X-Max Starry Review

X-Max Starry Review

X-Max Starry Vaporizer

In this X-Max Starry review we’ll be going over its features, its pros and cons, and its overall performance for your own reading and educational purposes. So first of all we’ll be going over its shape, size, and materials.

The X-Max Starry is compact in its design which makes it nice and discreet to use in public at any time. It is also a nice fit in your hand, which makes it user friendly and quite portable during any fun adventure you can think of.

Its aluminum body is made from high-quality anodized aluminum, which makes the X-Max Starry super durable and resistant to, well, life in general. It is a great material and it also looks very sleek and very elegant.

Starry vaporzier USA

Its ceramic mouthpiece is made from ceramic zirconia which is sanitary, easily cleaned, and resistant to the heat which is a bit inevitable with this model. Just so you know, this Starry does have a tendency to get a bit hot after some hits, but there is nothing to worry about at all; no danger and no harm done.

It has one easily readable high-tech display screen and three buttons for optimal comfort. You have the power button, and below you have the temperature control buttons. All three buttons are sleek and really nice to use. They are also conveniently placed so you don’t spend time searching for the darn things like with other vaporizers.

This portable vaporizer can vaporize both dry herbs and concentrates like wax. This is fitting for those clients that like to get a little of both on different occasions.

The ceramic heating chamber makes the heat conduction process seamless and smooth because it is good at isolating the herb or wax from the outside world; thus you get an awesome hit every single time.

Some users have reported the first 3-4 hits being the best tasting, but the 5-7 tasting a bit less prominent. So, one user suggests keeping the temperature low for the first hits, and then maxing out the temperature for the next couple of hits to make sure you’re getting all the valuable THC out of your herb or wax.

When it comes to modifying the temperatures on this X-Max Starry vaporizer, you can change the measurements from Celsius to Fahrenheit easily and seamlessly; and you can switch back whenever you’d like. The temperature appears on the display screen which many other vaporizers don’t offer. The display is crisp, bright, moderate in size, and easy to see.

Starry Vaporizer

The heating time on this vaporizer is speedy too; great for those high paced days and adventures. This is also great for when you want to be a little more discreet than, say, in your home.

You can just load the chamber with your preference of dry herb or wax, activate the heating system, and swiftly begin vaping. No hesitation and no delay whatsoever. Moreover, your vaporizer stays hot for a fair amount of time, which is also convenient and discreet.

As for stirring your herb for a full hit each time, the X-Max Starry makes it really easy for you. You don’t have to! As a conduction vaporizer, the heating chamber is specially designed to ensure that the herb is getting penetrated by the heat evenly, so you don’t need to stir it much at all.

Now, the battery system is an awesome feature that this vaporizer boasts. Its 18650 battery is interchangeable, making it easy to put another one in case it starts losing its potency over a couple of years. Removable batteries are just the way to go.

starry vaporizer Battery

Its battery life is long-lasting and is potent throughout the battery’s life. You charge the vaporizer by micro USB, and you have the option of getting an AC adapter for more accessibility during your adventures.

Is X max Starry the best budget vaporizer?

In conclusion, at this price point, you’re getting so much more than other products can offer. It is made from high-quality aluminum and zirconia; the shape is really nice and user friendly, the temperature settings, which you can change from Fahrenheit to Celsius in a push of a button, are very comfortable and user friendly; and the mouthpiece is really nice.


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