DynaVap Shadow M Review

DynaVap Shadow M Review

What Is the DynaVap Shadow M

The Dynavap Shadow M vaporizer is a diamond in the rough, and it is easily overlooked. It’s complete with very unique features, and it offers comfort during each session that few other vaporizers have yet to equal.

Though Dynavap has released a wide variety of different models of their unique vaporizers, each and everyone always has its unique features and this is what sets Dynavap apart from many other brands.

Below you can read all about the Dynavap Shadow M in terms of the look and feel, performance, overall vapor quality, and more.

Look & Feel - First Impressions

If you know about Dynavap, then you know to expect fine details in compact packages, such as is the Shadow M vaporizer.

Measuring a petite 9cmx1cm, the Shadow M may seem a bit small; but when you begin to look at the detail and the overall design of the vaporizer, you will be reminded that “good things come in small packages”.

Another characteristic quality of all Dynavap units is that they all have a similar aesthetic, and they all have a similar look and general shape. So if you like that look, the Shadow M will be perfect for you.

Finally, it’s super important to note that the Dynavap Shadow M is pocket size - you can take it anywhere, and use it practically anywhere. Not to mention, it’s made from really durable materials, so you don’t have to tip-toe around it like other vape units.

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Shadow M Features

The Shadow M vaporizer has a new feature - its all-black look, complete with new tweaks in the design for better airflow and uniform heating. It’s really the evolution of Dynavap units.

One of the things that are most valuable in a vape is its ease of use, and the Shadow M is actually incredibly easy to use. Of course, it may not look like your typical herb vaporizer, but this shouldn’t intimidate you.

Like all other Dynavap vaporizers, this unit is also battery-free - it’s heat source is fire! Many people recommend using a torch lighter, but you can heat the Shadow M on pretty much any flame or coal.

Electronic vaporizers usually display the heat on an LED screen or by other means, but the Shado M lets you know when it’s fully heated by an audible click. Cool, right?

A great feature the Shadow M boasts is that it stops cooking your product when you stop hitting the unit, which saves product by stopping unnecessary cooking.

Additionally, this unit is super easy to fill, which adds to its user-friendliness. You can load it practically any way which suits you -- from using it as a straw to packing product in with your hands or a tool.

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Using the Dynavap Shadow M is quite an experience. No one ever expects the performance to be so good, and it’s always a treat to see people using it for the first time.

It consistently delivers great vape, and you don’t have to do anything fancy to get those characteristic Dynavap hits.

When it comes to heating the unit up, it’s much simpler than it might seem. All you need to do is apply flame until you hear the audible click, and then all is smooth sailing from then on.

It’s important to note that though the unit doesn’t have temperature control like many electronic vaporizers, it still does not overheat, and the performance is always great in terms of heating.

So overall, the Dynavap Shadow M’s performance is as good as it gets for any vaporizer, despite it being a bit unusual in shape, design, and features.

Vapor Quality

Vapor quality seems to be the main focus of Dynavap as a brand since every unit produces incredibly clean and tasty vapor.

Many might think that the Shadow M (or any other Dynavap vapes) can’t produce smooth vapor due to the flame heating source. But they’re mistaken! The Shadow M vape produces an incredibly high-quality vapor which is similar to that produced by the highest quality electronic vape units.

Additionally, thanks to the design of the vaporizer, the heating is always quite uniform and consistent throughout the product inside the unit. So you don’t have to worry about charring or having to stir the product.

DynaVap Shadow M

Final Thoughts

The Dynavap Shadow M is incredibly popular at the moment and has been popular since it came out last year. This means that not only did people buy the Shadow M unit when it came out, but it means that they have continued buying it and using it because it has such a great reputation.

The Shadow M unit is really worth the purchase, and it will last you a long time since it’s made from such high quality and such durable materials.

This is a vape unit that you can take anywhere, and enjoy anywhere, and it will most definitely be great on ay fun adventures that you take, whether it be at home or out and about.

So, to conclude, the Shadow M really is great quality, it performs super well, gives you smooth and tasty vape, and it is unique on the market. You should definitely give it a try -- chances are you’ll like it a lot!

DynaVap Shadow M Review


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