The 5 Best Cheap Dry Herb Vapes You can Buy in 2018

The 5 Best Cheap Dry Herb

Everyone is vaping these days. Health conscious consumerism is the new thing, and we at the Herbalize Store are glad! Smoking herbs was never the best way to do it but eating took too long and was very inconsistent. Thankfully, a lot of money got thrown at battery technology to make mobile phones better, and US fans of the herb got to benefit indirectly! Hooray for dry herb vaporizers!

You are in the market for a dry herb vaporizer that does what you want it to but is also cheap. 5 years ago, you would have had to settle for something that charred your herbs, produced horrible vapour, and ran out of batteries after a single session. Things have changed. You can now get a vape for under £30 that will last a few sessions, produce some decent vapour, and let you get the most out of your precious herbal concoctions.

None of the five best cheap dry herb vapes we found are convection heaters, that is usually the territory of the very expensive models and the desktop vaporizers. Convection vaporizers are fantastic but they are hard to implement at a low price and in a small package. Regardless, the following collection of dry herb vaporizers will get you baked at a very low price.

Here are 5 of the best cheap dry herb vaporizers on the market.


5 - The Vap Cap M

Dynavap are one of the most innovative companies making dry herb vaporizers at the moment. The Vap Cap is an incredible piece of engineering. Made from 4 pieces of medical grade stainless steel, it gives decent quality vape without the need for batteries, electricity, lights, or any moving parts.

The premise is simple: heat the end up with something hot enough like a cigarette lighter, barbeque torch, or even the hot coals from the barbeque, the heat is transferred into the chamber, the dry herbs in the chamber heat up and you get vape. It tells you it is at the right temperature by clicking. Smart.

The Vap Cap M is a brilliantly designed vaporizer. Even though you are applying intense heat to something only a few centimetres away from your fingers, its smart radiative fins and the double helix vapour path mean that you don’t feel it in your fingers or your throat.

With a lighter, this thing will heat up to the desired temperature in about 5 seconds. That is quicker than even the most expensive electronic vapes, so it makes for some quick vaping. Another advantage is that it is tiny. You could keep it in your shirt pocket next to your real pens (does anyone do that anymore?) and nobody would notice.

Toughness is key. If you are someone who has a reputation for dropping things, this might be the vape for you. It is all steel. You can drop it as much as you like and it will survive. The Bear Grylls of vaping: simple, decent, good looking, and almost impossible to kill.

Unlike many vapes of this kind, you do not get that strange metallic taste. It tastes pretty good!

You’ll get decent vape from this. It’s not amazing, but it’s not meant to be. This does its own thing brilliantly.

 Black Mamba

4 - Black Mamba

For less than £40, you can pick up this cool little vaporizer and enjoy some impressive clouds of vapour in style and convenience.

The body is small and inoffensive. It isn’t immediately obvious that it is a device for the consumption of “herbs”, which is a bonus if you like to toke on the sly. It feels solidly made, a nice surprise for such a cheap device. It has clearly been well designed.

Heating up is lightning fast and the vapour it produces is thick and tasty. It compares well to devices even twice the price. There are a few temperature presets that cover all the different vape experiences you might want. While the vape pathway is quite short, the vape does not get too hot to handle. The battery will last a few sessions.

You can fit in enough ground dry herb for you and your friends to enjoy. All in all, it’s a very decent vaporizer for the price.

Black widow UK

3 - The Black Widow

The Black Widow packs quite a punch for a sub-£50 device. It has five temperature presets, a ceramic oven, and a long vapour pathway.

With a clean style and a body that will fit nicely in the palm of your hand, it is a good compromise between the bigger, more powerful vapes, and the smaller, more portable ones. You can slip this into your pocket for some intense vaping anywhere you go, and it will stand up for itself well when it comes to session time.

The mouthpiece is stainless steel, so hits are almost always cool and clean. It connects to a long vapour pathway that really works to get the temperature down, even after some intense use. The clever air flow system means that there is little drag resistance when you draw.

Although it does not offer individual temperature control, there is enough in the five presets to give you an excellent vaping experience. Ceramics are known to give some of the best flavour vapour. The Black Widow has a ceramic heating chamber you can pack with a lot of herb and it does taste very good.

It’ll take about 3/4 hours to charge your vape but that will get you 3 or 4 hours of regular use from the 22mAh battery. Very impressive for the price.

boundless cfc 2.0

2 - Boundless CFC 2.0

The Boundless CFC 2.0 is a remarkable vaporizer. You can get one at the Herbalize Store for less than £70 and for that sum you get individual temperature control, high quality vape, and an impressive battery life.

An upgrade from the CFC, one of their most popular dry herb vaporizers, Boundless have pulled it out of the bag with this one: a replaceable 18650mAh battery gives you about 15 vape cycles; the body is grippier, it is smaller and lighter, and the airflow is better.

Individual temperature control in Celsius and Fahrenheit is super-useful. You can get your herbs to exactly the right temperature to deliver the best flavour, the thickest vape, and the biggest effect. Tailor your vaping experience with every toke. It makes a huge difference.

The vape quality is not as good as a Mighty, but nothing is. It is impressively close though. You get thick, consistent, and tasty clouds of vapour that does not have strange tastes to put you off. Flavours are clear and bold and the temperature of the vape is always cool unless you absolutely blast the machine.

One cool thing: you can attach a water pipe for extra cool vape!

Focus vape pro UK

1 - Focus Vape Pro Vaporizer

The Focus Vape Pro has all the features of a top of the line vaporizer with a ridiculous price of under £75. With a food-grade ceramic titanium-wrapped heating chamber, it produces some of the finest vapour of any vaporizer under £100. It stands up well beside its more expensive cousins in the vaping market.

The mouthpiece is borosilicate glass, generally accepted as the best material for flavour and coolness of vape. It is a brilliant insulator so your vape arrives at your mouth nice and cool. Glass is almost completely inert, so it will not react with your vapour and give you strange tastes. It is a bit delicate but with a little care, it will last a very long time.

One of the best features of the Focus Vape Pro is the adjustable airflow. You can change the drag resistance easily and let more or less air into the chamber to get impressively changeable results. When you have done a little experimentation with your Focus, you can get the absolute maximum out of your dried herbs.

Six temperature settings give the user lots of scope for getting great vaping experiences. The heating system keeps the mouthpiece cool, the vapour at the perfect temperature, and stops the body getting too warm.

The battery is killer, it’s a 2600mAh li-ion rechargeable 18650 that you can replace when it starts to die. Or you can keep a spare if you really need to get vaped.

Which dry herb vape to Choose?

The order of the above dry herb vaporizers is more or less arbitrary. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Comparing the Focus Vape Pro portable vaporizer with the Vap Cap M would be silly, they are almost totally different devices. However, they are all reasonably priced, very capable, and offer high quality vape at a low price.

Our advice is to check out the selection at the Herbalize Store, weigh up the price, capability, and the reviews online before you buy. If you are genuinely stuck with your choice, just email or call the Herbalize Store and they will be only too happy to help you find the perfect dry herb vaporizers.

Do you need temperature control in your vaporizer pen? Convection vapes are great but you won’t find them in this list. Are herbal vaporizers right for you? Do you need more than 4 temperature settings? Are you concerned with the flavour or do you just want the effects? Are portable dry herb vaporizers the right choice?

Once you’ve weighed all this up, checked your bank balance, and looked at the types of dry herbs that you want to vape, you will be in a much better place to make a good choice. Happy shopping!


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