Firefly 2+ Review

FireFly2 review

Firefly 2+ Review

The Firefly 2+ is one of those vaporizers that becomes popular before it is even released to the market. In a matter of hours, the Firefly 2+ sold-out from shops, and other users had to wait to simply receive their unit.

When I started hearing about the Firefly 2+, I began to become interested in the unit. I was wondering what was so special about the 2+, and why there is so much hype about this small vape.

After doing some research on the 2+, and after getting persuaded by fellow vape users, I finally decided to try this unit out myself, and see if all ‘the talk’ and the popularity was actually worth it.

After doing a little ‘vape research’,  found that one of the main factors that led the Firefly 2+ to become popular is the fact that it is the improved, and upgraded version of an already popular unit; the Firefly 2 vaporizer.

With new features and improved performance, Firefly vaporizer lovers became excited to see what this new unit had to offer. Thanks to this, there were already thousands wanting to purchase the unit before it was even released.

Firefly 2 plus size in hand

Once I heard about this news, I started to wonder if there improvements and upgrades were as ‘plus’ as they were claimed to be. And if you’re wondering the same, your questions will be answered in this honest review.

First Impressions

The first look and impression of a vaporizer are important. Being impressed with the first impression of a unit can add to the overall satisfaction of the user, and I always like taking into consideration this important factor.

I was happily surprised to be more than impressed with the Firefly 2+ first impression. When I pulled the unit out of its packaging, I noticed the attention to detail that was placed into its build and design.

Unlike other vape units on today’s market, the Firefly 2+ was designed to not only work flawlessly but also to look good while doing so. The 2+ is definitely a fancy-looking unit, and it made the first impression great.

What’s Great About the Firefly 2+?

So, after the ‘first impression section’, I decided to move on to actually trying the unit, and see if all the hype about its quality was not just ‘talk’. This is what I found I loved about the Firefly 2+.

Portable & Discreet 

One of the features I love most about the Firefly 2+ is its small, compact design. This unit was designed to offer a portable, discreet vape experience; and that’s exactly what I was able to enjoy.

Quality Materials

 Unlike other vaporizers that I’ve used in the past, the Firefly 2+ proved itself to be a durable unit. This gave me a chance to actually enjoy my vape experience, without being constantly scared of dropping or damaging my unit.

Fast Heat-Up Time 

With the 2+, I didn’t have to wait too long to enjoy delcious vapor, thanks to its impressive heat up time. In a matter of seconds, the 2+ heats to the ideal temperature.


Another favorite feature of mine that the Firefly 2+ boasts is versatile materials usage. Instead of only vaporizing dry herbs, this unit also allowed me to enjoy my favorite sticky concentrates.

Delicious Vapor

There’s nothing better than a vaporizer that can produce delcious, high-quality vapor, and that’s exactly what I was able to enjoy with the Firefly 2+. It’s definetly better than a handful of units on today’s market.

Easy to Enjoy

 Not only is the 2+ vaporizer easy to use, but it’s easy to enjoy. With the 2+, there is no tedious maintenance, and no complicated features or settings. This makes it easier to simply enjoy vapor feeling completely stress-free.

Quality for a Great Price

 Who doesn’t love a vaporizer that is not expensive, but also offers quality for a cheap price? I sure do! And that’s another thing that made me love this unit.

Has the Firefly 2+ Improved?

Due to the fact I myself did not own the Firefly 2, but I still wanted to compare it and see if it had improved, I called up a fellow vape lover that had been using the Firefly 2 for over a year and decided to compare these units.

After a few vape sessions with a handful of different materials, and a few ‘tests’, I found that there were a few key things that had been improved in the Firefly 2+...

Better Battery 

One of the first things we noticed when comparing the Firefly 2+ to the Firefly 2, is the fact that the battery life has been improved. The Firefly 2+ lasted longer and needed to be charged less time when compared to the 2 vapes.


Although the Firefly 2+ is considered the new and improved version of the Firefly 2, it is still set at a cheaper price. It can’t get much better than a unit that has been improved, and that is still cheaper than its predecessor.

Improved Design 

Another thing we noticed about the Firefly 2+ is that its design has been upgraded. It has a stylish new small ‘window’ that houses the Firefly logo. When the unit is on or it is vaporizing materials, a light shines through this small window. A simple yet impactful improvement.

What I Would Change About the Firefly 2+

So, although I had a wonderful experience with the Firefly 2+, and found that it has been improved and taken to ‘the next level’, I, of course, found imperfections in the unit too. After all, no vaporizer is perfect.

One of the main factors I would change about the 2+ is its slightly restrictive draw. The 2+ is slightly harder to draw when compared to other units on the market.

Another thing that could be upgraded even more on the Firefly 2+ is its battery. When compared to many popular vapes on the market that can be vaporized for hours without having to be recharged, the 2+ simply can not compete.

However, when considering that the Firefly 2+ is offered at a cheap price and that it offers a handful of impressive features, it easily makes up for its imperfections.

Who the Firefly 2+ is Perfect For

I can now definitely understand why the Firefly 2+ was on such high demand when it was released, and why thousands are now claiming this unit as their favorite.

It was designed to offer a quality, portable vape experience, and that’s exactly what it is capable of doing.

Thanks to its portability, its discreetness, and its material-usage versatility. I found that this unit is perfect for vape users that enjoy a unit that can be used on the go, and that is capable of vaping a variety of materials.

It is also perfect for vape beginners thanks to its easy features and settings. It’s easy to understand, easy to use and easy to enjoy.

At the great price that this improved unit is set at, and all the impressive features it boasts, I believe that it should definitely be on everyone’s must-try list.

FireFly 2 plus Oak


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