Arizer ArGo vs Crafty vs Mighty

Arizer ArGo vs Crafty vs Mighty

Comparison: Arizer ArGo vs Crafty vs Mighty

Arizer is one of the best quality vaping brands out there. From the Arizer air to the air 2 and solo, arizer products are both popular and reliable. Similarly, Storz & Bickel make some of the best vapes out there.

If you’re thinking about dropping some serious money on a vaporizer, they are both fantastic choices.Within these collections there are three stand-out products: the ArGo, the Storz & Bickel Crafty and the Storz & Bickel Mighty.

Each has its own benefits and drawbacks but all of them are high quality vaporizers which offer a superior vaping experience to most other models. If you’re in the market for a dry herb vaporizer you’re unlikely to be disappointed by any of these three devices.

Arizer ArGo vs Crafty vs Mighty

( Mighty and Crafty in hand )

Storz & Bickel have been making vapes for a long time and have really hit on a winning formula with the Mighty, which has remained almost unchanged apart from a battery upgrade for years. T

he crafty is a smaller, more modern version, with smartphone control and extra features, and the Arizer ArGo is one of the smallest devices that Arizer offer but with a huge amount of capability.

Arizer ArGo vs Crafty vs Mighty

( Arizer ARGO in hand )

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Hopefully by the end of this review, you will have a better idea which one you want to go for.


Arizer ArGo: Usually on sale for £169, we have a 420 offer of £139 over the 420 weekend.

Crafty+: £179

Mighty: Usually on offer for £229, we have a great deal on over the 420 weekend for £219.

Winner: Arizer ArGo

Temperature Range

Arizer ArGo vs Crafty vs Mighty

( Crafty app for Smartphone )

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Arizer ArGo: 112°F-428°F – covering any vaping needs.

Crafty: 6 presets can be changed on the smartphone app to allow for precise temperature control.

Mighty: 104°F - 410°F

Winner: Mighty


Arizer ArGo vs Crafty vs Mighty

( Arizer ARGO with glass steam )

Arizer ArGo: Dry herbs

Mighty: Dry herbs, wax and extracts

Crafty: Dry herbs, wax and extracts

Winner: Crafty/Mighty

Screen and Controls

Arizer ArGo vs Crafty vs Mighty UK


( Mighty Vaporizer )

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Arizer ArGo: A clear OLED screen shows temperature, battery status and temperature type. Controls on the front change the temperature settings and activate the heating chamber.

Mighty: Current temperature, target temperature, and battery status on the screen.

Crafty: No screen. Controlled from the easy to use smartphone app.

Winner: Mighty

Additional Functions

Arizer ArGo: Change screen brightness, pop stem protector allows safe storage of mouthpiece.

Mighty: None, this is a simple beast.

Crafty: Vibration alarm, cooling mode, stand-by and on-screen alerts.


Arizer ArGo: Borosilicate glass (easily breakable)

Mighty: Plastic

Crafty: Plastic

Winner: Arizer ArGo

Vape Quality, Crafty, Mighty or ARGO?

Arizer ArGo: High. Not the thick clouds you might get from a Volcano, but just about the best vape from any portable. Cool, thick and tasty at any temperature.

Mighty: The best vape of any portable vaporizer, the Mighty produces thick clouds of tasty vapour.

Crafty: For the size, an extremely high quality vapour at all temperatures.

Winner: Mighty

Chamber Size and Type

Arizer ArGo vs Crafty vs Mighty

( Crafty oven )

Arizer ArGo: 0.15g with a conduction heating system

Mighty: 0.3g with a conduction/convection heating system

Crafty: 0.3g with a conduction/convection system

Winner: Crafty/Mighty

Heat Up Time

Arizer ArGo: 30 to 60 seconds

Mighty: 60 seconds

Crafty: 120 seconds

Winner: Arizer ArGo


Arizer ArGo: 96g

Mighty: 226g

Crafty: 136g

Winner: Arizer ArGo

Build Quality

Arizer ArGo vs Crafty vs Mighty

( Crafty Vaporizer )

Arizer ArGo: Tough steel construction but with breakable glass mouthpiece

Mighty: Plastic coated steel, very tough construction

Crafty: Plastic coated steel, very tough construction

Winner: Crafty/Mighty


Arizer ArGo vs Crafty vs Mighty

( ARGO in hand )

Arizer ArGo: Via micro USB. Interchangeable rechargeable batteries and pass-through charging lets you use and charge the Arizer ArGo at the same time. A 2 hour charging time gives approximately 60 minutes use.

Mighty: Via micro USB. A 2 hour charging time gives 90 minutes use.

Crafty: Via micro USB. A 2 hour charging time gives 60 minutes use.

Winner: Arizer ArGo

Size and Discretion

Arizer ArGo: Not the most discreet of vaporizers, it is still pretty small and could be mistaken for a cigarette packet or box of something in your pocket. 9.3cm by 5.2cm by 2.4cm.

Mighty: On the outer edge of what can be considered portable, the Mighty is aptly named and not very discreet at all. 14 by 11cm by 3cm.

Crafty: Relatively discreet, the Crafty is easily concealed but definitely looks like a vaporizer. 11cm by 5.7cm by 3.3cm

Winner: Arizer ArGo

The Arizer ArGo offers high quality vape, small size, tough construction and simple controls. Hard to beat for the price. The Mighty offers by far the best vape at any temperature but is big, bulky and hardly discreet.

The Crafty is less discreet than the Arizer ArGo but more so than the Mighty, while offering a superior vape to the ArGo.

The differences at this stage are down to preference. The extra money that gets you the Mighty will cost you in size but gain a much superior vape quality and versatility, whereas for roughly the same price as each other, the ArGo and the Crafty trade off against each other on function and discretion.

In terms of capability, the Mighty and Crafty are clear winners: extracts and waxes are a part of many people’s vaping experience. The Arizer ArGo is built just for herbs, and does it well, but some will miss the versatility of the Crafty or Mighty.

No matter who you are or what vaping experience you hope to enjoy, you can find what you’re looking for in one of these three vaporizers.


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