5 reasons to Switch to a Dry Herb Vaporizer

5 reasons to Switch to a Dry Herb Vaporizer

Yeah, smoking herb is great, but have you ever considered switching to a dry herb vaporizer? At the end of this blog, I am more than confident that you will be switching over to vaping, and that you too will become a part of the vape community in no time. You will find that it is apparent which of these options is better. Can I give you a hint? It starts with ‘vapour’ and ends with ‘izer’.

1.Safer and more Controllable Temperatures

When smoking any plant, you have absolutely no control over the temperatures used. This not only becomes a health risk, but also takes the control you have over your materials away from you. No matter the quality of the herb you are using, burning it with a lighter or any form of heat at high temperatures can completely destroy the overall taste, the health benefits, and the experience in general.

So, not only does smoking detract from the overall experience you can enjoy with your materials, but also can be a risk to your health. See, the thing that is causing such a wide variety of health issues when it comes to herb, is not the herb itself, but the actual smoke, and combustion of the materials.  

There is a common misconception that herb causes a wide variety of health issues, but it really comes down to the actual smoke itself and not the plant. The combustion of herb and other materials causes by products that can usually lead to throat irritation and in some cases, even chronic bronchitis, and other health issues.

To get a little bit more into things, let's look at some numbers. For most strains, combustion occurs at a temperature of 392 degrees, which is the point when tars and carcinogens start to be released. When herb is vaporized, it is done at around 338 degrees. Get ready for it... smoking burns at around 2012 degrees! Yikes. As you can see, thanks to low, controlled temperatures used when vaping, it is a much safer option when compared to smoking.

2. More Health Benefits

Herbs are used as a medicine, and there are a large amount of people in the community that depend on this plant for a wide variety of health benefits. However, if not taken correctly, this medicine cannot offer it the health benefits that it is supposed to, and people can be left without what they need or deserve. This is the case with smoking.

Herb offers so many health benefits, and that has allowed it to be categorized as a medicine. However, when  is smoked, only 25% of the best bits in the plant can be converted, and efficiently inhaled. This means that no matter how much you smoke, you won't be receiving the benefits from the plant. It's basically like taking medicine that is expired, or that does not contain the right ingredients.

Now, with vaping herb, things are completely different. Vaping herb allows the best bits found in the plant to be efficiently converted and inhaled. That is a whopping 200% more when compared to smoking. There is no doubt that by vaping herb, people looking for the health benefits it offers will find a better results, and have a better experience with their materials.

Benefits of vaping

3. Better Portability and Discreteness

I think it's not hard to understand or say that vaping is definitely a better option when it comes to portability and discreteness. We have all had those moments when we want to take a quick draw in public, but end up making a mess of our materials, end up getting stared at by people that surround us, or simply feel nervous, and are comfortable doing so.

I believe that the discomfort that is felt when smoking herb in public is due to the fact that there is still types of taboos surrounding smoking it, and especially, in public, even though it is now legal in large part of the world. Although I am a herb lover, and enjoy more than anyone to enjoy it in public, I simply find myself feeling too obvious, and a little too scared to smoke in public.

With vaping however, those problems simply disappear. Instead of having to pull out a dirty pipe, or a sketchy looking hitter, you can have your small sized, compact vaporizer ready to go, and enjoy a quick, discreet hit easily. Also, thanks to the fact that vaping has now become so popular, people probably will think that you're simply enjoying e liquids, and they won't even know that you're taking a hit of your favourite dry herbs.

A dry herb vaporizer is definitely a better option when it comes to portability and discreteness, for it is not only easy to take on the go, but also easy to enjoy. It will finally allow you to take your favourite herbs on the go, and enjoy them wherever you'd like feeling completely stress-free.

4. Short Prep Time | Easy to Enjoy

I doubt that I'm the only person who completely detests making a mess of my materials when I'm trying to enjoy a quick hit on the go. The last thing you need when you're out and about is to lose time trying to loosely roll in your car while your precious materials fall to the ground unnecessarily. Smoking herb on the go is definitely not an easy task.

As you may have expected it, vaping comes in once again and wins the battle. Dry herb vaporizers come with chambers that can be pre-packed, so you can take them on the go, and simply vape them whenever you want. You do not even have to get your materials ready or pack the chamber before being able to enjoy.

When you do need to pack your dry herb vaporizer however, the task is easy, and simple. All you have to do is grind your favourite dry herbs, pack the chamber, and you're ready to go! No more having to clean out pipes, or carry around papers and other accessories. All you need to enjoy some delicious vapour, is your dry herb vaporizer, that's it.


5. More Benefits | Better Experience

No matter if you are smoking a super high quality, expensive herb, you will not be receiving all the available benefits found in the strain. You see, when smoking, only 12% of the benefits can be accessed, whereas with vaping, 95% of the vapour released is beneficial. That's a big difference.

Receiving a larger amount of benefits will not only ensure that you are going to have a cleaner vaping session but it will also ensure that you are receiving everything that your materials have to give. I mean, why would you be smoking super expensive strains, if they can't even offer the benefits you are paying for? With vaping, you can finally get all of what your materials have to offer.

Many dry herb vape users actually find that vaping herb offers a more productive outcome then when compared to smoking it, and this is due to the fact that vaping does not cause as many chemicals to be released into your body, so it doesn't exhaust you as much as smoking does. I definitely recommend you try a dry herb vaporizer, and compare the two outcomes to choose your favourite.

Our Best 3 Vaporizers for a Healthy Dry Herb Experience

Now that you know a little bit more about why vaping herb is considered a better option when compared to smoking, you're probably asking yourself, “well, how do I start vaping?”, and the answer to this question is simple. The first thing you're going to have to do is find a vaporizer that is perfect for your needs and preferences.

There are a wide variety of dry herb vaporizers on today's market, so finding one that is in your budget, that is the size you are looking for, and that will offer the functions you need is not that difficult. By finding a dry herb vaporizer that is perfect for you, you can immediately start enjoying your favourite strains in a healthier, more efficient way, and have a completely unique experience.

Actually, before you start looking, we highly recommend you check out these three vaporizers that we have found to offer incredible vape experiences, and that are also considered some of the healthiest options on the market. With these dry herb vaporizers, all you have to worry about is enjoying your experience, not worry about damaging your health.


Mighty Vaporizer

Considered one of the most popular vaporizers on today's market, the Mighty is definitely one of the best options for those searching for a healthier vape experience. Offering some of the highest quality of vapour on the market, and boasting the highest quality of materials, this vape unit should already be on your must-try list.

Manufactured by the well-known Storz and Bickel, this incredible vaporizer took the community by storm when released, thanks to the quality of vapour it offers, it's powerful battery, and the incredible control it offers over the temperature you use with your materials.

With the Mighty, you will not only be able to enjoy a healthy vape experience, but also experiment with a wide variety of materials. This awesome vape unit allows you to enjoy not only your favourite dry herbs, but also wax, extracts and more. The Mighty has always been at the top of our list of favourite vape units, and if you try it, it will be yours too.

Boundless CFX

Boundless cfx

Made from the highest quality of materials, and designed to be used with delicious dry herbs and wax, this incredible vaporizer should also be on your list of must-try units. The Boundless CFX boasts some incredible high-tech features that will allow you to enjoy a vape experience like never before.

Thanks to its hybrid convection and conduction heating, it offers delicious, high-quality vapour that will always leave you more than satisfy, and that will offer you a much more healthier option when compared to smoking. Also, thanks to its impressive adjustable temperatures, you will always have control over the temps you are using on your materials.

With all the tricks that the Boundless CFX has up its sleeve, it is definitely one of the most high-tech options for users looking for a healthier alternative to smoking. With the Boundless CFX, the only thing you will experience is an incredible vape journey that you will enjoy more than ever.


Hydrology 9

Hydrology 9

Not only does the Hydrology 9 boast one of the most unique, and fancy looking bodies on the market, but offers an experience that would win against smoking any day. When it comes to cooled, perfected vapour, there is nothing better than the Hydrology 9 to offer such an experience.

With conduction heating and a unique water cooling system, the Hydrology 9 is able to offer some of the best tasting, cooled vapour on the market, that allows for a safer vape experience, thanks to the limited amount of heat on the throat and lungs. With this high-quality vaporizer, you will never have to worry about having an unpleasant experience.

Another great thing about the hydrology 9 is that it is perfect for beginners, for it has preset temperature settings, and is overall easy to use. If you are looking to simply try out a dry herb vaporizer, but are looking for something that is made to fit your healthier dry herb needs, the Hydrology 9 is definitely for you.

Should You Switch to a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

Definitely! Without any hesitation, I can definitely say that switching to a dry herb vaporizer is a smart decision. As you can see from the information I shared with you above, smoking is not the safest option there is to enjoy the amazing benefits of herb. Now, with the wide variety of dry herb vaporizers on the market, there's no doubt that it is not only a safer and healthier option, but also a more enjoyable one!

I'm confident that once you try vaping your materials as opposed to smoking them, you will be just like me, and instantly fall in love. It is truly a simple, fun, and enjoyable experience, and when compared to smoking, it is not hard to say that it is a smarter, and better option. In my humble opinion, and the opinion of thousands of other vape lovers, switching to a dry herb vaporizer is one of the best things you can do.


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