Arizer ArGo Review

Arizer ArGo Review

The Arizer ArGo is a portable vaporizer that is so small it looks more like a miniature mobile than a portable vape. The good news is that in spite of being a dwarf in its category, it packs a big punch.

Even though it’s a small vaporizer, it is one of the best on the market thanks to its amazing, super smooth, and intense vapour.

Feature Overview: Arizer ArGo

Compatible With Dry Herb
Heat-Up Time 30-60 Seconds
Temperature Settings /Manual Adjustments? Manual (Single Degree Increments)
Heating Element Hybrid Heating (Convection and Conduction)
App Required? No
Oven Material Ceramic
Oven Capacity 0.2g
Vapour Path Stainless Steel and Ceramic
Removable Battery Yes
Sessions per Charge 3-5 Sessions
Charge Time 210 Minutes (3.5 Hours)
Draw Resistance 6/10
Vapour Smoothness 8/10
Flavour/Taste 9/10
Odour Level 7/10
Country of Origin Canada

Arizer Argo Black

Pro´s and Con´s of the Arizer ArGo

Like every good thing, the Arizer ArGo also has its pros and cons. Fortunately, the pros are quite strong in the ArGo’s favour. However, some of the cons are deal breakers for many Arizer fans. Take a look for yourself:

Small and Portable Glass Pieces Break Easily
Hybrid Heating Not Compatible with Concentrates
Removable Battery Battery Life is Short, Charge Time is Long
Very Discreet Vape Clouds Could be denser
Great Vapour Quality Better on Low Heat Settings
Built with High-Quality Materials Small for its Price
Single-Increment Degree Temperature Settings Only 0.2g Oven Capacity

Build Quality

The Arizer ArGo is a two-tone affair. The upper body is anodized aluminium while the lower portion is made from high grade, heat resistant plastic. As with all Arizer products, the ArGo is very high quality. It is also beautiful. The difference in shade between the metal and plastic components gives the ArGo a distinct character.

Usually, plastic shells make us apprehensive, but not with Arizer's ArGo. Maybe it has something to do with the clever engineering embedded in every corner of the vape. The device feels solid in hand and oozes confidence with its subtle rounded edges and attention to detail.

Now coming to its actual dimensions – ArGo is 50mm wide, 88mm tall and 25mm broad. Like I said earlier, in spite of its not-so-impressive size, it still feels good to hold and reflects unusual sturdiness. This feeling could be because it is stout and the lower section is built from a rubberized material.

Overall, I am impressed with its eye-catching design and the rest of the elements such as the cylindrical section right in the middle that houses buttons and display.

Design Elements

Arizer ArGo Review

The top section of the ArGo device is not hinged and therefore is a separate part from the rest of the unit. Incidentally, it is telescopic in nature, which simply means it can be lifted along the body with the help of a small button at the side.

The same piece can be pushed back with a simple press. Once the top is depressed it exposes a glass stem on one side.

Arizer ArGo Review

The herbs are typically loaded on the lower end of this tube and then pushed down from the top before starting the vaping session. The glass tube is around 11 mm in diameter and runs 15mm deep inside the ArGo's body. The glass tube performs 3 functions - it acts as a draw stem, a cooling system, and also as a bowl.

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When you’re not using the device, simply press the button and the top end slides up and sits flush with the rest of the body. This will slide the glass piece into the vape, and keep it safe while you travel with your vape.

Also, when it comes to safe transportation of your device, the manufacturers of the ArGo have thoughtfully provided a silicon seal, a kind of protective rubberized cap for the glass tube. The cap allows you to pack the stem before you travel, and keep the product from falling out.

Nonetheless, like many users, I feel like the cap idea could have been interpreted and designed in a different way. Although it works smoothly and without drag, assemblies like these tend to lose their potential over a period of time, and the pieces tend to be too easy to misplace.

However, Arizer has so far been top-notch when it comes to design engineering. So, in a way, it shouldn't be something to worry about. All users need to do is be careful not to lose the pieces to avoid buying them regularly.

How to Use the Arizer ArGo Vape

How to load Arizer ARGO

Due to the unit’s innovative design, loading and unloading ingredients in the ArGo is very simple for everyone, beginners included. This is how:

  • Press the mouthpiece down so that the aroma tube/draw tube is exposed.
  • Pull out the glass tube, and load the herbs at the bottom.
  • Then carefully push it back inside the oven chamber.
  • Next, turn on the unit by pressing M and + button. Continue to do so until the device makes a beep sound and a smiley appears on the digital display.
  • Once the device is activated you can use the + and - buttons to set the desired temperature range. The heating time for the first draw is under 30 seconds. Once the desired temperature is reached another beep sounds and you are ready to go.
  • Inhale through the glass tube to begin your vaping sessions.
Arizer ArGo turn on

Vapor Quality

As I have mentioned throughout the review, the ArGo has its strong points and its weak points, and this is quite apparent when considering the vapour quality. I’ve found the vapour to be tasty and very satisfying.

There is a downside to the amazing vapour. At temperatures higher than 215°C, the vapour started getting warmer and the device was a little too hot for comfort. So just keep that in mind when you’re looking to finish off the bowl.

I do think it’s important to let you know that the higher temperatures haven’t made me love the vaporizer any less, but it has simply been an observation, and it’s important that you know about it, in case you prefer a cooler vape.


The Argo doesn’t really fit under the ‘industrial’ of vaporizers, such as the Mighty or even the Crafty. It doesn't offer large clouds or a fuller experience than most vapes. But what it does offer is consistent mid-range flavor and resultant puffs.

The hybrid heating unit, made from stainless steel and ceramic material, makes sure the initial heating time and the subsequent session timings are impressive. A Hybrid roasting oven also means uniform vaporization, which in turn offers a gratifying vaping experience all-around.

The size of the oven, which typically holds less than 0.2 grams of herb, may not be a feature to rave about, but it provides an inspiring number of hits per battery charge, which is quite nice in a portable vape.

The battery life complements the number of draws which is around 90 minutes. However, it takes 210 minutes to charge the battery, which is quite long. But the good part is that you can charge one battery while you use another, and switch them out when you need to. So that’s a major plus for me.


Arizer ArGo Accessory Guide

The ArGo can be used with a number of different accessories, and here is the ultimate Arizer ArGo accessory guide and review:

Stem Cap Pack

The Stem Cap Pack consists of 4 silicone caps. They are the components I mentioned earlier that keep the product inside the glass stem. To be honest, I highly recommend keeping at least 2 extra caps in your vape kit, that way when you do lose one, you always have one to replace it.

Glass Stir Tool

An essential part of the ArGo vape kit is always the Arizer stir tool because it is made to perfection to fit into the ArGo glass tube. It’s used to stir your vape in the middle of your sessions to make sure all the product is being vaporized.

However, I will say that you could use anything long and pointy for this, and you might not want to spend the extra money on this little stir tool. But it’s totally your call.

Extra Battery

One of my favourite features of the ArGo is that it has removable and replaceable batteries. Therefore, my first move after getting the ArGo was getting an extra battery for extra comfort. I highly suggest you do the same thing!

Glass Aroma Tube

The glass aroma tube on the vaporizer is quite fragile, and accidents happen all the time (especially when you’re as clumsy as I am). But you don’t have to worry too much since you can always get another one. Or you could even get extra and keep it for those moments of unexpected crisis.

Argo Pro Con

Who is the Arizer ArGo best for?

The ArGo is the best vaporizer for someone looking for an affordable yet high-value vape that they can take anywhere, anytime.

It is an easy unit to use and understand, which makes it great for beginners, but it offers great vapour and total temperature control, which makes it good for vaping veterans looking for a simpler option.

So all in all, the Arizer isn’t the best vaporizer ever made, but it does a great job for such a small vape, and it has its moments of greatness. Therefore, if you’ve been wanting to try this unit, I think you definitely should. It’s a great vape to add to your collection, and you’ll most likely be glad you got it.

This trusted information is sourced from the manufacturer and our own experience with the Arizer ArGo vaporizer.


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