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What is the Dynastash?

The Dynastash box is an incredible accessory and carrier case for any VapCap that is not an XL size. It has several awesome features which you can use to your advantage in many ways, and many claim it to enhance their overall VapCap experience due to its accessibility and durability.

The Dynastash consists of a wooden box which is relatively small in size, very compact and easy to conceal, and very aesthetically pleasing to look at. This collection of boxes is made from a wood called cocolobo, which naturally comes in a variety of colours and grains, including orange, yellow, red, and a variety of shades of brown with either dark brown or purple streaks.

These boxes are made for you to conceal and carry your VapCap with you wherever you go in a safe and life-proof container which is specifically made for storing VapCaps. These boxes also have another awesome feature which we will be going over a bit further down!

Dynastash Special Features

The Dynastash has a number of different features which users absolutely love. Below we will list all the special features this awesome accessory boasts:

Dual Stash Feature

The Dynastash case does not only feature one, but two different stash pockets where you can:

1) stash your VapCap

2) keep a nice stash of finely ground flower or a tool of your choosing.

The first stash place is the perfect size to fit any VapCap that is a normal size and not XL. It is deep enough to fit the whole vaporizer in it, but it is not too big, and therefore will not leave room for the vaporizer to bounce around and get damaged. It really is made to perfection.

The second storage pocket is not as deep as the first one, but it wider. This is because the second stash area is made for either storing a tool of your choice, or to store your ground flower. The best part about storing your flower in it is that you can easily take the cap off your VapCap, stick it in this storage area, wiggle it around a bit, and you’re VapCap will be perfectly loaded and ready to vape in seconds.

People love the double duty storage because they have a chance to take not only their safely tucked in VapCap, but also their dry herb. In addition to this, the fact that you can load your VapCap in a matter of seconds in a very discreet way makes people love this accessory and want to take it everywhere with them.

Magnetic Surface

Another amazing additional feature that this awesome case features is a magnetic surface installed on one side of the Dynastash. It is not a very big magnet, but it is definitely powerful enough to hold your VapCap in place.

The purpose for this magnet is varied. The first and most useful way you can use this magnet feature is to hold your VapCap in place while you let it cool down, but don’t want to set it down on an unstable surface.

In addition to this, after your vaporizer is cooled down, you are able to pull it apart and open it to inspect the content inside the VapCap. If you find you need to reload it, you can keep the cap on the magnetic insert, dip it into your herb stash, and then reconnect in in a matter of seconds.

The magnetic addition to this awesome carrier case also keeps your VapCap at attention so you don’t have to start all over on your vaping session. All you have to do is pick it back up and begin vaping again.

So many people opt for getting this Dynastash because not only is it the perfect case for all your VapCap vaporizers, but it will keep it clean, it will keep it safe, and most importantly, it is a great way from losing site of it, as it is a pretty small and easily misplaced vaporizer.

Why the Dynastash is a Must Have

The Dynastash is an innovative way to keep your awesome vaporizer safe from the everyday risks, and to take it everywhere and anywhere in perfect style. The Dynastash comes in a beautiful variety of different woods and colours to suit your personal style and preferences, and you can therefore match it perfectly to your personal aesthetic styles.

The Dynastash is hard and durable, therefore you will most definitely get a much longer life out of your VapCap. Not only will you eliminate the possibility of losing it or misplacing it, but you will also eliminate the possibility of any accidents bringing your time with the VapCap to an abrupt end.

In addition to this, you will have a perfectly designed and beautifully made accessory to carry with you all the time. This beautiful and skilfully crafted accessory won’t just look amazing, though, but it will also allow you to discreetly load and stash your goodies when you’re out and about on your adventures.
Many people who own the VapCap swear by this accessory and always recommend it to their internet communities when they get the chance. Also, the people who are just starting out with small vaporizers are more prone to either losing or damaging their VapCaps, so if you are a person who is trying the VapCap for the first time, we most definitely recommend getting a Dynastash for yourself.

Owning a Dynastash will give you a whole new perspective on ease and discreteness, and you will most probably never regret investing in this amazing case. It also eliminates the necessity of carrying around an additional accessory or carrier for your product or prefered tool, so it is an “all in one” type of accessory that will make your like 100 times easie

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