Puffit X vaporizer

Puffit-X Vaporizer

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Meet the PUFFiT X Vaporizer

There are discreet portable vaporizers, and then there’s the PUFFiT X—the world’s first (and perhaps only) vaporizer designed to look like an asthma inhaler. It might be the most discreet vape that money can buy—but it’s not just a novelty item. Instead, it’s a surprisingly powerful little dry herb vaporizer that delivers exceptional vapour quality for a device at its price point.

Vapour enthusiasts will appreciate the custom temperature controls and the remarkably pocket-friendly design, as well as the replaceable battery that provides enough power to last all day on a single charge. There’s certainly nothing else like the PUFFiT X on the market today, and if you’re looking to channel your inner James Bond, this is a device that’s well worth the money.

PUFFiT X Key Features

When the original PUFFiT made its way into vapers’ hands, most of the attention was focused on its unusual design. Since then, the brand have made steady improvements to the performance as well. Here are some notable features of the PUFFiT X vape:


At first glance, you can tell the PUFFiT X isn’t like other vapes. Resembling an asthma inhaler in just about every way imaginable, the body is crafted from solid plastic that can stand up to the daily grind. It’s so small that saying it ‘fits in the palm of your hand’ might be a bit of a misnomer; you could hold two or three of the devices at once with ease. It can be loaded by removing the top cap, making it easy to pack bowls on the go.

Gold Plated Heating Chamber

As the world’s first forced air portable vaporizer, the PUFFiT X has a unique heating chamber. Plated in gold, the oven of the PUFFiT X heats quickly and provides a smooth, cool hit every time you use it. 

Custom Temperature Settings

The PUFFiT X can be operated using eight preset temperatures, which are adjusted using the rotary dial near the device’s mouthpiece. Depending on your preferences, you can set the temperature anywhere between 150°C - 220° C.

Rapid Charging

The battery life of the PUFFiT X is much better than you might expect from such a small device, yielding up to 2 hours of continuous use throughout the day. Fully charging the battery takes around 2 hours as well, but you can get an 80 percent charge in just an hour, which will keep you going through most of the day.

Internal Fan

Whilst the original PUFFiT had a bit of a noise issue, the updated X addresses this issue with a new, silent mechanism that offers adjustable fan speeds. This allows the device to be used even in crowded public spaces without attracting unwanted attention.

Who Should Buy the PUFFiT X UK?

The PUFFiT X is definitely a novelty vaporizer, but that doesn’t mean it’s cheap or poorly made. In fact, it’s uniquely well suited to meet the needs of: 

  1. People who like vaping in public. It can’t be stressed enough how much the PUFFiT X resembles a typical asthma inhaler, and as such, there are few devices more ideal for vaping at concerts, events, and other crowded public areas. 
  2. People who want a truly unusual vaporizer. Vape pens and desktop units are all fine and well, but if you’re the kind of person who likes to truly stick out from the crowd—whilst also blending in—the PUFFiT X will give you a leg up on all of your early adopter friends. 
  3. People who need a discreet supplement to their vape kit. Although you probably wouldn’t want to rely on the PUFFiT X as your ‘daily driver,’ it does make an excellent addition to the lineup of a vape connoisseur who wants to be prepared for every occasion. 

Beware of Fakes on Other Marketplaces!

Herbalize only carries authentic products delivered straight from the manufacturer. Some online retailers, however, have been known to sell counterfeit products. Please contact our friendly customer support if you have any questions.

What’s in the Box

PUFFiT X Vaporizer

Silicone Heat Guard

EZ-Fill Funnel

Cleaning and Packing Tool

AC Charger

Device Stand

USB Charging Cable

Carrying Case

Replacement Screen

3x Replacement Mouthpieces

Technical Specifications


8.9 cm x 2.5 cm


87 grams

Compatible With:

Dry Herb

Adjustable Temperatures: 


Temperature Range:

150°C - 220° C

Replaceable Battery:


Battery Life:

~2 Hours

Charging Time:

~ 2 Hours

Heat Up Time:

30-45 Seconds


1 year

Information sourced from DiscreetVape.

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