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Vendor: Airistech
Type: Dab Pen
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Sorry - This product is no longer available although you may find similar or newer version below.

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    Headbanger Features

    • For Wax
    • Dimensions - 109mm x 38mm x 20mm
    • Low weight
    • For concentrates 
    • Dual function vaporizer
    • Micro USB charger port 



    The Airis Tech Head Banger Vaporizer is a quite unique device, with its innovative Q-Cell technology and both Dip & Dab atomizers equipped with powerful quartz heating coils. With this, we have a powerful and efficient portable dab rig and at the same time a discreet Dab Pen that gives us something completely new and exciting.


    The first thing you need to do in order to use your Head Banger Vaporizer is to decide if you want to use it with the nectar collector or like a more “traditional” Dab Pen. If you want to use it as a nectar collector you will have to attach the nectar atomize on the bottom of the unit (really easy procedure). When this is done you only have to fill the chamber you choose with your preferred wax/oil concentrate and tap the power button 5 times to turn the device on, adjust the temperature and you are ready to vape.

    Pro Tip: When using the nectar collector, let the coil heat up for a few seconds before dipping it in the jar to get the best vapour production.

    Headbanger Vaporizer
    Headbanger Vaporizer

    Vapour Quality

    The Headbanger Vaporizer is equipped with a bubbler that is attached to the mouthpiece, and this really helps with purifying and cooling down the vapour in the most efficient way possible for such a small and portable device. Because of this, we have one of the most unique and impressive wax vaporizers on the market that delivers a good amount of vapour and it really brings out all the flavours from your oil or wax.

    Manufacturing Quality

    The Headbanger vaporizers body is made out of aluminium and I think that's what gave me the impression that this is a very sturdy device right away from when I held it in my hand for the first time. The atomizers are of high quality as well, and from the testing I’ve done they are both holding up very nice if you just clean them once in a while (which is the case with all Dab Pens). The only thing I can see as a minor drawback is the plastic feeling of the buttons but that is, at least for me, not a dealbreaker since the functionality of them is spot on.

    User Experience

    When I first started to use the Headbanger Vaporizer I had some difficulties getting used to it, not anything major the design is quite simple but a few small things that took some time to get used to, but it was not to bad. The one thing that took the most time to get used to was how to operate the Dip Atomizer in the best way possible since I never used something similar before. But I quickly learned that I needed to let the atomizer heat up quite a bit before dipping it into the wax jar to get the most efficiency out of my Headbanger. (I know I mentioned this earlier, but it’s important for the device to work well).


    I didn’t have any trouble when cleaning the Headbanger Vaporizer for the first time. I just did my standard procedure when it comes to cleaning a wax vaporizer, I soaked it in Isopropyl alcohol for a while, then got pretty much all resin off with a q-tip and rinsed with clean water. Learn more about cleaning a vaporizer in this guide.

    Pro Tip: After cleaning you should let the device heat up one time with an empty chamber to burn off any trace of alcohol before using it.

    Headbanger Vaporizer
    Headbanger Vaporizer

    Portability & Discreetness

    This device fits nicely in your hand and looks like one of those Mod vapes so it won't draw to much attention unless you decide to use it with the nectar collector. There you will have a real problem when it comes to stealth (in public places) but it will still be ultra portable for your dab hits on the go. Another really great thing for portability is the attached storage container for wax so you only need to have the Headbanger in your pocket, nothing else.

    Who would like the Headbanger vaporizer?

    Have you been looking for a wax vaporizer that can deliver almost dab rig quality hits on the go and at the same time be used as a super discreet dab pen? Then you need to look no further, the Headbanger Vaporizer is exactly what you have been looking for and you will get all that for an entry-level price.



    • Magnetic Atomizer Cover
    • One Button Operation
    • LED Light Indicator
    • 1500mAh Lithium-ion Battery
    • Micro-USB Charging Method
    • High-End Aluminium Construction
    • Accessories and Travel Bag Included
    • Vaporizer for Many Concentrates Options
    • Both Dip or Dab Options
    Headbanger vaporizer

    What's in the box?

    • Head Banger Battery
    • Q1 Dip Coil
    • Q2 Dab Coil
    • Magnetic Tank Cover
    • Quartz Jar
    • Glass Water Bubbler
    • Stainless Dab Tool
    • Micro USB Charger
    • Carry Bag
    • Cleaning Brush
    • User Manual


    • Dimensions = 109mm x 38mm x 20mm
    • Weight = 285g
    • For concentrates only
    • Dual function vaporizer
    • On/Off - Click power button 5 times
    • Voltage - Green = 3.4V, Blue = 3.7V, Red = 4V
    • Heating method - Dab and vape; Touch and vape
    • Micro USB charger port
    • 1500mAh lithium ion battery
    • Replaceable parts - Glass water bubbler, Q2 Dab coil, Q1 Dip coil, Quartz jars.

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