The Crafty vs the Crafty Plus: A Comparison

Crafty Plus Vs Crafty Vaporizer

The Crafty vaporizer from Storz and Bickel has been out for quite some time now, and Storz and Bickel were excited to announce the release of their new Crafty Plus vaporizer late last year.

And, it wasn’t without enthusiasm that we all received the release of the newest Storz and Bickel vaporizer!

With the release of the Crafty Plus vaporizer, many of the original Crafty users have been curious whether the new version is better or not.

That’s why we found it important to make this comparison, and show you all the features head-to-head so that you can see which is best for you! 

In this Crafty vs Crafty Plus comparison, we will be going over every detail possible, rating them, and letting you know what we have found to be the pros and cons of each vaporizer.

But first, let’s go over the basic information about each one:

Crafty vs Crafty Plus - The Basics



Crafty Plus




Dry Herb and Concentrates

Compatible With

Dry Herb and Concentrates

90 - 120 seconds

Heat-up Time

90 seconds or less

In-App Temp. Controls.

Boost Mode is

Accessible Manually

Temperature Settings/Manual adjustment?

In-App Tem. Controls

Boost Mode and MAX Mode

Accessible Manually


Hybrid Heating

Heating Element

Convection/ Conduction Hybrid Heating


App Required?


Stainless Steel and Ceramic

Oven Material

Stainless Steel and Ceramic

0.25 grams

Oven Capacity

0.25 grams


Vapour Path



Removable Battery?


Approx. 3 - 4 Sessions

Sessions Per Charge

Approx. 6 - 7 Sessions

+/- 1 Hour

Average Battery Life

+/- 2 Hours

2 Hours

Charge Time

1 Hour + 15 Minutes

No Draw Resistance

Draw Resistance

No Draw Resistance


Vapour Smoothness





Quite Noticeable

Odour Level



Country of Origin


Crafty Plus Vaporizer In Hand

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As you can see, they are both quite similar when looking at the basics. This is because they are, in many ways, the same vaporizer.

The Crafty Plus is a revised version of the original Crafty vaporizer, but it remains a Crafty in many ways. But that doesn’t mean they are totally equal! 

Take a look at the features of both vaporizers down below and see for yourself:

Crafty vs Crafty Plus: Power and Performance

The power and performance of a vaporizer are quite important since these things are the ‘core’ of a good vaporizer. Without power and good performance, no vaporizer can be very great. 

However, Storz and Bickel are known to focus on the power of a vaporizer, and other Storz and Bickel vaporizers, such as the Mighty vaporizer and the Volcano Hybrid are known to have incredible power. So what do the Craftys have in store for us?

Look and Feel/Build Quality  

Both vaporizers are incredibly similar in terms of look and feel. They are both designed with the typical Storz and Bickel black hard-plastic shell, and to be quite honest, not much has changed in terms of the Crafty Plus’ overall design.

Although, the Crafty Plus vape does have a bit of a different feel in the hands due to a small change of the grip design. It feels a bit sleeker and easier to hold than the older Crafty does.

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In terms of build quality, it doesn’t get much better than Storz and Bickel’s ability to make some of the highest quality vaporizers on the market. Both the Crafty and the Crafty Plus are super high quality, fall-resistant, and very long-lasting.

Crafty Vaporizer

Ease of Use 

If you’re looking for a vaporizer that you can use every day, one of the best qualities a vape can have is ease of use. If the vaporizer is too fancy in its controls, you might get tired of so much drama, and want to get something a bit simpler. 

Well, both the Crafty and Crafty Plus are easy to use, and both vaporizers can be operated remotely with the mobile app. The app makes controlling the vaporizers much easier and simpler and keeps the need for button-use to the bare minimum.


The Crafty has a button which turns the power on/off, and when pressed twice, enables the ‘Boost Mode’. The Boost Mode heats the vaporizer up to your highest set temperature and helps you out at the end of a session. 

The Crafty Plus also has this button feature, where pressing twice means Boost Mode. If you press it three times you get MAX mode, which goes straight to 410F (the highest temp on the vape), and really heats you herb.

Overall, both are very easy to manipulate and navigate, as you can see. They are drama-free, easy to use on-the-go, and altogether simple in their control. If simple controls are what you’re after, you’ll love both vaporizers equally.

Heating Methods: Conduction & Convection

Hybrid heating means that the vape is equipped with both convection (hot air) heating and conduction (direct contact) heating, and combines both methods to make the most out of your product. 

The Crafty and Crafty Plus’ hybrid heating technology is a great example of how well this combination heating method works. The pros of both heating methods are very apparent in the quality of vape!

It’s thanks to the hybrid heating that both vape units are good to use with concentrates and dry herb. The convection heating does wonders when vaping dry herb, and the conduction heating is perfect for vaping concentrates.

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So all in all, the hybrid heating is one of the best features of this list, and some say that the hybrid heating works even better in the Crafty Plus thanks to the redesign of the vaporizer. Curious to test it out? Buy the Crafty Plus now and find out!

Crafty Plus Vaporizer

Battery Life and Charging Style 

Battery life is what makes or breaks a portable vape, and it’s thanks to the battery that users can go out and about with their vape without having to worry about plugging in the vape or charging it along the way.

The Crafty is known in the vaping community to have a shorter battery life than expected in a Storz and Bickel vaporizer at only 1 hour long. With the non-removable batteries, the Crafty’s battery life can be quite a downside for many.

The Crafty Plus vape came with a whole extra hour of battery life, coming in to a little bit over 2 hours of continuous use on a full charge. Of course, there are some vapes with an even longer battery life, but the power of the Crafty Plus makes 2 hours hard to beat.

Thanks to the Micro USB charging style, you can always just get a car adapter and charge your vape between destinations. But this is just a little too much drama for some.

Temperature Range and Controls  

Both vaporizers have the same minimum and maximum temperatures: 40C min., and 210C max

This is an incredible range for a vaporizer, especially with hybrid heating technology. Also, the fact that Crafty Plus users can easily switch from whatever temperature to the MAX mode with 3 touches of a button is really great. It speaks a lot about the power of the Crafty Plus.

The mobile app for both vapes allows you to control the temperatures at which you vape in single-degree increments, and this is a huge pro. That said, some people would prefer to control the temperatures from the vape itself.

In this case, it’s up to your personal preferences, and whether you prefer to have the power of remotely adjusting and setting temperatures remotely or not. 

Crafty vs Crafty Plus: Discreetness and Portability


Let’s face it: the Crafty and Crafty Plus are still a bit large compared to other portable vaporizers. That said, that may attract more attention than you are comfortable with. They also have quite unique designs, so that is another feature that makes it a bit more obvious.

But in terms of the vape clouds it produces, you can stealthily vape without much problem, as long as you set the vape at low temperatures. Pro tip: the higher the temperature, the more vapour it produces.

They’re both quite easy to conceal, and easy to store away in a pocket or purse. So that contributes towards their discreetness!


The Crafty was originally a smaller take on the Mighty vaporizer, which users claimed to be too big to rank a 5-star score for portability. This means the Crafty vape is literally made with optimal portability in mind.

The Crafty Plus vape is made in the same image as the Crafty original. That means that it is also very portable and easy to take with you anywhere, anytime. 

Whether you prefer to pocket your vape, or you prefer to stow it away in a pouch or in your purse, the Crafty and Crafty Plus are both super portable. We recommend them for people looking for a good, portable vape!

Crafty vs Crafty Plus: Overall Vapour Quality

Anyone who has experienced the vapour from a Storz and Bickel vaporizer knows how much potential their vaporizers have in terms of delivering amazing vapour. Knowing this, it’s easy to say that the Crafty and the Crafty Plus have a high standard to live up to. 

The Crafty is known to deliver great vapour that is tasty and smooth, but it is known to produce less-than-amazing vapour towards the end of heavy sessions. This is normal in vapes, but most of us would prefer a vape that didn’t do this. 

The Crafty Plus also produces amazing vapour that is cool and full of tasty terpenes, but it has the same issue towards the end of a session. Some say it’s not as bad as the original Crafty, but we’ve experienced the same flavour with both vapes. 

One thing that you could do is empty the chamber before it starts tasting too harsh. But if you want to use all the product up and you want to save money, you will just have to put up with that last hit of sub-par vape taste.

Crafty vs Crafty Plus: Unique Features

What sets these vaporizers apart from other vaporizers, and what makes them different from each other?

Crafty Extras and Accessories

Crafty Plus Extras and Accessories

Very Resistant to Falls

Very Efficient with Concentrates

Hybrid Heating

Hybrid Heating

Compatible with Watertools

Compatible with Watertools

2 Year Warranty

3 Year Warranty

Compatible with Storz and Bickel Mobile App

Compatible with Storz and Bickel Mobile App

Removable Mouthpiece

Removable Mouthpiece

Boost Mode Available

LED Warning Light Display

Get the Crafty Here

Crafty vs Crafty Plus: Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance is absolutely essential to a vaporizer’s functionality and vapour quality. If a vaporizer isn’t cleaned regularly, it can greatly affect the quality of vapour it produces, the taste of the vapour, and heating abilities.

With that said, how do the Crafty and Crafty Plus measure up? Is one easier to clean than the other? If so, why?

Well, the Crafty Plus is super easy to clean and maintain. Both vaporizers are quite the same in terms of internal design and build and they’re both equally easy to clean and maintain.

All that needs to be done to clean them is to remove the mouthpiece/chamber and give it a good scrub with a pipe cleaner with some isopropyl alcohol on it. 

Maintaining it after a deep clean is also easy. Just brush it out after each session with the Storz and Bickel cleaning brush, and give the outside a good wipe-down with an alcohol wipe. Include the mouthpiece in the cleans every time, to keep it all sanitary and tasty!

Pax 3 vs Firefly 2 Plus: Overall Value

Pros and Cons Breakdown





Larger than some portable vapes

Easy to use

The mobile app seems like a hassle for some people

Hybrid heating technology

Battery life is quite short

Practically life-proof

The fact that it’s made from plastic makes it feel less high-quality

Great vapour quality

Vaping concentrates can be underwhelming

Long-lasting and perfect for everyday use

The price isn’t very easy on the wallet

Crafty Plus



Hybrid heating

Non-removable batteries

Very short heat up time

Temperature settings are in-app only

Much longer battery life 

Vaping concentrates can be underwhelming


Not much difference from the Crafty in terms of outer design

3 temperature modes to switch to from the vaporizer itself

No temperature controls on the vaporizer itself

Very potent and tasty vapour

Micro USB charging only

Which Is Better For Whom?

In our expert opinion, the Crafty Plus is a great upgrade from the original Crafty vaporizer. It has many of the same features, but it is updated in terms of battery life, sessions per battery, overall heating potencial, and temperature settings.

Get the Crafty Plus Here

If you’re someone who has heard about all the great things the Crafty vaporizer offers, and are curious to see what it’s like to vape it, we suggest trying it out! However, with the upgrades that the Crafty Plus has, we highly recommend the Crafty Plus.

Whether you’ve experienced the original Crafty vape, or you want to try the most portable Storz and Bickel vaporizer, we think that the Crafty Plus will offer you much more in terms of battery life, vapour quality, ease of use, convenience, and daily performance.

Get the Crafty Here

Don’t miss your opportunity, and get started with your Crafty or Crafty Plus experience! We highly recommend this vaporizer from experience!


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