Cleaning Glass Pipes - An Easy Guide

Weed Pipe Cleaning Guide

Cleaning Glass Pipes

If you consider yourself a glass pipe lover, then you know how difficult it can be to keep your pipes clean and working smoothly.

Although glass pipes are a great and simple way to enjoy dry herbs, it also comes with its negative sides

Cleaning can be tedious and annoying if done incorrectly, and who has time to be cleaning pipes?

Well, by reading this easy guide, you will no longer have to lose time. With these tips and tricks, you will able to have your pipe clean ASAP, and enjoy your favourite herbs in no time.

Why Cleaning Your Pipe is Important

We all have session buddies that have pipes that haven’t been cleaned or maintained since the early 80’s, and let’s admit it, it’s not too inviting.

Although many like to ignore the fact that their smoking accessories need to be cleaned, maintaining your ‘instruments’ is actually more than important.

One of the main factors that make cleaning your pipes and other accessories important is the fact that after a long period of time, there begins to be a bacterial build-up.

Not only is this scary because you are literally putting these instruments up to your lips, but even more so because you are breathing air through them!

The second factor that makes cleaning essential, is the fact that without maintenance, your favourite pipe simply cannot function correctly.

With all the material build-up and the ‘ash graveyard’ that starts to collect, materials don’t taste great, and your instrument doesn’t offer optimal performance.

By keeping your pipe clean, you will be able to enjoy your materials on a whole other level and get the taste and performance you need and deserve.

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The Easiest and Fastest Way to Clean a Glass Pipe

Instead of wasting time on complicated, tedious cleaning methods, why not go the easy way? Follow these steps, and your favourite glass pipe will be immaculate in no time.

What You’re Gonna Need

  • Hot water
  • Coarse salt
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Pipe cleaners & cotton swabs

3 Easy Steps

Step 1 - The first thing you need to do to have your pipe as good as new is to rinse it with hot water. For pipes that aren’t too far gone, this step can actually get the job done.

The hot water will loosen all the oil, resin and ash from the pipe, and even kill bacteria thanks to the temperature. Make sure to get all the hard-to-reach places with the hot water to get the first step done.

Step 2 - After all the ‘gunk’ is loosened from the hot water, it’s time to get the pipe cleaners and cotton swabs out for a nice scrub.

The pipe cleaners will allow you to get in to all those hard-to-reach places, and get all the bits and pieces that didn’t become loose from the first step.

For the mouthpiece and the chamber, you can use cotton swabs to scrape extra resting and ash build up.

Step 3 - Now for an even deeper cleaning step, bring out the rubbing alcohol. This is the step that will make your pipe cleaner than ever.

Not only will the rubbing alcohol remove all leftover imperfections, but it will kill all that scary bacteria.

For this step, you can either pour a small amount into the pipe and let it seep in, or let your pipe soak in the alcohol by placing it in a cup (far away from the kitchen) and leaving it for 15 to 20 minutes.

After you have put alcohol on your pipe, be sure to rinse it with hot water again, and dry with paper towels and cotton swabs so it's ready to go for your next sesh!

More Tips & Tricks for Keeping Your Pipe Spotless

So, now that you know the easiest way to clean your favourite glass pipe, it’s time to keep it clean, and not forget how important it is to maintain your instruments!

Keep it Clean - By lightly cleaning and maintaining your pipe each time you use it, you can save yourself the trouble of having a hard-to-clean pipe in the future.

Always remember to remove the ash or extra material after your sessions, and disinfect the mouthpiece with antibacterial gel after every use. This will keep the scary bacteria away.

Know When It’s Time for a Deep Clean - Of course, simple maintenance steps are great, but deep cleaning your glass pipe at least once a month is a smart idea.

This will not only allow you to keep enjoying your pipe as if it were brand new, but it will also make your pipe last longer, and offer the functionality you expect from it.


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