Atman Starlight Vaporizer
atman starlight 2 magnet filter and mouthpiece

Atman Starlight

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Vendor: Atman
Type: Portable
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Meet the Atman Starlight Vaporizer

The Atman Starlight is a low maintenance, highly affordable portable vaporizer that delivers no-frills functionality in a sturdy package. Equipped with advanced temperature controls and an easy-to-clean removable heating chamber, the Starlight vaporizer is Atman’s workhorse device—one that’s well suited to meeting all the needs of beginner vapers. 

The Starlight can be used with both dry herb and concentrates, and its 2800mAh lithium ion battery provides long battery life with a reasonable recharging time. Consider this the Honda Civic of vaporizers: it’s not going to win any beauty contests, but it’ll tick all the major boxes you’re looking for in a vaporizer. And at this price point, that’s nothing to sneeze at.

Atman Starlight Key Features

The original Atman Starlight’s ‘fashionable box style’ has been reworked for the Atman Starlight V2, but the basic functionality is still the same. Here are a few things to know about the notable features of Atman’s new design:

1. Design

The Atman Starlight is a square, squat vaporizer with a thick plastic body. It’s not as svelte as your typical vape pen, but it’ll still fit easily into a small bag or purse. The removable mouthpiece makes it easy to load or clean the device, and the stainless steel heating chamber (more on that in a second) is also removable for easy cleaning.

2. Compatible With Both Dry Herb and Concentrates

You can use the Atman Starlight with either ground plant material or your favourite concentrates like wax and shatter. You won’t need any special attachments or accessories for this, as concentrates can be added directly to the Starlight’s oven chamber (the packing tool included in the kit is helpful for this task).

3. Advanced Temperature Controls

The Atman Starlight comes with four preset temperature settings, ranging from 160° C - 260°C. You can check the temperature settings by looking at the display lights on the side of the device. The colour-coded lights make it easy to determine which heating setting is currently in use—and the variety of temperatures ensures you can customise the effects of your vape session to your personal preferences. 

4. High Quality Stainless Steel Chamber

Instead of a ceramic chamber, the device is equipped with a unique (and removable) stainless steel oven chamber. This makes the Atman Starlight easier to clean than most similar vaporizers, and it also means that you’ll be getting the pure, unvarnished taste of your materials every time you vape.

5. Micro USB Charging

The Atman Starlight comes with micro USB charging capabilities that allow the device to be charged without any special equipment. You can use the cable included in the kit, but if you happen to misplace it, never fear—you can also charge the device with any other micro USB cable you happen to have lying around.

Who Should Buy the Atman Starlight UK?

The Atman Starlight might be a bit limited in terms of functionality for advanced vapers, but it makes a great option for beginners or:

  1. People who don’t want to spend a lot on a vaporizer. At less than half the price of many competitors, the Atman Starlight offers excellent value for money. And if you’re a vaping beginner, you’re likely to find that the Starlight is more than enough vaporizer for your needs.
  2. People who enjoy vaping both dry herb and concentrates. You don’t need any special accessories or add-ons to vape multiple materials with the Atman Starlight, and the fact that the oven chamber is removable means that you won’t have to break your back trying to clean up after a session with wax, shatter, or similar substances.
  3. People who want a portable, powerful vaporizer. The Atman Starlight is a bit larger than some other portable vaporizers, but it’s still light and compact enough to be used on the go. 

Beware of Fakes on Other Marketplaces!

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What’s in the Box

Atman Starlight Portable Vaporizer

Cleaning Brush

Extra Heating Chamber

Packing Tool

USB Charger

Technical Specifications

Chamber Size:

1.5 ml

Compatible With:

Dry Herbs and Concentrates

Adjustable Temperatures:

Yes (4 Presets)

Temperature Range:

160° C - 260°C

Heat Up Time:

~15 seconds

Power Source:

2800mAh Lithium Ion Battery

Battery Life:

~10 Sessions

Charging Time:

3-4 Hours

Heating Style:



1 year

Information sourced from Atman Vape.

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