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Type: Pens
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Meet the Shatterizer Vaporizer

The Shatterizer vaporizer was developed with the connoisseur in mind. The Shatterizer is designed for use with shatter, the purest form of concentrate. It features a simple, single-button operation that is instantly accessible.

Its quartz dual-coil atomizer and borosilicate glass dome lets users enjoy a smooth, gentle vape experience that is still incredibly potent. The Shatterizer may be the next big revolution in concentrate vaping, it is designed to offer a quick, potent vape experience that fits in with the rhythm and pace of the modern world.

Whether you're a beginner or the most hardened vape veteran, then the Shatterizer is for you.

Shatterizer Dap Pen Key Features

The Shatterizer breaks away from many concentrate vaporizer conventions, many of its best features are hard to find anywhere else:

1. Design

The Shatterizer is certainly an unusual looking vaporizer. It features a distinctive borosilicate glass dome that is unlike anything else in the market. This dome is more than just a design feature, it cools and circulates every hit, guaranteeing a smooth and comfortable vape experience. The rest of the unit features a rubberized finish for easy grip and resilience.

2. Powerful Battery

Good battery life is an important feature for a vaporizer. The industry standard hovers around an hour or two of continuous use. The Shatterizer offers up to 40 hours of use. This is down to its incredibly powerful 1100mAh variable voltage lithium-ion battery.

Shatterizer three different moderls

The best part is that this mighty battery can be fully charged in three hours. Its heating system is based around adjusting the voltage of the battery, each setting is indicated by a different LED colour. Red/lowest: 3.5v, blue/medium: 3.8v, and white/high: 4.2v.

3. Borosilicate Glass Dome

The distinctive glass dome on the Shatterizer is made of borosilicate glass, a heat-resistant and non-reactive material. This type of glass is made by adding boron to glass during its creating, increasing its ability to resist thermal shock and greatly reducing the risk of stress fractures. This dome allows you to enjoy a pure, smooth, and untainted hit.

4. Magnetic Concentrate Container

Transporting shatter-style concentrates can be tricky, it is brittle but sticky at the same time, confounding many traditional storage solutions. The Shatterizer features a clever, silicone, non-stick container attached to the device with cleverly placed magnets. This, combined with the potent battery, means that you will always have access to a great vaporizer experience.

Who Should Buy the Shatterizer Vaporizer UK?

The Shatterizer Vaporizer is the last word in shatter concentrate vaping. This type of concentrate is incredibly potent, and thus intended for experienced dab fans.

The Shatterizer is intended for vape veterans, too. It offers a powerful and pure vape experience with a simple single-button control scheme. If you want a reliable and potent vape session that won't bog you down with complicated controls, then the Shatterizer is a must.

Beware of Fakes on Other Marketplaces!

Herbalize only carries authentic products delivered straight from the manufacturer. Some online retailers, however, have been known to sell counterfeit products. Please contact our friendly customer support if you have any questions.

What’s in the Box

1 x Shatterizer vape

1 x Magnetic Concentrate Container

1 x Micro USB Charger

1 x Dab Tool


Vapour Path

Borosilicate glass

Temperature Presets

3 Presets (low, medium, high)

Temperature Settings


Heat Power Source

1100mAh battery

Heating Style / Material

Replaceable Atomizer Coil

Chamber / Oven Material


Compatible Materials

Shatter Concentrate

Oven Capacity


Control Interface

One Button

Delivery Method

Direct Draw

Body Material

Borosilicate glass and a rubberized finish

Mouthpiece Material

Borosilicate glass



Made In


Designed In



1 Year Limited Warranty

Information sourced from Shatterizer USA.

**For legal use only

Additional Information

Clear Glass, Black Aluminium, Silver Aluminium