy sessions.

arizer extreme q vapor quality

When using a balloon, the attachment can be a little fiddly but when accustomed to the action, it works well. The high fan speed will fill the bag quickly with no loss of quality. The machine will fill the bag with top-quality vapor in roughly 90 seconds and will last for up to 6 hours in the bag. The bags can be purchased relatively inexpensively online and are reusable.

Arizer Extreme Q Balloon

The large range of temperatures allows for a lot of versatility when it comes to what the vapor is like. Higher temperatures will produce a thicker vapor but a slightly harsher taste, lower ones will produce conversely more flavor but thinner vapor. This is true for any vaporizer but the Arizer Extreme Q gives a remarkably consistent quality at any temperatures.

During the Arizer Extreme Q review it was noted that the dry herbs or extract should be left to warm up for a minute or two before vaping, just to ensure it is all at an even temperature for the best quality vapor.

Material Quality

The Arizer is made from stainless steel coated in chrome, giving it a hefty weight and a high-quality feel. This toughness extends to the entire unit, with no bad seams or strangle clanking sounds when it is moved.

The borosilicate glass elbow is delicate, of course, but nothing cools vapor as effectively or as tastily, so the risk of breaking the glass pieces is worth it. The whip is made from medical-grade plastic with a glass mouthpiece that is both well made and nice to use.

The remote is not the most solid device around but is made from durable plastic and should survive a few knocks and drops. The buttons all respond well and do not feel like they will stick any time soon.

Aesthetic and Feel

The device tested for this Arizer Extreme Q Review looks a little like the back end of a bullet; the aesthetics are not astounding but it is not an ugly device. It is certainly more like an ornament than a Volcano vaporizer, adding to its discretion.

However, on second glance, there is no hiding that this is a vaporizer. It feels good to hold, having a solid weight to it that balances it nicely on the table, as well as providing a large heat sink for the cooling of the vapor. The mouthpieces are very nicely designed, perfect for many, many sessions and communal use.


This is a desktop vaporizer, and once installed on a desk, is unlikely to be moved around much. However, it can be unpacked and moved relatively easily, and once the glass parts are safely removed, it is very easy to handle.


More discreet than the Volcano vaporizer, it is still a big, obvious lump of metal that is clear in its intention. It is not massive, however, and can be quickly packed away if needs be.

Parts and Accessories

The glass stirring tool works very well with the glass Cyclone Bowl and enables a quick clean out without burning fingers. The Cyclone Bowl itself has a convenient screen for the first stage of filtering.

These are easily removed and available inexpensively from the internet. New purchases should not be necessary for a long time as they are made of high-quality stainless steel and are easily cleanable.

All the glassware is made to high tolerances from high-grade borosilicate glass, making for quality feeling objects that perform their functions very well indeed.

There is no battery pack, this is an all-mains unit.


The unit disassembles easily to reveal all the parts in the vapor path. The glassware simply pulls out and can be cleaned easily with hot water and detergent or a weak solvent. Regular cleaning is needed but is not difficult.

Useful Stats

  • Bowl capacity: 0.5g
  • Initial heating time: 120 seconds
  • Heating system: convection
  • Heating element: ceramic
  • Weight: 370g
  • Dimensions: 18.4cm by 15cm by 15cm


2-year limited parts and lifetime heater warranty as standard.


In comparison to some of the more expensive desktop, the Arizer Extreme Q review has shown that it produces comparable quality vapor, has an extremely convenient level of control and a build quality that is above what is expected in this price range.

This Arizer Extreme Q review has been written with a comparison in mind, but this machine holds its own and deserves to be evaluated on its own merits. The vapor is extremely high quality, offering a vapor type for any user and any type of herb or extract at any temperature. As an aromatherapy heater, it works very well, giving extremely precise levels and intensity of scent.

The fan settings aid with the pull, making it one of the smoothest pulls on the market and fills a bag full of tasty vape in a small amount of time. Controllable via remote, the fan is a very useful asset.

When the whip is used it does not give any plasticky taste from the PVC tubing, and the glass mouthpiece is enjoyable to wrap lips around. Never during testing were flecks or particles detected in the vapor, nor was there harshness or burned flavors when the Arizer Extreme Q was properly configured.

A wide range of high-quality accessories is available from Arizer. The vape bags can be difficult to set up properly but work consistently when they are used properly. The ability to use the whip or the balloon within about 30 seconds is a useful and convenient level of versatility that is to be expected from a desktop vaporizer, though maybe not one of at this price.

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During every step of this Arizer Extreme Q Review, there has been extensive comparison and evaluation, overall, the Arizer Extreme Q presents a vaporizer of very high quality for an unbeatable price.

This trusted information is sourced from the manufacturer and our own experience with the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer.


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