The Kandy Pens Series

The Kandy Pens Series

KandyPens is one of the few vaporizer pens makers who experienced a dream debut in 2014. The SkyCloud, its first pen vape was an instant hit. It catapulted KandyPens on to a par with some of the set names in the market.

What was so great about the SkyCloud? Well, there were certainly many compelling features. It became the darling of the vaping community in quick time.

To begin with it could accept all three forms of popular raw ingredients – dry herbs, oil / wax and e-liquids. The SkyCloud was not only versatile but offered a lot of punch in terms of vapour quality.

At the same time it flaunted a figure which could give a real life model a run for their money. A feature that would become a KandyPens special.

Kandypens vaporizers Canada

Extremely compact and boasting stunning looks. It was also a no-nonsense pen vape in terms of use. The user simply had to tap the power button five times to switch on, ditto to switch it off and simply press the same button to initiate a vaping session.  

The loading was also hassle free. The user simply had to pull off the top section of the battery, then load the chamber with herbs, oil or concentrate after removing the mouthpiece. Once loaded the vaporizer offered some real action.

The LED lights acted as a user interface. Every time it lit up it warned user of its status. One of the finest features of the SkyCloud was its ten second auto shut off feature, making it the most frugal pen vaporizer in terms of battery life.

KandyPens has come a long way since then. Today, it boasts more than seventeen pen vapes belonging to an array of categories and classifications. Some of its current popular models include Galaxy, Gravity, Slim Kit and KandyPens Prism.

KandyPens has maintained its hunger for perfection by spending lots of time, money and energy in building state of the art pen vapes, beating their own expectations through innovative designs and employing practical engineering principles.

No wonder then it has left its competitors miles behind and today are looked up by the vaping community as one of the best source for quality pen vapes.

On the price front, most KandyPens vaporizers are pricey. However, considering the host of free add-ons, feature rich options and the insanely long warranty.

The customer always comes out on top. Imagine a pen vape that provides multiple loading chambers, a highly complex atomizer with unmatched vapour quality and a dazzling finish which is sure to fetch the user several envious glances. Now, isn’t that something that every vaper craves?

KandyPens quick leadership status is the result of its dynamic range of pen vapes which are now endorsed and promoted by leading media moguls. This has created quite a stir and fan following for KandyPens products.

Here are some of the KandyPens popular products.

KandyPens Galaxy

KandyPens Galaxy vaporizer Canada

One of the most intriguing features of the Galaxy pen vape is the state of the art Tornado atomizer. The term Tornado conjures an image of a fast and powerful wind. This is exactly what it does in the device.

The atomizer allows the user to adjust the airflow while vaping. This offers a great way to reduce resistance unlike most other pen vaporizers.

Moreover, the CAB air holes enhance this resistance-free vaping further. You can simply inhale to your heart’s content for that smooth and incredible hit.

The Galaxy pen vape provides three different heat settings, 510 threaded battery insert for future customization and multiple oven options. The dual quartz rods wrapped in titanium coil offers some of the thickest and intense cloud from a pen class vaporizer.

Moreover, the instant heating feature doesn’t compromise on the vapour quality at all. Interestingly, the crystal quartz lined heating chamber ensures that concentrates retain their flavour to its fullest.

In spite of its sleek and fragile appearance the Galaxy is a force to reckon with in terms of wear and tear factor. Don’t let its smooth and dazzling finish fool you.

Galaxy is unbeatable even when abused in terms of overuse and bad handling. The hard shell which is included in the package enhances its life further.

A five gram deep chamber, temperature controlled battery ( 176°C, 193°C and 221°C ), wickless roasting and life time battery warranty are some its other alluring features which simply cannot be overlooked.

Incidentally, the quartz rods wrapped with titanium coils provide consistent heating throughout the session while its free flow air system reduces the drag considerably, and at the same time prevents clogging of materials.

The Galaxy pen vape is available in enamelled coated glossy finish, looks discreet and lasts for a very long time. Awarded the best pen vape by The Vape Critic, it needs no recommendation whatsoever. The features of the Galaxy are in itself a testimonial to its superb pedigree.

KandyPens Gravity

Kandypens Gravity vaporizers Canada

KandyPens Gravity is a dedicated wax pen vape that offers amazing vapour quality in terms of density and flavour. Because Gravity is made to burn a particular category of raw ingredient it translates into a niche product.

This device is good for someone who is not comfortable changing the ovens or the roasting chambers every now and then.

A niche product also means an extremely high vaping experience as the internal working elements are designed to cope up with just a single starter material. It also means less wear and tear.

Coming to some of the compelling features of the Gravity, it boasts a dual-quartz rod atomizer for that unmatched performance. You can also change this and stick to the classic ceramic doughnut atomizer.

Either way there is no compromise in the quality of the resultant vapour. However, many users recommend the former, as it offers a fuller cloud.

Earlier, users had complained about tighter draw, the only spot of bother, especially with the doughnut, but that problem was quickly solved with an additional, miniature, circular cut out.

The result was instant. The air now moves up quick with markedly low resistance. The user can now indulge in impressive draws.

Additional hole also makes sure the chamber remained free of clogging issues. In a way a clean chamber enhanced the air flow further offering delightful inhalation that is not laborious in any way.

The coil -less ceramic atomizer boasts SloBurn technology and is devoid of wicks and metal wires. Even in its minimalistic form KandyPens offer amazing flavour vis-Ă -vis wax concentrates.

Available in glossy black finish with matching mouthpiece, Gravity pen vaporizer boasts elevated air flow system, deep chamber, quartz crystal chamber and ceramic dish option, and 510 threaded battery insert.

The temperature-controlled battery provides the following heat options - 148°C, 176°C, 198°C and 221°C.

KandyPens Slim Kit

Kandypens Slim vaporizer Canada

There are pen vapes and then there is KandyPens Slim Kit ... extremely portable, versatile, affordable and powerful. It provides vapour quality which can only light up the eyes of the user, literally, both in terms of potency and surprise factor.

Just because it is cheap doesn’t mean it lacks features or for that matter provides unsatisfying vaping sessions. No! Try it! You will be surprised at its performance.

Most of the pen vapes’ heart and soul lies in its battery. It is this component which provides the real kick. KandyPens offer lifetime battery warranty for most of their pen vapes. This oozes confidence amongst users and the vaping community.

With its wickless technology and 510 thread battery insert, it sports the same standard features and components and yet the Slim Kit manages to beat the price point.

Extremely slick, smooth and slim this pen vape from KandyPens boasts classy finish and a fantastic companion when it comes to potent vaping experience, especially when it comes to wax and e-concentrates / liquids.

Further, its wickless technology ensures lower draw resistant which plagues most of the other vaporizers from this class.

So, go for Slim Kit for that rich vaping experience, affordability and discretion factors.

KandyPens Doughnut

Kandypens Donut vaporizer Canada

The Doughnut is synonymous with uniform heating, which makes it a very popular option amongst vaping enthusiasts as well as those who have just started out.

So, what makes The Doughnut so special? As mentioned earlier, it doesn’t cause combustion because of its ceramic chamber and disc atomizer. The resultant vapour is richer, tastes good and super smooth.

The Doughnut also provides three temperature settings just like its family member, the Galaxy. While the 0.5 grams chamber doesn’t sound too great the SloBurn technology however makes it last longer than one would imagine.

Some vapers might find the not so dense cloud a discouraging factor. Nonetheless, its durability and niche burning features erase even that shortcoming.

Doughnut vaporizer boasts a ceramic dish which is devoid of rods, titanium coils and wicks. Its ceramic dish ensures clean burning of raw material which in turn leads to highly flavoured and pure vapour. Doughnut is one mean pen vape when it comes to efficiency in terms of raw material as it leaves behind no residue.

KandyPens Vaporizers

The entire family of KandyPens vaporizers such as Doughnut, Ice cream man, Galaxy, Gravity have several similar elements and components. This makes cleaning and maintenance chores easy as the steps involved are common for all the variants.

Kandypens Ice cream man vaporizer Canada


Atomizers are integral part of KandyPens vaporizers, and the only ones which face the brunt of the combustion process. The heating may leave stains and gooey like substances which if not cleaned can lead to inefficient vaping experience.

So, how do you clean? Simply, soak the heating element in isopropyl alcohol for at least 10 minutes and then blow dry the crevices especially the holes. Once the element is dry, set it back and feel the difference.


KandyPens manufacturer had the foresight to evolve their product line up in terms of technology and engineering but made sure they didn’t change the dimensions of essential components. So, what does this mean for the users? It simply translates into savings and hassle free porting.

Gravity, Galaxy and Doughnut accessories simply enjoy each other’s company and therefore they can be interchanged anytime. Some of the components which boast common dimensions include battery, mouthpiece and hard shell case in certain variants.


The Galaxy pen vape has been bestowed with the title of best vaporizer by “The Times” magazine and the Gravity model was awarded the Top Vape Pen for Wax 2016 by the Vape critic, a reviewer of great repute.

Incidentally, Kandypens continue to think and innovate, and the latest offering, the Ice Cream Man is one such device which exploits wax derived from herbs. It uses the popular KandyPens heating system; the quartz heating element, for efficient burning.

This information is sourced from the manufacturer and our own experience with this vaporizer.


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