Fury Edge Vaporizer
Fury Edge Vaporizer
Fury Edge Vaporizer

Fury Edge

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Vendor: Healthy Rips
Type: Portable
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Meet the Fury Edge

The Fury Edge vaporizer is one of Healthy Rips’ most popular vaporizers. This compact vaporizer is durable, stylish, and packed to the gills with features. It comes packaged with a range of additional accessories.

It's compact size and discreet design makes it perfect for daily use anytime, anywhere. Despite its compact size it also features a 100% convection heating system, this is above and beyond the average portable vaporizer.

Offering you incredible vapour quality in a compact package. Best of all, the Fury Edge won't break the bank.

5 Big Questions About the Fury Edge

Healthy Rips are a well-established brand with a fantastic range of vaporizers under their belt. However, newcomers or casual vapers may have some questions about the Fury:

1. What can you vape with the Fury Edge?

The Fury is a dual-use vaporizer that is fully compatible with any dry herb blends. The addition of the stainless steel wax pad allows users to use wax-style concentrates, too. 

2. Is it portable?

The Fury is an incredible compact vaporizer with dimensions measuring in at:2” x 1” x 3.5”. This combined with its larger than average battery makes it a fantastically portable device. 

3. Can you adjust the temperature?

The Fury has a broad range of temperatures that are fully adjustable with a button-based control scheme. The most effective settings range from 187°C-198°C. 

4. How long does the battery last?

The Fury features a 2300 mAh battery that offers fantastic performance. You can expect it to last for up to 90 minutes of continuous use. 

5. Does it have a warranty? 

Healthy Rips offer a fantastic warranty of one year full replacement for any faulty products, and a lifetime offer of a half-price replacement. 

Using the Fury Edge

The Edge is a user-friendly vaporizer, but for newcomers, any vape can be a bit of a mystery. So let's explore the functions on the Edge:

1. How to Operate Your Fury Edge

To start you should remove the mouthpiece to expose the herb chamber. Carefully pack it with pre-ground herb and replace the mouthpiece. To active the vape press the power button three times. To select your preferred temperature, simply use the control buttons on the face of the vape. 

2. How to Get the Best Vapor Quality 

The Edge is a convection vaporizer. This means that it heats up the air surrounding your herb and gradually bakes the vapour out. Think of it like an oven. To get the most out of this type of heating system you'll want to finely grind your herb to increase the surface area while also being sure to avoid overpacking your chamber and promote good airflow. 

3. How to Clean It

Cleaning the Edge is simple. Gently remove the mouthpiece to access the herb chamber. Then gently use some q-tips and cleaning solution to remove any grim that has built up. For more stubborn patches, use the included brush to break them apart before wiping them away. When you're finished set the vape to go through a heating cycle to ensure that any build-up evaporates before use. 

What Makes the Fury Edge Popular

The Fury Edge is among Healthy Rips' most popular units. There are a plethora of great reasons for this, some of which include:

  1. It is jam-packed with features. For its price point, the Fury Edge comes out of the box with a staggering array of features. It comes with a glass mouthpiece, a watertool adapter, and a stainless steel wax concentrate pad. All of these can totally transform your vape experience. 
  2. It is eminently affordable. Once, to get a good vape you had to be ready to pay a premium price tag. The Fury Edge is part of a trend towards high-quality but affordable vaporizers that are ideal for beginners and the thrifty alike. 
  3. High-quality convection heating. Convection heating was once the mark of a premium vaporizer, the Fury Edge allows anyone to enjoy this fantastic heating method. Convection heated dry herb releases a denser and more flavourful vapour than other heating methods. 

Fury Edge Key Features

As we said above, the Fury is a feature-heavy vaporizer with a host of wonderful options that establish it as a fantastic affordable vaporizer. 

1. Design

The Fury is a compact, It sticks to the general outline of its predecessor vapes which make it compact, discreet, and easy to use. It also features precise temperature control and a digital display. It has a kirksite alloy body, making it an incredibly durable unit. Finally, it also comes with a protective cover that will insulate it from any daily wear and tear. 

2. High-Quality Battery

The Fury Edge vaporizer boasts an incredible 2300mAh Polymer battery. We were very interested in Healthy Rips’ choice in a Polymer battery over the usual Lithium-Ion battery most vapes have, and now we see just how genius it was to add this type of battery. 

The Fury Edge vape features a super-fast charge time, averaging at about 70 minutes.

3. Incredible Accessories

The Fury Edge comes packaged with a fantastic array of options and add-ons. The watertool adapter allows you to combine your vaporizer with a glass bong for incredible levels of filtration and cooling. It also features an ergonomically curved glass mouthpiece that allows you to enjoy smooth and pure vapour in comfort. Finally, the default mouthpiece is also made out of high-quality glass and compact, perfect for daily use. 

4. Rapid Heat-Up Time

The Fury Edge features a super-rapid heat up time of just twenty seconds. This outpaces some premium vaporizers and many conduction vaporizers. Despite this power, the body always remains comfortably cool

Beware of Fakes on Other Marketplaces!

Herbalize only carries authentic products delivered straight from the manufacturer. Some online retailers, however, have been known to sell counterfeit products. Please contact our friendly customer support if you have any questions.

The Final Verdict on The Fury Edge

When it comes to affordable vaporizers The Fury may be one of the best units available on the market today. It is a rugged and versatile portable vaporizer that is ideal for beginners and veterans alike. Its above-average performance, fantastic vapour quality, and excellent battery make this an incredible addition to anyone's vape kit. 

What’s in the Box

1 x Fury Edge Vape

1 x Protective cover

1 x Mouthpiece with glass airpath

1 x Watertool Adapter

1 USB-C charging cable

1 x Stainless steel oil & wax pad

1 x O-ring and Screen Set

1 x Wax & Cleaning Tool 

1 x Cleaning Brush

1 x Tweezers

1 x User Manuel 

1 x Ergonomic Mouthpiece



2” x 1” x 3.5” (51.8mm x 27.4mm x 90.5mm)


5.6oz (158.7g)

Vapor Path


Temperature Presets


Temperature Settings

Precise Temperature Control

Temperature Range

160°C – 221°C (320°F – 430°F)


2300mAh Polymer Battery

Heating Style / Coil Material

Convection / Stainless Steel Coil

Chamber / Oven Material

Isolated Stainless Steel and Glass

Compatible Materials

Dry Herb and Concentrates

Oven Capacity

.175g – .205g


Fury Edge Bubbler

Control Interface

Buttons / OLED Display Screen

Delivery Method

Direct Pull

Body Material

Kirk site Alloy Unibody

Mouthpiece Material



Healthy Rips

Made In


Designed In



One Year Free Replacement Warranty

Lifetime 1/2 Price Replacement Warranty

​*Excludes loss, tampering, physical damage, or liquid damage.

Information sourced from Healthy Rips. 

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