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We will track the order for you with automatic notifcaiton via email/SMS along the way! If you want to manually track your order please insert your Order Number or Tracking ID to see your current shipping status.

I have no tracking info yet?

Your order will first be processed and will be shipped out to the carrier and as soon as we receive the track id , you will get an sms / email notice.


As you may be aware due to a combination of Brexit and Covid the UK french border has been closed since the 20th of december severely affecting the ecommerce industry in the UK and Europe. And sadly this has greatly affected our service at Herbalize Store.

However, We have been working hard to remedy these problems and now have established a dedicated UK warehouse, which has been shipping orders the last two days as fast as possible to make up for the backlog of orders. Starting with the oldest orders first.

We all here at Herbalize Store greatly appreciate you all who have chosen to wait patiently while we set up our new warehouse.


UK Timeline of order dispatch:

Orders made after the 8th of January

These orders will be processed last and should be fulfilled within 2 weeks

Long term service (15/02/2021 onwards)

Service should return to normal with February , at the moment we ship within 3-8 days in the UK.

Shipping Speed - Shipping Speed is how quickly the postal carrier delivers your package across the country locally or internationally. International Packages may take longer due to custom check. We do not have any control over customs.

Processing Time - Processing time is the amount of time that it takes our shipping and warehousing staff to process all the orders daily after quality/security check has been done of all the items, package them up carefully and safely, and get your box in the hands of the postal carrier.

Questions? Our Team is always happy to help!