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Vendor: PAX Labs
Type: Grinder
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PAX Puck Press

Introducing the PAX Puck Press: an innovative tool redefining accuracy and precision in your sessions. This accessory provides an improved, more compressed pack for efficient extraction, allowing you to customize your sessions with precise pucks tailored to your own standards. Its simple design is an ideal solution for the experienced user and novice alike.

Easy to use

Operating the PAX Puck Press is straightforward; simply fill the chamber with your ground material and press the plunger to the preferred puck size indicated by the 'half' or 'full' puck indicators on the plunger. You will always get consistent, firmly packed pucks with this easy-to-use vaporizer accessory.

Crafted with user-friendliness, the Puck Press is equipped with a magnetic connection. Affix the press onto your PAX device, and the integrated magnets will firmly click the bottom of the press into place, providing a smooth and secure experience.

How It Works

1. Remove the plunger 
2. Fill the body with ground material
3. Press the plunger down to your desired pack size, using the “half” or “full” puck indicators shown on the plunger
4. Remove the base of the Puck Press
5. Place the press (inside the body) on your PAX device - built-in magnets will click the bottom of the press into place on your PAX device
6. Push down on the plunger and your puck will slide right into your PAX device

Built To Last

Engineered with robust durability, this vaporizer accessory stands up to frequent use, delivering perfectly packed material with every session. The reliable construction ensures that the Puck Press will retain its accuracy and performance long-term.

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