16" Straight Tube Bong by Grav Labs
16" Straight Tube Bong by Grav Labs

16" Straight Tube Bong by Grav Labs

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Vendor: Grav Labs
Type: Bong
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Grav Labs 16" Straight Tube Bong - A Quick Intro

If you’re looking for a serious bong fan’s bong, then the Grav Labs 16” Tube Bong has everything you need and more. This is a veritable tower of terrific hits, standing at over a foot tall. This extra long neck means that you will be enjoying some seriously powerful, lung busting hits.

Every inch of this bong is made with a high standard of quality. It is built with premium borosilicate glass and it lives up to the reputation of the classic and iconic tube bong.

Its stemless design means that you won’t have to worry about a cracked stem at any point down the road. This has been further reinforced and built with a broad and chunky base for extra stability. There are houses out there that are built to be less stable than this bong.

Of course, you might worry that such a big bong means that the hits will be harsh and hard to stomach. Don’t worry, the honeycomb percolator or the ice notches mean that when you rip this thing, it will go down smooth and easy. The low water reservoir line also means that the draw strength required for each hit is manageable, even for beginners.

This is a centrepiece bong, a veritable flagship for any collection.

Top 5 Grav Labs 16" Straight Tube Bong Features

Honeycomb Perc

Many people’s first thought when confronted with bongs this large is that the hits must be super harsh, with only the most experienced herb veterans even capable of approaching it. Don’t worry for a second. Grav Labs want their bongs to be as beginner friendly as possible, so they equipped this piece with a honeycomb percolator. This mesh-like percolator breaks your hits up into a flurry of bubbles, making it far easier for the water to effectively cool it into a smooth and manageable hit.

Borosilicate Glass

A bong this large demands a level of quality that a budget piece simply can’t deliver. The more glass there is in a bong, the more opportunities there are for thermal stress to cause fractures. The Grav Labs 16” Straight Tube Bong, however, is composed entirely out of high quality borosilicate glass. This type of glass is formed by gradually adding silicone to glass as it is formed. This results in a clear, high quality glass that is extra resilient to sudden changes in temperature. This means that you can expect this bong to last and look good the entire time.

Broad Base Bong

A tower this tall needs a strong foundation. Grav Labs know this and have equipped it with a broad and stable base. This is extra wide and built out of thick, strong glass. So you’ll have little cause to worry about this piece from suddenly tipping over!

Extra Long

It’s probably pretty obvious that the main draw of this bong is its extra tall height. This piece stands at over a foot tall! This lets users build up some pretty impressive hits. As they draw in the hit, it will fill up the neck. Creating a truly voluminous and lung busting hit.

Ice Notches

Sometimes it's nice to go that extra mile and make your session a truly chilled out one. What could be better than putting some ice on it? This bong comes equipped with ice notches. These allow you to enjoy some truly smooth experiences as each hit flows across the ice, getting perfectly chilled before you inhale.

How To Use Grav Labs 16" Straight Tube Bong

How To Operate The Grav Labs 16" Straight Tube Bong

To start, take the bowl out of the rest of the piece, you don’t want to risk knocking it over as you pack it. Grind your herb and carefully pack it into the glass bowl, putting the biggest particles at the bottom and the finest at the top. Then place it back into the joint and rest the bong on a stable surface.

Next, put the bong to your mouth and light the bowl with a match or lighter. Start to inhale slowly, pulling the smoke through the water and into the neck, filling it with smoke.

When the smoke has built up sufficiently, remove the bowl and take a deep breath, inhaling all of the smoke.

How To Get Cool Hits From The Grav Labs 16" Straight Tube Bong

It is incredibly easy to get great, cool hits from this bong. First, fill your water reservoir with cool water. Only fill to the point where the path from the bowl to the main chamber is covered. The honeycomb percolator should break up your hit sufficiently for a cool hit. However, if you want to push it to the next level, you can add ice cubes by sliding them down the neck where the notches will catch and hold them

How To Clean/Maintain TheGrav Labs 16" Straight Tube Bong

The first step when it comes to cleaning this bong is to remove the bowl and set it aside safely. Next remove any ice cubes and empty the water out. Following this, you’ll want to pour some isopropyl alcohol into the water reservoir. If the build up is particularly bad, then you’ll want to add some abrasive matter like rice.

After you’ve done this, seal the joint and mouthpiece and shake the bong until any build up dissolves. Then you’ll want to empty the alcohol out and rinse the bong thoroughly. Let sit to dry fully before you use it again.

Technical Specifications


16 inch

Joint Type


Joint Size

12 mm

Joint Angle

90 Degree

Percolato Type

Honeycomb Perc



Glass Thickness

14.5 mm


Blue, Black, Clear



What’s included:

  • 1 Grav Labs 16” Straight Tube Bong
  • 1 Glass Bowl.