Mighty Plus Vaporizer Speculation

Mighty Plus Vaporizer Specualtions

Here at Herbalize Store, we love to follow all of the latest speculations regarding new dry herb vaporizers and stoner merch. This time, we’ll take a look at Storz and Bickel, and we’ll tell you all the latest news about the biggest rumour of all - the debut of the Mighty Plus!


The Mighty is one of the world’s most popular vapes, and it’s made its way to the top with good reason! It has so many of the most coveted features, it really is a monster vape in the sense that it gives huge and tasty clouds, and it is made with super high-quality materials which Storz and Bickel are known for.

Since it came out in 2014 along with its smaller brother the Crafty vape, the Mighty has been a community favourite.

However, there were many complaints about the battery life of the vaporizer and a few minor details regarding the outdated technology.

With this feedback, Storz and Bickel revisited the Mighty’s technology, and in 2018 they came out with the version we’re all familiar with now. There was no big external change, but the battery is much better, lasts longer, and is more potent (20% more potent to be exact!).

It has been one of Storz and Bickel’s most loved dry herb vaporizers, and though there have been many vape brands that have tried to make a similar vape to the Mighty, there simply hasn’t been one vape to equal it in its features or potency. So who are Storz and Bickel?

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Storz and Bickel are a German vape company that have been in the game since the very beginning, starting their vape journey in 1996. They have developed an astounding collection of vapes, and made a huge name for themselves.
They first created the Volcano vaporizer, which is a huge desktop vaporizer, and which still holds its reputation of being one of the most powerful vapes on the market.

From there, they have created a beautiful gallery of vapes including the Mighty vape, the Crafty and Crafty Plus vapes, the Plenty vape, the Volcano Digit, and the Volcano Hybrid.

Since they came out with the Crafty Plus vaporizer, there have been many speculations about the possible debut of the Mighty Plus dry herb vaporizer. So let’s dive into the speculations regarding the Mighty Plus vaporizer, shall we?


There have been quite a few rumours going around about the possible release of the new Mighty Plus vaporizer, and we just can’t wait for them to be true!

These rumours and speculations have been going on since 2019, and the rumoured release was to be 2020, like this year! Exciting, right? However, we’re almost 4 months into 2020 and there hasn’t been a word from Storz and Bickel about the Mighty Plus.

Storz and Bickel are known for being amazing at keeping secrets since no one knew about the surprise release of the Volcano Hybrid, or the Crafty Plus vape at that! With that said, it’s no surprise that Storz and Bickel are keeping their Mighty Plus debut a secret this time too.

This has left the entire Storz and Bickel fan community (and any other vape lover) letting our imagination run wild thinking about when the Mighty Plus will be released and what will change in this new model!

Therefore, let’s speculate together about all the changes that would be logical to happen (keeping our wild imaginations at bay as much as possible) and let’s take a look at all the features the Mighty Plus will have!

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Yes, the Mighty is practically perfect in every way, and it has been hard for a lot of us to try to figure out where there could be improvements to both the model and technology.

So in order to make some experience-based predictions or speculations, let’s take a look at how Storz and Bickel improved their classic Crafty vaporizer when they came out with the Crafty Plus.


The original Crafty vaporizer was released shortly after the Mighty vape. It is basically a smaller version of the Mighty vape, and has a few differences in terms of oven capacity, battery life, and power.

The Crafty Plus dry herb vaporizer, on the other hand, is an ‘improved version’ of the Crafty vaporizer. Storz and Bickel are really great at taking constructive criticism from their fans, and that’s what happened with the Crafty Plus - they took all the comments and turned them into improvements.

The Crafty Plus now boasts many better features: smaller and lighter design, better grip design on the outside, quicker heat-up time, longer sessions and more of them, MAX heating mode, 60-minute battery life, and a lighter and more comfortable overall design.

With this, we can clearly see all the changes that were most wished for by Crafty vape fans, and how Storz and Bickel took them into consideration when designing the Crafty Plus. Now, let’s speculate about the Mighty Plus vaporizer and what we can predict to change in it.


The Mighty vaporizer is practically perfect, especially after the battery improvement that debuted in 2018. However, there are still some things that some users think could improve the overall Mighty experience.

One of these changes could be the build. The Mighty is pretty darn big for most of us. Of course, this is due to the powerful batteries within it, so we can make that allowance.

Except it is quite hard to conceal or store away, and so one of the main things that we see as a possible change is the size, much like with the Crafty Plus. On that note, there could be some changes in the grip design on the outside.

Yes, the Mighty is easy to grip, but since it is so big, the grip is almost useless for people with smaller hands. Therefore, if the grip is redesigned, it could be much easier for everyone to hold and use instead of just those who can physically hold it.

There is also the possibility of the Crafty Plus weighing less. Since the Crafty Plus came out to be lighter, the Mighty Plus could quite possibly be lighter as well. This would be awesome because it will also make it easier to hold and use.

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Then, we can look at what could change on the inside of the vaporizer. The first thing that could be a big difference is the size of the chamber, which many people find a bit small at 0.3g. We could potentially expect up to a 70% increase in chamber size, which would really make the vape a lot more desirable. 

We could also speculate that the charging time could be cut down since many people find the Mighty’s charging time a bit long compared to its actual battery life. Whether or not this is a sure change we don’t know, but it would be quite nice, don’t you think?

One of the biggest changes that people want for the Mighty Plus to have is removable batteries. These would allow people to 1) charge a set of batteries while using the others, 2) replace old batteries with newer ones and not have to buy a whole new unit, and 3) better vapour quality thanks to the ability to buy fresh batteries.

The last thing we see as a slight possibility is a larger LED display for better accessibility and overall easier experience switching between temperatures.

On this note, the addition of a boost or MAX mode would also be quite nice.
This concludes all the possible changes we see coming in the Mighty Plus vaporizer rumoured to come out later this year.

So cross your fingers and hope that all the changes you’d like to see are included in the redesign of the Mighty Plus vaporizer!


Thanks to the speculations and rumours, we are hopeful that the Mighty Plus vape will come out later this 2020. However, we have to take into account how long it takes to make these changes, design the new vape, and manufacture all the new units.

With these things in mind, it could even push the debut date back until 2021. However, with so much hype that’s going on in the vape community about the new Mighty Plus, it is most likely that it will debut by the end of 2020. So exciting!


Storz and Bickel are quite good at keeping everything quite under the radar until they are sure their products will debut at a set time. So what we’ve seen recently is that Storz and Bickel still haven’t released any information on their website or on their social media platforms.

This leads us to believe that either Storz and Bickel are still working on the Mighty Plus vaporizer, or that they still haven’t gotten their plans together for the release of the vaporizer. But this could be an indicator that they’ll surprise us all this 2020 with a new and improved version of the Mighty Vaporizer!

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While Storz and Bickel are busy creating their much-awaited Mighty Plus dry herb vaporizer, other well-loved vaporizer brands are coming out with their new 2020 vaporizers.

DynaVap announced the debut of their new DynaVap VapCap vaporizer set to debut in March 2020. We couldn’t be more excited, and we are proud to be one of the privileged stores to offer it as soon as it comes out! Stay tuned to get the latest VapCap 2020 unit!

PAX has been rumoured to be designing the newest PAX 4 unit, and since the rumours were last year, there is a good possibility of it debuting in 2020. The PAX 4 could be a huge hit, and we’re really hoping it comes out in 2020 in order to get a good look at what PAX has been up to recently!

It’s easy to see that the vape community will be quite busy both getting to know the new herb vaporizers coming out in 2020, and also speculating about all the other vaporizers rumoured to come out this year.

In terms of the Mighty Plus dry herb vaporizer, we still can’t be too sure about whether or not it will debut later in the year. But what we can be sure of is that whenever it does come out it will be a huge hit! We’re expecting big things this 2020, and you should too!

Stay tuned into Herbalize Store’s blogs and speculations in order to find out first about all the newest vapes and smoking accessories coming out this year, and be the first to get all the newest vapes!


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