The best dry herb vaporizers under £200

Top 5 dry herb vaporizers under 200

Under 200 Dry Herb Vaporizer Overview

Is it possible to get a great vape experience without breaking your budget? Most definitely! This blog is for those of you who want a high-quality dry herb vape, but also want to save some money - because who doesn’t?

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Vaporizer Price
Davinci Miqro  £114.95
Dynavap Shadow M £66.99
Fierce Vaporizer £159.00
Flowermate V5.0 Pro £98.99
G Pen Elite £149.00

Davinci Miqro

If you love high-quality vaping sessions every time, without having to buy a big fancy unit, then you’ll feel right at home with the Davinci Miqro vaporizer.

With features like a unique zirconium airflow system and a top-quality removable 18350 battery with a USB charging port, Miqro suits any kind of dry herb, and delivers great hits every single time.

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The unit is small, compact, and smooth, making it super portable and easy to use anywhere and anytime; not to mention it is lightweight and super easy to take anywhere without adding an extra bit of weight to your packs.

The best part? Its battery lasts up to 2 hours continuously, which allows you to go out and about with your unit and not have to worry about charging it along the way! 

Davinci Miqro

Dynavap Shadow M

Small, compact, and amazing - that’s the only way to describe the newest addition to the Dynavap collection.

If you’re into smaller and simpler units, the Dynavap Shadow M is the unit for you. No frills, no tricks, just anb> amazing vaping experience.

If you’ve never used a Dynavap unit before, the Dynavap Shadow M might seem a bit strange, since it doesn’t have any battery, screen, or glass. But it is a game-changer without a doubt.

To use the Dynavap Shadow M, all you need to do it pack it with finely-ground herb, heat the tip until you hear a ‘click’, and you’re ready to go.

Many people prefer Dynavap units because they don’t require the upkeep that traditional style vaporizers do, they are small and super portable, and they deliver extraordinary vapour.

Whether you’re new to the Dynavap set-up, or you’re looking to upgrade your Dynavap collection, you can’t let the opportunity pass to try this new Dynavap Shadow M.

DynaVap Shadow M

Fierce Vaporizer

The fact that a vaporizer doesn’t break your bank doesn’t mean that it won’t be high quality, and the Fierce vaporizer is the perfect example of that.

Made from super durable materials and built to last, this vaporizer can probably outlast the majority of vaporizers in your collection -- and that’s a really valuable quality when it comes to a vaporizer.

The Fierce can be used with dry herb and wax, so you can switch it up every once in a while -- not to mention, it works great with both.

The Fierce has a battery life of approximately 120 minutes, which is considerably long for a battery of its petite size. This allows you to take it out and about, and use it for up to 2 hours without having to worry about charging it.

A defining feature of this unit is its low draw resistance, which many in the vaping community wish other vape units had. You can directly hit the unit and get down to business without delay.

fierce vaporizer uk

Flowermate V5.0 Pro

For those of you who prefer a vape unit on the fancier side, but would still like to save some money, the Flowermate V5.0 Pro is one of the best units you can get at this price-point.

Complete with full heat-setting technology, a full LED screen, and even adjustable airflow, the V5.0 Pro has everything you could need and want. 

This unit is great because not only is it complete with all the technology, but it delivers amazing vapour. This makes this Flowermate vape comparable to high-end vapes, and much more valuable for its price.

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This unit is very portable and easy to carry with you anywhere, but if you’re looking for the same amazing quality but in a smaller package, there is also a Flowermate V5.0 Pro Mini version!

Flowermate v5.0s PRO

G Pen Elite

The G Pen Elite is unique on this list because of its design and its features. This unit has a 0.75g capacity, putting it at the top of the list in terms of herb capacity.

In terms of design, the G Pen Elite is “ergonomic” and super easy to hold. Instead of being squared off, G Pen decided to design the Elite to fit perfectly in your hand, in a pouch, or in a pocket.

With a temperature range of200 to 428 F and a very precise temperature control settings -- which are displayed on their easy-to-read LED screen, you’ll be able to easily control your sessions to perfection each time.

This unit has a ceramic heating chamber, which many in the vaping community prefer over other materials because it delivers smooth and clean-tasting vapour. This is a big plus for all vaporizers, but the GPen Elite is special.

G Pen Elite


You can see from this amazing selection of dry herb vapes that you don’t always have to spend a ton of money to get high-quality vape units. These are our top picks for units under $200, and we hope you can try at least one of them - you won’t regret it!


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