DynaVap OmniVong XL Vaporizer

DynaVap - OmniVonG XL

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Vendor: DynaVap
Type: Portable
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DynaVap - OmniVonG XL

DynaVap is well-known in the vape community for designing and manufacturing some of the best portable, manually-heated vaporizers on the market. They not only build units that are gorgeous, sturdy and well-made, but also completely battery-free. Their electronic-free vaporizers are becoming the new ‘big thing’ in the vape community, for they offer ease of use and give their users a stress-free, easy to enjoy vape experience. 

Like other DynaVap vaporizers, the OmniVonG XL was designed and manufactured to offer you the absolute best portable, dry herb vape experience. The OmniVonG XL is small, sturdy, long-lasting and boasts simple yet special features that will make your vape experience more than enjoyable. In a world of electric, fragile vaporizers, the OmniVonG XL really stands out and offers vape lovers a more hassle-free experience.


One of the ‘hidden superpowers’ of this awesome unit, is that is was designed to mate perfectly with almost all types of 14mm water tool fittings. Unlike other vaporizers on the market that require an adapter to use with water pipes, glass pieces and bongs, the OmniVonG XL can be inserted directly into the piece. Simply pop off the mouthpiece, choose your favourite 14mm water tool, insert it directly and enjoy a whole new vape experience. Users have claimed that the OmniVonG XL produces bigger clouds of vapour with waters tools, so if you want more vape, you know what to do. The OmniVonG XL also boasts adjustable Vapour Flow thanks to its high tech Mouthpiece that is completely unique to DynaVap vaporizers. This feature allows you to adjust the ‘consistency’ of vapour depending on the dry herb you are using or simply depending on your moods or preferences. To adjust the airflow, simply twist the mouthpiece; this will extend or retract the condenser and create the perfect vapour flow. Although this unit is completely manually heated and there are no electric temperature controls, there is a simple way to ‘adjust’ or choose the perfect temperature manually. When you have a freshly packed chamber and you want to get a great tasting first hit, keep the flame at the tip of the unit and work yourself up with time while the chamber is starting to get emptied. Once you try it a couple of times, you will become an expert at manually ‘adjusting’ the temperature of your unit.

Omnivong XL

Something that is completely unique to DynaVap vaporizers is their Temperature Indicating Technology. This feature makes manually heating your vaporizer so much easier and simply allows you to understand your unit better. This temperature indicating technology works with ‘clicks’. When your  OmniVonG XL unit is heated to the right temperature, you will hear an audible ‘click’. When your unit is ready to be reheated, you will hear a second click. It is important to listen to these clicks and not ignore them, for it's your units way of speaking to you.

Portability & Discreteness

There is no need to say that the OmniVonG XL is one of the best options on the market for portable and discreet vape lovers. This unit like other DynaVap units is made to fit perfectly into a trouser pocket and is designed to be enjoyed literally anywhere. Due to the fact that this unit is completely battery-free, you don’t have to worry about charging it and you can enjoy it for hours and hours on end, wherever you prefer. The OmniVonG XL also has an elegant yet discreet build and design that makes it perfect for on the go vape sessions. Unlike other popular vape units on the market today that are slightly extravagant and that can sometimes draw attention to the user, this unit is small and simple. With the  OmniVonG XL, you can finally enjoy the vape you deserve wherever you go, feeling completely stress-free.

Ease of Use

This unit is probably one of the most user-friendly vaporizers on the market. It is not hard to understand or hard to enjoy, making it perfect for vape beginners and vape OG’s alike. Unlike other units, you can simply unbox the  OmniVonG XL and enjoy it right then and there without having to read a 15-page essay on “how to use your vaporizer”. The ease of use of DynaVap units have made them a favourite in the vape community, because who has time to worry about super complicated instructions and learning curves? Due to the fact that the OmniVonG XL does not have any complicated features or electric settings, it makes it even easier to use and enjoy. It does not require hours of charging or pricey battery replacements either. It is truly one of the easiest to use units on the market and offers one of the most enjoyable vape experiences.

Vapour Quality

Due to the fact that the OmniVonG XL, like other DynaVap vaporizers, does not have any electric parts, no fancy temperature controls or high tech LED screens, people immediately assume that this unit doesn’t produce quality vapour. This assumption is completely incorrect, however. Thanks to the smart build and incredible quality of this unit, it is capable of producing some of the cleanest, most delicious vapour on the market.

DynaVap likes boasting about their unit’s vapour quality by saying “no smoke, no battery, just vapor” and that is exactly what their units offer. DynaVap vaporizers do not produce the biggest ‘monster’ clouds of vapour, but they do allow you to unlock the full potential of your favourite dry herb and bring out the real, pure taste of your materials. Thanks to the small yet efficient chambers DynaVap units boast, users also get the chance to microdose which is now becoming the new big thing in the vape community.

Build Quality

It is not an exaggeration to say that DynaVap offers some of the most durable, long-lasting vaporizers on the market. They are nothing like other popular vaporizers that are made of fragile parts and pieces and that are easily broken with a one simple fall. The OmniVonG XL will offer you a portable vape experience that will allow you to enjoy dry herb on the go without feeling nervous or worried for your precious unit.

The OmniVonG XL boasts one of the most durable bodies on the market, from its high-quality Light Wood Midsection VonG Stem, its OMNI XL Condenser and its incredible Titanium mouthpiece, this unit can probably withstand a bullet (but don’t try it!). The durability and quality of this units build makes it a great option for those that are tired of breaking countless glass pieces and spending money on replacement parts various times a month. With the OmniVonG XL, you can simply enjoy quality vape without the hassle.

Although the OmniVonG XL’s super sturdy build is something that cannot go unmentioned, its beauty is also something that makes it even more recommendable. The DynaVap team focused not only on its durability but also its stylish design and the results are close to perfection. The Light Wood Midsection the OmniVonG XL boasts is hard to come by in today's vape market and users have fallen in love with its quality build and smooth feel. 

Omnivong XL

One more small yet important touch that the DynaVap team added to the OmniVonG XL’s build is its roll-resistant design. Due to the fact that its Wood Midsection is slightly ‘bulky’ and has multi-faced flat sides, it does not roll off of surfaces easily. This might sound like an unimportant addition to the unit, but it will ensure that your unit won’t fall and rubbish your materials. Its Wood body also elevates the tip and mouthpiece slightly, which ensures that even if the unit is hot it won’t burn the surface you place it on.  These small touches are what make DynaVap units awesome!

DynaVap OmniVong XL Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Super durable
  • Can Be Used With Water Pipes, Bongs and Glass Pieces (14mm)
  • Simple & Elegant Design
  • Delicious Vapour Production
  • Easy to Use
  • Battery-Free
  • Portable & Discreet
  • Long-Lasting
  • No ‘Learning Curve’
  • It has no temperature controls
  • Some users don’t like the Battery-free aspect of this unit.
  • Does not produce huge clouds of vapour.
OmniVap XL vaped by man

Is the OmniVonG XL Perfect for Me?

The OmniVonG XL, although still new to the market, has become one of the most sought-after portable vape units. It was made with the smallest details in mind and was designed to offer users a stress-free vape experience. Although this unit was made to satisfy every imaginable need, it still is not perfect for everyone. Some might be searching for a more high tech, battery-powered unit. For others, however, this unit is perfect. 
DynaVaps OmniVonG XL is perfect for vape lovers that are tired of complicated electric features and settings. It is ideal for those that want a battery-free vape experience and a unit that can be taken on the go. Due to the fact that this unit is one of the sturdiest vape units on the market, it is perfect for those that are tired of rubbish units. You will find that this unit will last you far into the future, offer delicious quality vapour and allow you to enjoy a portable vape experience like never before. We know you deserve it!

What´s in the box?

We are more than confident that when you see the DynaVap delivery box waiting for you to open it, you will feel more than excited. The first thing you will see is the fancy bag-like packaging that is simply calling “hurry up and open me!”. Inside of the bag-like packaging, you will find you User’s Manual and your precious  OmniVonG XL tucked safely into a sturdy Plastic Storage Tube.

We highly recommend to keep this smart little Storage Tube and use it to pack your unit in ‘travel mode’ for future sessions. When you want to take your unit with you on the go, simply place it into its Storage Tube and you’re good to go! This will ensure that no materials fall out an make a mess and will give you a chance to store it even if it's still warm.

  • OmniVonG XL by DynaVap
  • Plastic Storage Tube (Reusable)
  • User’s Manual  

Technical specification

Size 9 cm Height
Weight .7 oz / 20 g
Heating Type Manual
It Can Vaporize Dry herb
Temperature Range 300° F to 450° F (Manual)
Temp Presets None
Heat Up Time Less than 10 Seconds
Chamber Material Stainless Steel
Chamber Capacity 0.1g
Vapour Path Material Stainless Steel
Screen None
Control Methods Manual
Made In USA
Designed In USA
Made By DynaVap
**For legal use only
Additional Information

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