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Smono Baloo

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Vendor: Smono
Type: Portable
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Smono Baloo

The Smono Balu portable vaporizer combines top-notch vapor production with a compact, convenient design, all at an affordable cost. Featuring customizable airflow and precise temperature control, users can tailor their vapor experience to their liking. Plus, the replaceable battery allows for extended vaping sessions as long as you have extra batteries on hand. Overall, the Smono Balu is the perfect option for casual users seeking simplicity over complexity. Its user-friendly operation and easy maintenance make it an ideal choice for new or budget-conscious vapers seeking a portable solution.

Smono Baloo Vaporizer Key Features

Compact in size, the Smono Baloo is far from being technologically lacking. Here are just a few notable features:

1. Fast heat up

The Smono Baloo employs conduction heating, achieving the optimal temperature in only 30 seconds. To indicate when the desired temperature is attained, the device provides haptic feedback, ensuring your awareness of its readiness for use.

2. Adjustable airflow

Utilize the Smono Baloo's adjustable airflow control to personalize each puff according to your preferences. Adjust it for a tighter, more robust experience, or open it up for a cooler vapor. Determine your ideal airflow selection based on personal taste.

3. Intuitive operation

Effortlessly use the Smono Baloo with straightforward controls, ready for immediate use without any setup required. Simply triple-click the power button to switch the unit on or off, while using the up and down buttons to adjust the temperature to your preferred level between 100°C and 240°C. The Smono Baloo conveniently stores your previous settings and quickly heats up to that temperature upon powering on.

4. Durable mouthpiece

The Smono Baloo's magnetic mouthpiece utilizes durable, non-reactive zirconium to keep the vapor cool, pure, and full of flavor.

5. OLED Display Screen

The vibrant OLED screen displays critical session data, including the selected temperature, battery percentage, and timer. With one touch, you can turn the screen by 180 degrees for effortless reading from any perspective.

6. Fast USB-C charging

When the battery is depleted, Smono Baloo can be rapidly charged using USB-C. Simply plug it in, and it will be fully powered in just 90 minutes.

7. Replaceable battery

For those who are always on-the-go, the Smono Baloo provides a solution. Its replaceable battery ensures an uninterrupted power supply, as long as you have a spare battery available. The battery door is easily accessible for quick and convenient replacements.


8. Session Timer

Utilizing session timers lasting 4, 6, or 10 minutes, the Smono Baloo allows for personalized heating durations to fulfill your individual preferences. Once set, experience the convenience of automatic heating for the entirety of your session.

How to use the Smono Baloo?

  1. Remove the mouthpiece and fill the chamber with herbs.
  2. Replace the mouthpiece. Triple click the on/off button to turn the device on.
  3. Use the up/down buttons to select a temperature between 100°C and 240°C.
  4. Allow the unit to heat up until it vibrates, signaling that it is ready for use. Wait a few seconds after vibration for optimal performance.
  5. Inhale slowly, as if you were enjoying a hot drink, through the mouthpiece.
  6. Adjust the airflow according to your preferences.Exhale and enjoy! Repeat steps 6-7, increasing the temperature as needed until the herbs are fully extracted.
  7. Triple click the on/off button again to turn the unit off when you're done. If you forget, the unit will automatically turn off when the session timer expires.
  8. Replace the battery or charge it via USB-C if necessary.

Temperature guide for Smono Baloo

Different temperatures produce different effects.

  • 170°C - 185°C: Excellent flavor, smooth vapor. The lower range of temperature emphasizes terpenes and flavor. Vapor production is lower, but the experience is more relaxed.

  • 190°C - 205°C: Balanced flavor and vapor production. The middle temperature range offers a fuller vapor with a pleasant flavor balance. Many find this ideal.

  • 210°C - 240°C: Larger, denser clouds of vapor. The higher settings produce thick, dense clouds that vapor enthusiasts will love. However, flavor is compromised at the expense of volume.

What’s in the Box

1 x Smono Baloo

1 x USB-C Cable

1 x Cleaning tool

1 x Filling Tool

1 x Brush

2 x Mouthpiece O-rings

2 x Mesh Sieves For The Chamber

2 x Mouthpiece Silicone Cap

User Manual

Technical Specifications


Dry herbs

Temperature Range:

100°-240° C

Adjustable Airflow;





18650 Akku 3400 mAh 3,7V

Battery Life: 

2 Hours

Sessions Per Charge:

4 - 6

Information sourced from Smono.
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