What´s the difference between Dabbing & Vaping?

Dabbing vs vaping


Whether you’re new to this community, or you just want to know more about dabbing and vaping, this blog will teach you all you need to know about vaping and dabbing. Also, we’ll go over some info that will be super useful for all your future vaping/dabbing sessions.

What is Dabbing?

Dabbing is essentially doing dabs. “What are dabs?” you may be asking… Well, dabs are a very concentrated version of the crystals of cannabis presented in a wax-like form. They have a very high THC content, as well as other goodies from the cannabis plant. 

Dabbing is what it’s called to smoke these concentrates. A lot of people like dabbing because it allows them to get all the THC without having to smoke the plant particles like normal smoking.

Many claims that dabbing also gives them a cleaner tasting smoke or vapour, which is super coveted these days.

Usually, dabbing is done with a dabbing set-up. These can come in many different forms, which keeps it interesting and fun, and it also allows people to choose the perfect dabbing session for them.


There are classic dab kits which look a bit like glass pipes; there are some that incorporate what is called a “nectar collector” which is a straw-like component made to collect the dabs while inhaling, and there are even electronic dab setups.

Dabbing vs vaping

What is Vaping?

Vaping refers to the act of inhaling the vapours (sometimes classified as aerosols) produced by an electronic vaporizer, a.k.a. an electronic cigarette.

Practically anything can be vaped -- dry herb, concentrates such as dabs, and vape juice packed with THC, nicotine, or other substances.

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Many people are beginning to switch from traditional style smoking to vaping because vaping eliminates the need for inhaling smoke from a whole-plant product, and only delivers the goodies from the plant.

Also, many claim that vaping is “cleaner and not as unhealthy as smoking”, so they widely prefer vaping to smoking.

On a side note, vaping is much easier to control in terms of temperature and type of heating, and there is no longer the need of a constantly burning tip -- so it also saves product, and allows you to vape on practically any temperature that suits you.

There all all sorts of vaporizers -- big and small, convection and conduction heating, and even battery-free setups. So there seems to be a vaporizer out there for everyone.

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difference between dabbing vs vaping

Difference Between Dabbing and Vaping

Dabbing and vaping are different for one major reason: dabbing is the act of consuming dabs specifically while vaping can refer to consuming a number of different substances.

Yes, you can vape dabs, but you can’t dab vape liquid. Also, as mentioned above, the setups can vary. Not to mention that dabbing doesn’t necessarily have to be electronic, as it can be done with the traditional flame-heating style.

When dabbing with traditional flame-heated rigs, you don’t get any heat control -- which isn’t necessarily the best thing. It doesn’t allow you to vape at lower temperatures, and it essentially burns off a lot of the goodies in the process.

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The Importance of Temperature Control

Temperature control is actually really important when it comes to making your session enjoyable. Vaping or smoking at very high temperatures has its downsides:

  • It can deliver very hot smoke/vapour to your lungs, which is bad for your lungs.
  • It burns a lot of the tasty terpenes and flavonoids from the product, leaving you with hot, burnt-tasting smoke or vapour.
  • It actually burns off a lot of the THC in the process, too -- which basically defeats the purpose altogether.
  • The high heat also cooks the product much too quickly, and can be inefficient and can waste product much more easily than when smoking or vaping at lower temperatures.

Dabbing vs vaping

On the other hand, vaping or smoking at lower temperatures can give you a much better overall experience during your sessions, and can have its benefits such as:

  • Better tasting smoke/vapour
  • Cooler vapour or smoke going into your lungs and mouth
  • More THC -- since it’s not being burnt off before it even reaches your lungs
  • More product efficiency, since it will take its time and use up all the goodies instead of simply searing the product.

Dabbing vs vaping

But it is important to mention that altering your temperature during your vaping or dabbing session can be super great. A lot of people in the community suggest starting off your sessions on a low temperature to get all the tasty vapour, and then working your way up to a higher temperature to ensure that you’re getting every last bit of THC from your product -- be it dabs, dry herb, crystals, or wax.

This doesn’t necessarily apply when you’re vaping e-liquid, but depending on the temperature you use while vaping e-liquid, you can alter the type of clouds you get -- dense and small, large and fluffy, etc. 

In addition to all this, temperature controls work directly with the type of heating that your dab-rig or vaporizer uses -- conduction or convection. 

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Conduction vs Convection Heating

Conduction heating refers to the type of heating that comes in direct contact with the product you’re consuming. It is usually in the form of a hot plate or coil which directly touches the product you’re using.

Convection heating is like a little oven. It uses indirect heating to heat the chamber where the product is, and heats or bakes the product, instead of heating it directly. Don't underestimate convection heating -- it can get super hot super quickly!

There is a preferred heating method depending on the type of product you’re using. For example, if you’re dabbing it could be best to use conduction heating for the quick and efficient vaporization of the dabs. 

Dabbing vs vaping

But if you’re vaping dry herb, it could be best to use conduction heating to make sure you bake all the goodies from the plant. Using temperature control at the same time is a great idea, so you can go low to high and get all the THC.


Whether you like dabbing or vaping, you can always find something that works best for you, and understanding these different things will help you have the best experience during every single session.


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