5 Dual Use Vapes:Dry Herb and Wax

5 Dual Use Vapes:Dry Herb and Wax

Sure, dry herb vaporizers are awesome, and wax vape units are the best, but have you ever thought about getting one that will allow you to enjoy both? These following vaporizers for wax and herb do exactly that; offering users a unique, versatile experience, and allow them to enjoy a wide variety of materials.

Of course, we all have our tastes and preferences when it comes to what type of materials we like to vape. However, I think it's easy to say that all vape lovers like to have the option of trying new things and of expanding their vape horizons.

What if I told you that there are a handful of vape units on the market that will offer you an incredible experience with for both Wax and Dried herb?

 There are! With my years of trying hundreds of different vaporizers, I have come to choose a small number of 5 versatile vaporizers that are definitely on my favourites list.

 Although I know that you might not have the same tastes as me when it comes to what I like to see in a vaporizer, I am more than confident that these 5 vaporizers will offer you a quality vaping experience.

No more having to stick to the same dry herb vaporizer, or always having to vape from the same old dab unit. With a vaporizer for both dried herb and wax, you can get the best of all worlds.

5. Crafty

Crafty Vaporizer


If you mixed portability, discreteness, and versatility into one unit, you would get the Crafty Vaporizer. This is the smaller version of Storz & Bickels big seller Mighty vaporizer and its considered a big favourite in the vape community.

Same awesome vaporizer quality, cooling unit, chamber size and capsules but 50% smaller than the Mighty!

The size makes the Crafty a discrete and portable unit that can be used anywhere at anytime. Also, thanks to its pre-packed capsules, it allows users to have their dry herb or wax ready to go and ready to vape at any time.

You can even store the capsules in a magazine! It's portable and discreteness definitely makes it a favourite on our list.

The thing that made us add the Crafty to this list is not only it's great portability and discreteness, but it's vapour quality. It produces tons of cool high-quality vapour just like the Mighty does!

The crafty vaporizer is perfect for those that enjoy keeping their materials organized, who like to have easy on the go sessions, and for those that enjoy a portable and discrete unit.

Although smaller than its big brother MIGHTY, this vaporizer definitely brings a lot to the table. Plus Storz and Bickel just added 20% extra battery!

4. Flowermate V5.0S

Flowermate vaporizer


The first vaporizer on our list of top Dual-use units, is the Flowermate V5.0S. Thanks to its affordable price, and its slick design, it became popular since the moment it was released. And although this vaporizer has been around for a while now, it still holds a place in the heart of the vape community.

The Flowermate V5.0S might not boast one of the most eccentric, stylish designs or builds, but you can tell that the manufacturers of this unit were aiming for a more minimalistic, simple design.

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It has easy to understand functions, and only has one single button which controls the power and temperature of the unit. The Flowermate V5.0S is easy to use, and easy to enjoy.

 It's easy-to-understand functions are not the only thing that are great about this versatile vaporizer however.

The Flowermate V5.0S has impressive temperature control, adjustable airflow and can be used with a wide variety of materials, including herb and wax. This unit will not only allow you to try new materials but get the most out of them, thanks to its great functionality.

The reason why I chose the Flowermate V5.0S for my list of top 5 dual use units, is the fact that it is set at a very affordable price, and offers quality that is worth its price.

If your goal is to find a cheap, high-quality versatile vaporizer that will allow you to try a wide variety of materials in the best way possible, you should definitely add the Flowermate V5.0S to your must-have list.

3. Pax 3 Complete Kit

PAX 3 Vaporizer


I'm not the only one saying that the Pax 3 is definitely one of the best options on the market today when it comes to impressive, high quality vaporizers. And this is not the first time that I have the Pax 3 on one of my 'top vaporizer’ lists, and this is due to the fact that I simply continue being impressed with its incredible quality.

The Pax 3’s design is also simple, but beautiful. It boasts a sturdy aluminium shell, and a matte or gloss finish that leave the unit looking shiny, and fancy. When you see the Pax 3, you can definitely see the Quality, and attention to detail placed in to its design.

Of course, to be on this list, the Pax 3 has to have a dual use, and that's exactly what the Complete Kit offers. This impressive vaporizer can be used with dry herb and concentrates, and offers incredible quality of vapour in both settings, thanks to its smart build, and its high tech conduction heating.

Out of the wide variety of vaporizers on today's market, I am confident that no matter if you are looking for a versatile unit or not, the Pax 3 will impress you. Don't be put off by the price,the Pax 3 offers you great quality and  an amazing experience.

2. Boundless Tera

Boundless Tera


The Boundless Tera would be one of the newer vapes on the market that boasts dual use for dry herb and wax. The Boundless Tera vaporizer quickly produces an impressive amount of vapour, and always leaves users satisfied with big delicious clouds it offers.

One of the things that stands out about the Boundless Tera is the fact that it comes equipped with two powerful 2500mAh batteries, that allow users to enjoy long vape sessions, no matter where they choose to go.

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The Boundless Tera is not the smallest or most compact vaporizers on the market however, so it’s not perfect for those searching for a discreet, on the go unit. If battery life is more important than portability for you though. It's definitely one to go for.

If you're goal is to find a vape unit that is versatile, and that also offers big vape clouds of delicious vapour, you should definitely consider getting the Boundless Tera.

1. Dr. Dabber Switch


The Dr. Dabber Switch is considered to be one of the most well-known dry herb and wax vaporizers on the market, and was made with the sole purpose of offering users a more unique, ‘widened horizons’ vape experience. 

It's ease of use, many functions, vapour quality and taste are all reasons that has helped the Dr. Dabber switch get to top spot on my list.

The Dr. Dabber Switch has a lot to boast about, including a wider variety of temperature settings that allow users to enjoy different temps and different modes depending on the materials they’re using.

It boasts 25 preset temperatures that make it easier for beginners to get a hold on how to use the unit. The vapour quality is impressive and it deserves it's spot as runner up on this list of dual use vaporizers.

Another great thing about the Dr. Dabber Switch is its impressive battery life, that allows user to enjoy up to 150 hits of delicious, continual vapour. And although this unit is not at all compact or small, thanks to its impressive battery life, it can be enjoyed on the go if taken in a purse, or backpack.

The Dr. Dabber Switch is also super easy to use, it offers quality vapour, and allows users to enjoy all dry herb and concentrate materials.

All these amazing things come at a price however, and the Dr. Dabber Switch is on the more pricey side of the market. However, if you're willing to pay for a quality unit, the Dr dabber Switch should definitely be on your list of must-try units.

Choose the Perfect Dry Herb and Wax Vaporizer

As you can see, versatile vaporizers have a lot to offer, and their versatility is not the only thing that makes them so convincing, or so promising. The vaporizers I mentioned above are not only impressive thanks for the versatility they offer, but also the incredible functions, features and settings.

I believe that all vaporizers should offer users versatility, so they can experience new things each day, and not have to stick to the same thing on a day to day basis. I found with my years of vaping that dual use vaporizers is something that a vaporizer simply has to have to satisfy my vape needs.

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So, now that you know more about vaporizers that offer both dry herb and wax, and a small handful of units that I have found to be the best on the market. It is time for you to choose which is perfect for you, your tastes, your preferences, your budget, and your vape needs.

 I think that when choosing which vape to go for, giving yourself more offers for using different materials offers a much better vape experience. You too can feel the satisfaction of widening your vape horizons.

I'm confident that no matter which dry herb and wax unit you choose from above it will allow you to enhance your vape experience like nothing before.


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