Flip Brick Vaporizer
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Flip Brick Vaporizer UK
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Flip Brick Vaporizer

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Vendor: Sticky Brick
Type: Portable
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Meet the Sticky Brick Flip Brick Vaporizer

Even if you’re a longtime vaper, you’ve never seen anything like the Flip Brick. This innovative device puts a new twist on convection vaporizers with its one-of-a-kind water tool design—which lets you use the Sticky Brick either on its own or with your favourite water pipe. 

The Flip Brick doesn’t come with any electronics or complex gadgets. Instead, it offers you full manual control over your vape experience. Use a torch to heat up the flame intake for a near-instant heat up time, whilst choosing the precise size of your bowl for either solo or group sessions. If you’re looking for a new twist on vaping, this is one of the smallest and lowest priced devices out there—and it’ll definitely give you something to talk about with your friends. 

Flip Brick Vaporizer Key Features

The 2019 Flip Brick isn’t the smallest Sticky Brick ever made, but it might be one of the most useful. Here are some of its most notable features:

1. Design

Crafted from polished wood—walnut, cherry, rock maple, or black limba—the Flip Brick also features smooth glass pieces to deliver clean and delicious vapour. The Flip Brick sits upright to store, then flips to attach to your favourite water pipe. The device features restrictor discs to prevent your material from combusting.

2. Use With Dry Herbs or Concentrates

The Flip Brick was built to handle dry herbs, but the screens included in the kit allow you to use the device with concentrates like wax or shatter as well. 

Water Pipe Enhancer

The Flip Brick ships with both 18.8mm and 14.4mm male connectors to fit your favourite water piece. This allows you to use it with a wide array of devices—if you’re heading over to a friend’s house for an impromptu group session, bring the Flip Brick along to make a splash.

3. Zero Waste 

One of the best things about vaporizers is their efficiency, and the Flip Brick is no exception. The device will stop heating as soon as you remove the flame, leaving your material untouched until the next time you’re ready for a hit. 

4. Lifetime Warranty

The Flip Brick is a sturdy and well-made device (one that’s remarkably easy to store or load), and Sticky Brick offers a lifetime warranty on manufacturer defects for added peace of mind. 

Who Should Buy the Flip Brick UK?

The Flip Brick is an unusual device, and many vaping beginners might find it a bit difficult to use. That being said, it does have a strong appeal for:

  • People who love water pipes. The Flip Brick is a great way to make your favourite glass water pipe even better.
  • People who appreciate fine design. The rich wood body and smooth contours of the Flip Brick make it an aesthetic delight.
  • People who like to try the latest in vaping trends. If you get yourself one of these little devices, you’re likely to be the only one in your group who has one—and the Flip Brick is quite a conversation starter. 

Beware of Fakes on Other Marketplaces!

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What’s in the Box

Flip Brick vaporizer

6x Screens

Stainless Steel Stir Stick

Empty Butane Torch

18.8 mm Connector

14.4 mm Adapter

User Manual

Technical Specifications

Compatible With:

Dry Herbs and Concentrates

Heating System:

Full Convection

Delivery Style:

Direct Draw

Heat Up Time:

10 Seconds (Max)

Adjustable Temperature:



2 Years

Information sourced from Sticky Brick Labs.

**For legal use only

Additional Information

Cherry, Maple