Beginners Guide to Dry Herb Vaporizers

Beginners Guide to Dry Herb Vaporizers

Certain things need to be considered when you want to buy a dry herb vaporizer and some of those things will be discussed below. Following them will ensure you do not buy the wrong type and also get top value for your money. In this write-up, we will consider the factors to keep in mind when buying the vaporizer, including types, heating methods and so on. We will also give hints on how the vaporizer works.

How does a vape work?

The workings of a dry herb vaporizer are not complicated in the least. The vape is powered by an energy source, which can be a flame or battery. The vape then powers the heating element via any of the three methods below:

  • Radiation
  • Conduction
  • Convection

Concudtion vs Convection Beginners Guide to Dry Herb Vaporizers

The method of heat distribution can also be used in classifying vapes, with the types powered via convection being called convection vaporizers and so on. After being heated through any of the methods mentioned above, the herb in the vape is then transformed into vapor, which is then inhaled through the delivery system of the vape.

You can get more out of the vape by grinding the herb before pouring it in. A ground herb will have more surface area for heating and this will produce better quality vapor. The heat will get distributed easily throughout the herb so that it can release all the vapors obtainable from that herb.

The herb needs to be ground properly before you can get the desired flavour from it. The quality of the grinder is paramount to this. Aside from reading reviews about the vape you want to buy, you should also read reviews about the grinders before buying them. A good grinder will help you to maximize the use of your herb.

Aside from getting a top quality grinder, you must also use the ideal temperature for herb if you must get top quality vapor from the herbs. There is no universal ideal temperature across vaporizers, which means heating temperature differs from one to another. Be that as it may, many end users agree that 338 degrees Fahrenheit is the sweet spot for vaporizing dry herb; studies also show that the herbs start producing vapor from 285 degrees Fahrenheit. Consequently, you can inhale the vapor from cannabinoid at this temperature. It is advisable to start from a low temperature and increase it gradually to produce aromatic hits.

Check below for things to consider when buying a vaporizer.

1. Price point

Price is an essential factor to consider when buying a vaporizer. Bear in mind that the type of vaporizer you want to buy can determine its cost; that is, the price of portable vaporizer differs from that of a desktop vaporizer. You do not have to spend an arm and a leg before you can get a good and reliable vape that will suit your purpose. However, you will only inhale poor quality vapor if you go for knock-off vape. One of the cheapest types is the vaporizer pen; the low cost is due to the absences of temperature controls.

2. Oven size

One other feature to consider when buying a vaporizer is the oven size. The herb gets heated and transformed to water vapor in the oven of the vape. Your lifestyle can determine the size of an oven to buy. A small oven will be perfect for you if you want to vape alone. The reverse is the case if you want to vape with others in a session in which case you need a larger oven. A large oven prevents under-cooking of the herb and removes the need to refill the chamber too often.

Davinci Miqro Oven Chamber

3. Oven materials

The quality of vapor produced by the dry herb vaporizer can be determined by the materials with which the oven is made. Many of the convection vapes around are made using ceramic, glass or stainless steel. A ceramic oven is of top quality. It adds to the purity of the dry herb. The stainless steel oven is inert and equally promotes purity of the herb's flavour. Stainless steel is not difficult to clean; the only problem is that it is heavier and more expensive. On the other hand, glass ovens deliver top quality vapor. The heating chamber made of glass is equally easy to clean and nonporous. However, glass is a porous material and, therefore, must be handled carefully.

It is not advisable to buy oven made of plastic since the vapor it produces is not enjoyable. Also, a plastic oven cannot withstand heat.

4. Device size

Size may not matter at all times, but it is 100% important when you want to buy a vaporizer. Your lifestyle can equally determine the size of the vape you want to buy. A pen vape is one of the best to consider for those who are almost always on-the-go. On the other hand, the portable type is the best for those who need top quality vapor even while on the move. A homeboy preferring a shared session should go for the desktop type.

Beginners Guide to Dry Herb Vaporizers Crafty and Mighty

5. Session vs. on-demand

Do you want a vaporizer that works in session or on-demand? The type you opt for can determine your vaping experiences.

On-demand has to do with taking a hit any time you want and then going back to your daily activities to take another hit later. A session refers to the specific period during which you are taking the hit. The heating method in each of them differs.

If you need an on-demand vaporizer, you can go for the type that features convection heating. This type permits on-the-spot, immediate drag that can be available any time during the day. Consequently, the herb in this type always lasts for long.

If you prefer the type made for sessions, you can go for the conduction–style vape. In this type, you can enjoy the herb after the vape has heated up. It is the most reliable for leisure downtime and the perfect type if you want to share with friends.

6. Get value for money

You do not have to spend an arm and a leg to buy a vape, but you will only get what you pay for in terms of value. An herbal vaporizer producing top quality vapor can go for as much as $150. They have quality in efficient heating, operating systems, versatility and vapor quality. Most of those vapes between $100 and $150 may lack the fancy schmancy, but can still deliver top quality vapor and equally possess topnotch quality-to-price ratios. It is great and you will get value from the dry herb vaporizer, but may not have as much sturdiness and vapor quality as the more expensive ones. In dry herb vapes, the price can determine quality.

7. Clean air paths

The air path is one other important factor to consider when buying a vape. A vape with a good air path must be strong enough to withstand pressures of water vapor and heat to which they are exposed to constantly for a long time. A dry herb vaporizer with purely glass air path can deliver highly flavoured and pure vapor. The heating system can produce an impure air path when the vaporizer for dry herb is made with materials like glues, rubbers, plastics, chemicals and so on. Aside from the negative impact on flavour by these materials, they can equally impact human health negatively consequent of the unhealthy vapor production recorded.

Air Path Arizer

8. Ease of maintenance

Before buying that dry herb vaporizer, you may also want to consider the ease of maintenance. You can only keep herbal vaporizers properly functional by maintaining them regularly. A vape with complicated design may be somewhat difficult to maintain; whereas regular maintenance is a must, be it in portable dry herb vaporizers or other types. Consequently, you should read reviews about the types of dry herbs vapes before you buy any of them. Find out if they are easy to use and maintain and steer clear of any of them lacking easy maintenance. The performance and vapor quality can be hampered if the vape is not properly and regularly maintained.

9. High regulation

All types of vapes, including vape pens, can get you high. However, many of them come with temperature settings with which you can regulate the vaping release; the latent cannabinoids released is much when the temperature is high. Despite vaping getting you high, the quantity of herb you will use will be less.


Difference between vaping and smoking

Smoking requires combustion and can have unhealthy consequences on the smoker. On the other hand, vaping does not rely on combustion; rather, it relies on water vapor and heat distribution. When you vape, you will be inhaling a vapor produced by nicotine in tobacco or cannabinoids in marijuana. Consequently, your experience during vaping will differ from your experience during smoking. A vaper will feel a smooth inhalation while a smoker will feel an intense throat hit. A vaper does not exhale a large cloud of smoke, unlike a smoker; the smoke exhaled by vapers is mild and discreet.

Beginners Guide to Dry Herb Vaporizers

Furthermore, the temperature produced during conventional smoking can rise to as high as 2000 degree Fahrenheit, whereas the temperature rise in vaping is rarely higher than 338 degrees Fahrenheit. The lower requirement of temperature in vaping means that the vapor produced does not contain any toxic byproduct present in conventional smoking. Consequently, someone vaping can get more cannabinoids than someone smoking.

Conclusion, time to get a vape?

The points mentioned above can guide you when buying a dry herb vaporizer. From the information above, you would have learned that the quality of flavour obtainable from the vape depends on the price tag and material with which it is made. Therefore, you should bear these factors in mind when buying yours.


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