Volcano Classic Gold Review

Volcano Classic Gold Review UK

The Volcano is the gold standard for vaporizers. Now, it's back, literally in gold.

Storz & Bickel are the kings of the vaporizer scene. 20 years ago they revolutionised the industry by opening the first purpose-built vape factory in the world and building the best desktop vaporizer that money can buy.

Since then, the German vape magnates have defined the standard of quality for desktop and portable vaporizers alike.

It's impossible to research the vape industry without coming across fervent praise for the Volcano. It stands head and shoulders above its competitors, and in two decades it has yet to face a true challenge to its dominance.
The Volcano Classic Gold: Two Decades of Vaping Perfection
The Volcano is so well engineered that in two decades it hasn't required an upgrade or redesign. The closest thing to an update you can find is the Digit that merely replaces the old school dial with a novice-friendly digital display. Of course, true Storz & Bickel purists still extol the virtues of the tactile precision of the analogue dial system. Good news for them, the incredible Volcano Classic Gold preserves all of the wonderful features of the original flagship vape just in gold.

To commemorate the Volcano's long reign as king of the vapes, Storz & Bickel have released a stunning gold edition. Plated in real, 24 karat gold, this vaporizer is truly striking to behold. It is a true celebration of the fantastic vaporizer's incredible engineering. As with the classic, it is built to rigorous quality controls. The 100% electro-mechanical design makes it far more robust and durable than modern digitally-controlled vaporizers, making it so much more than a pretty face.

Hybrid Heating System

The Volcano's distinctive silver cone shape is instantly recognisable. It's for more than just show, it contains a large air chamber that allows your vapour to circulate freely. This works in tandem with the unique hybrid heating system that combines the quick heat-up times of conduction vaporizer and the dense vapour of convection. This results in a dense and tasty vapour that is up to 75% purer than that possible with many other vapes on the market.

Legendary Design

A lot of vaporizers take their design philosophy from consumer electronics, to be frank, some look a little too much like iPhones with mouthpieces. The Volcano is a uniquely striking vaporizer. Every facet of its design is built with function in mind, it is in many ways a purely utilitarian device. However, this function-first design has produced a truly beautiful piece of machinery. You can focus test your product, you can draw your aesthetic from minimalism and zen philosophy, but you can't compete with the sheer brilliance of solid engineering and careful craftsmanship. This solid engineering is only magnified by the new gold edition. Even a total vape novice can see that the Volcano is nearly as fun to look at as it is to use.

The Volcano Classic Gold: The Best Desktop Vape Money Can Buy?

While portable vaporizers are certainly the most popular way to vape cannabis, the best vape experiences are only possible with a desktop vape. Everything that's good about a portable vape is magnified by a good desktop, they have more potent heating systems, larger chambers, and can offer a more sustained experience. On top of this, everything that's good about a desktop vape is magnified by the Volcano.

Volcano Classic Gold Limited Edition Vaporizer

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Of course, Storz & Bickel weren't content just to perfect desktop vaping, they also redefined it. The Volcano Gold features a patented easy valve system that allows you to attach a vape balloon. This will gradually inflate with cannabis vapour until it is full. Then, you simply detach it and draw from it. You can enjoy the powerful vapour of a Volcano without having to shackle yourself to the device itself. The vapour can last in the bag for up to 8 hours, allowing you to use it at your leisure. The Volcano Gold comes packaged with a fourpiece easy valve and balloon system. You can get the most out of your vape right out of the box.


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