Round Base Bong by Grav Labs
Round Base Bong by Grav Labs Canada
Round Base Bong by Grav Labs Canada

Grav Labs 8" Round Base Bong

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Vendor: Grav Labs
Type: Bong
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Grav Labs 8" Round Base Bong

Grav Labs take pride in the quality of their products, labeling themselves ‘a scientific glass company’ based in Austin, Texas.

Based in Austin Texas, Grav Labs have perfected the art of creating some of the best glass bongs on the market. This 8” Round Base Bong is no exception.

Taking pride in their work, they even refer to themselves as a ‘scientific glass company’. This shows the dedication and time which goes into making the highest level products available.

Grav Labs are known as one of the pioneers of the bong world. Their portfolio of products varies in price, however, while the price varies, the quality is consistent.

Top Features:


Standing at 8” tall, this bong is perfect for anybody searching for discretion and quality. Its size makes it extremely easy to take with you for those on-the-go dabs.

Round base bongs tend to be steadier than traditional straight-tube bongs due to the base having a greater surface area. This means less fear of any mid-session breakages and more time for care-free hits!

This Grav Labs bong is transparent, this allows users to view the base slowly fill with smoke as it filters before you inhale.

Smoke Quality

You’re probably thinking ‘OK it looks great, is it any good?’. For a small bong, it really does pack a punch. This Grav Labs round base bong boasts incredible smoke quality. Its round base fills with water helping to filter the water by dispersing the smoke. It comes fitted with a fission down stem which diffuses the smoke meaning maximum taste and coolness. There is also an aesthetically pleasing pressed pinch ice catcher, also acting as a splash guard. Using the ice catcher cools down the smoke even more for an even more perfect experience.

Those familiar with Grav Labs bong will know they typically come with a great sized bowl.

The Grav Labs 8” round base bong is no different - it comes with a 14mm Grav Labs cup bowl.

How to use the Grav Labs 8” Round Base Bong

This 8” round base bong comes ready to use. Simply attach the bowl, fill the base with water and you’re ready to go. With your concentrate or flower of choice, simply enjoy beautifully smooth hits.

How to clean and maintain the Grav Labs 8” Round Base Bong?

Cleaning and maintaining your bong is important. Sounds obvious, right? Due to its design, this bong can be tricky to clean. The fixed downstem means that it will take some care and getting used to cleaning this bong.

This transparent, borosilicate glass bong must be cleaned to avoid staining.

It’s also important for taste - nobody wants to taste burnt residue in their hits!

Technical Specifications






Female Joint 14mm

Compatible With

14mm Cup Bowl (in the box)

Best Used for


What’s in the box?

  • 1 x GRAV® Small Round Base Water Pipe with Black Accents
  • 1 x 14mm GRAV cup bowl