The Best Dab Rigs 2021

The best portable dab rigs of 2021

The Best E-nail Dab Rigs in 2021

Portable dab rigs undeniably provide one of the most enjoyable smoking experiences. For this reason, it doesn’t take much to understand why they’re so popular amongst cannabis smokers. Constant advances in tech mean brands are constantly updating and refreshing current models. The result: a market flooded with top quality products for us to choose from. What more could you ask for?!

But which one is best for YOU?

If you couldn't tell, we love a good list. So we’ve compiled a list of the very best portable dab rigs in 2021. Once you’ve finished this article, you’ll know all you need to know. Before you know it, you’ll have to perfect dab rig just for you. We’ve categorized them, explaining what each rig does best for you to make the most informed decision.

Here’s how we categorized this list of the 5 best portable dab rigs of 2021:

  • The Best Overall
  • The Largest Clouds
  • The Best Vapour Quality
  • The Most Compact
  • The Best for Larger Groups

  • Category Vaporizer Price Discount
    Best Overall Dr. Dabber Switch £279.99 LOVE5 (5%)
    Largetst Clouds Puffco Peak Pro £309.00 HERB5 (5%)
    Best Vapor Quality KandyPens Oura £299.00 LOVE5 (5%)
    Most Compact Dr. Dabber Boost £149.95 HERB5 (5%)
    Best For Groups Dr. Dabber Boost £424.99 LOVE5 (5%)

    Best Overall - Dr. Dabber Switch

    Brand - Meet the Dr. Dabber SWITCH, the most revolutionary product on the market. This portable e-rig is a true showstopper. With the ability to switch from a traditional dab rig to a dry herb vaporizer... the clue is in the name!

    Features - The SWITCH is a patent-pending induction heating vaporizer. It's suitable not only for oils but for flowers too! The SWITCH is able to make this incredible transition at the click of a button.

    Battery Life / Performance - This portable dab rig boasts adaptability, but that’s not where the greatness stops. It also has mind-blowing heating speed and battery life. A portable dab rig has never been so dynamic. A speedy 60-minute charge time being able to provide an astounding 150 uses. Which, for your average user would be looking at around one charge per week of use! It’s a patent-pending induction heating system that allows for an average heat time of 4 seconds. Yes, you read that right. 4 seconds. How could you possibly say no?

    Smoke Quality - Like the choice of vaping dense flowers AND viscous oils? Look no further than this masterpiece by Dr. Dabber. With the SWITCH having 25 varying head settings, it adapts to any situation with ease. 25 heat settings sound impressive, but is it necessary? The answer is: YES! Each heat setting has a specific use. Whether you want to put emphasis on flavor, vapor density, or cloudiness you will have no issues creating the perfect smoke.

    This level of excellence doesn't come without a hefty price tag. Having said this, if you’re searching for a combination of battery life, performance, and vape quality - you’ve just found it.

    Checkout: - Dr. Dabber Switch Review

    Dr. Dabber Switch

    Buy Dr. Dabber Switch

    The Largest Clouds - Puffco Peak Pro

    Brand - Puffco is often regarded as the pioneers of the E-Rig industry. They've released the latest generation Puffco Peak Pro smart E-Rig. This is amazing news for all e-rig fanatics. It's two years since the original Puffco Peak was released in 2018. The latest edition of this model has resolved many of the issues faced by Puffco Peak users. What we have in 2021 is a completely optimized and refreshed model - the Puffco Peak Pro.

    Features - Created by the Microsoft of the e-rig world, this model defines luxury. It has build-in sensors that constantly regulate bowl temperature. The bowl itself has also been upgraded; being 40% larger. This means much bigger dabs and a much lower risk of overloading.

    Battery Life / Performance - No detail has been overlooked by the Puffco team in improving the Puffco Peak. Amazingly, the Puffco Peak Pro boasts an amazing 30 dabs per charge.

    There is an option to purchase the wireless charging upgrade for a true hi-tech charging experience.

    Smoke Quality - Not to mention a high-tech smartphone app that is downloadable for both iOS and Android users. The app allows for temperature adjustments and control of the built-in lights. Users can create their own temperature/color presets. Also receiving all usage information such as bowl temperature, daily and total dabs, as well as battery life.

    But wait, there’s more…the Puffco Peak Pro also comes with a discrete and carefully designed travelling case so that you can take those dabs with you wherever you go!

    This level of excellence doesn't come without a hefty price tag. Having said this, if you’re searching for a combination of battery life, performance, and vape quality - you’ve just found it.

    Checkout: - Puffco Peak Pro Review

    Puffco Peak Pro

    Buy Puffco Peak Pro

    The Best Vapor Quality - KandyPens Oura

    Brand - Kandypens Oura vaporizer is one of a kind product. It combines the power you’d typically expect from a full-sized dab rig with the utility of a portable vaporizer. Are an experienced smoker who needs an e-rig which can deliver dabs of a desktop dab rig? - you need look no further.

    Maybe you're new to the world of portable electronic vaporizers? There is no better place to start. As one of the most exciting products on the market, this is an ultimate experience for anyone.

    Features - Features - It's impossible to ignore when creating a list of the best portable dab rigs of 2021.

    One of these features is the battery life-preserving ‘auto-shutoff’ feature. It ensures that the device turns itself off after 4 minutes of no use. Also, boasting a ‘Sesh Mode’ which keeps the device on and ready to use for 60 seconds.

    Battery Life / Performance - It gets better: the Oura comes with fast charging USB-C technology. Say goodbye to painfully long charging times, with the Oura these are minimal. Once charging, the wait is just 10 minutes before you can start using it while it continues to charge!

    There is an option to purchase the wireless charging upgrade for a true hi-tech charging experience.

    Smoke Quality - Smoke Quality - The water bubbler feature ensures that each hit is clean and smooth. This luxury, quartz crystal glass atomizer has a 5-second heat uptime. With 4 temperature settings each user to find the perfect setting for their preferences.

    Buy Puffco Peak Pro

    Buy KandyPens Oura

    Most Compact - Dr. Dabber Boost

    Brand - Another product from Dr. Dabber makes it onto our list for the best portable dab rigs in 2021. The Boost is yet another example of Dr. Dabber’s high-quality performance just like the SWITCH. Enjoy another example of luxury dabbing by Dr. Dabber.

    Battery Life / Performance - Do not be fooled by thinking that the compactness of this vaporizer compromises the performance. Adding to the convenience and excellence of this dab rig is the long-lasting battery life. The Dr Dabber Boost can last 40-60 hits per charge it is one of the most efficient products of its kind on the market.

    There is an option to purchase the wireless charging upgrade for a true hi-tech charging experience.

    Smoke Quality -As we’ve come to expect from Dr. Dabber products, the vapor produced is of the highest quality. For this, we give praise to 3 different nail options provided with the Boost (Quartz, Ceramic, and Titanium). Passionate about inhaling the highest quality vapor? This is perfect for you.

    Buy Dr. Dabber Boost

    Buy Dr. Dabber Boost

    Best For larger groups - Volcano Hybrid with a liquid pad

    Brand - From its performance to its design the Volcano Hybrid by Storz and Bickel oozes class and quality. When it comes to desktop vaping, you need look no further than the Volcano Hybrid. This is the ultimate luxury vaporizer. Made for those who are most passionate about their smoking experience.

    Features - Its exterior is sleek and modern with a large touch-button digital display feature. The screen includes controls and shows the temperature of the Volcano making it easy to control. Its unique traditional Easy Valve balloon system makes this the perfect shareable dab rig.

    The Volcano Hybrid is perfect for large groups. It produces the best quality, delicious vapor. No concentrate, wax or oil can be enjoyed more with any other e-rig on the market.

    Battery Life / Performance - Like most high-end, high-tech dag rigs; the Volcano Hybrid has its own smartphone app. The app available for both iOS and Android users meaning nobody misses out. The luxury feel of controlling your vaporizer remotely cuts all inconvenience. The ultimate sense of extravagance.

    There is an option to purchase the wireless charging upgrade for a true hi-tech charging experience.

    Smoke Quality -The Volcano Hybrid comes fully equipped with a liquid pad. This allows users to vape concentrate which producing flavors as your liquid spreads over a larger surface area.

    Checkout: - Volcano Hybrid Review

    Buy Volcano Hybrid

    Buy Volcano Hybrid


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