Flowermate UNO Vaporizer
Flowermate UNO with open mouthpiece
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Flowermate UNO Vaporizer UK
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Flowermate UNO Vaporizer

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Vendor: Flowermate
Type: Portable
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  • Meet the Flowermate UNO Vaporizer

    If you’re looking for a slim, stylish portable vaporizer that’s both versatile and affordable, the Flowermate UNO might be for you. This durable convection vaporizer can handle any material you throw at—from dry herbs to shatter to wax—while producing clean, tasty vapour (and going easy on your wallet).

    Simple to use and easy to maintain, the Flowermate UNO is an excellent ‘intro’ device for vaping beginners. However, it also boasts a number of features that make it appealing to advanced vapers as well—how many vapes come with a free water pipe attachment, after all? If you’ve been considering a device like the Arizer Solo or DaVinci Miqro, the Flowermate UNO could be right up your alley. 

    Flowermate UNO Key Features

    Whilst this is a relatively small device, the Flowermate UNO’s features compare favourably to larger and more expensive devices (which has earned it praise in more than a few vaporizer reviews). Here are some of the things that make it special: 

    1. Design

    Made from rugged plastic, the Flowermate UNO’s body comes with a textured grip to prevent drops—and a magnetic swivel mouthpiece to prevent any accidents during transit or storage. The stainless steel oven chamber is large and easy to clean.

    2. OLED Display

    On the front of the Flowermate UNO, you’ll find a large OLED display that shows key information like battery life and temperature. Large and easy to read, it takes the guesswork out of every session.

    3. Concentrate Pad

    The Flowermate UNO is more than a dry herb vaporizer—thanks to the concentrate pad included in the kit, you can also use the device to vape a wide selection of concentrates. Whether you’re into fresh flower or powerful budder (or both), it’s easy to set up your device with your preferred material.

    4. Replaceable Battery

    What the Flowermate UNO lacks in battery capacity (1800mAh) it makes up for in versatility. The replaceable batteries are affordable and easy to swap out, so if you don’t have time to charge your device with the USB cable included—which takes around 2 hours— you can always extend your session by carrying an extra battery.

    5. Quick Heat Up Time

    Depending on your desired temperature, the Flowermate UNO is ready for use in as little as 10-30 seconds. Best of all, the haptic feedback sensors will give you a little buzz when the device is ready to vape. 

    Who Should Buy the Flowermate UNO?

    Thanks to its low price point and wide range of functions, the Flowermate UNO is an appealing device for anyone who likes great vapour and the option to experiment. That being said, it’s especially good for:

    • People who want a reliable dual use vaporizer. Some devices might have an edge when it comes to vaping dry herb or concentrates, but few can handle both as well as the Flowermate UNO. It’s especially rare to find this level of functionality in such an affordable project.
    • People who frequently vape while on the go. The Flowermate UNO isn’t the smallest portable vaporizer on the market, but it’s svelte enough to fit comfortably in your pocket, and its inconspicuous design won’t attract too much attention from curious bystanders.
    • People who like their vapes to be low maintenance. Glass mouthpieces and the like are great, but they can also require frequent cleaning and careful handling. You should clean your Flowermate UNO on a regular basis, of course, but the whole process only takes a few minutes and requires nothing more than isopropyl alcohol and a few cotton swabs. 

    Beware of Fakes on Other Marketplaces!

    Herbalize only carries authentic products delivered straight from the manufacturer. Some online retailers, however, have been known to sell counterfeit products. Please contact our friendly customer support if you have any questions.

    What’s in the Box

    Flowermate UNO Vaporizer

    1800mAh battery

    Battery charging station

    Micro USB charging cable

    Liquid pad

    5x Mouthpiece screens

    Filling chamber tool

    Cleaning brush

    Water pipe adapter (10 mm x 14 mm x 18 mm)

    User manual

    Technical Specifications


    13.6 cm x 6.7 cm x 3.5 cm


    Dry herb and concentrates

    Heating System:


    Temperature Range:

    60 C - 230° C


    1800mAh (replaceable)

    Chamber Material:

    Stainless steel

    Heat Up Time:

    10-30 seconds

    Automatic Shut Off:


    Information sourced from Flowermate.

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