S&B Will Release The Crafty Plus Vaporizer

Crafty Plus Vaporizer

The New Crafty Plus Vaporizer - What Will Be Improved?

Storz and Bickel continue to be one of the most highly esteemed vape manufacturers in the world. Despite the endless number of competitors, they have been able to continuously offer units that amaze and satisfy the vape community.

In their collection, you can find everything from desktop vaporizers to portable vapes, all offering quality and features that can’t be found anywhere else. Some of their most popular units include the Volcano vape, the Mighty, the Plenty and last but not least, the Crafty vaporizer.

The Crafty vaporizer by Storz and Bickel is far from new. It was released back in 2014, which means almost 6 years of innovation for other competitor vape units, and not much change for the Crafty.

However, when Crafty fans thought that their time to shine was over, Storz and Bickel announced a big surprise - they were going to release a new ‘updated’ and improved version of the classic Crafty.

Of course, this caused a lot of stir and talk in the vape community, and many are wondering just how much this already impressive vape can improve. 

How Storz and Bickel Improves Their Units | What We Know

This is not the first time however that S&B has surprised us with improvements on their vaporizers. A few months back, they released the Volcano Hybrid, which is considered the new and improved version of the very well-known unit, the Volcano Digital.

The improvements made to the decade-old Volcano are very easily noticeable. The new Volcano Digital has a more precise array of temperatures and offers more flexibility to the user.

The new Hybrid uses a convection/conduction combination heating that provides more efficient heating, more thorough vaporization, and more flavourful vapour than convection heating can offer.

When it comes to the Crafty however, we know very little about their plans for improvement. Due to the Storz and Bickel’s ‘secrecy’ when it comes to their projects and new units, it’s always hard to predict what they will be sharing with their fans next.

They do, however, like to add to the excitement by posting little clues on their social media platforms. Recently, for example, they posted a very simple image of a vape unit concealed in the darkness with the caption: “get ready,” and hashtags including “be prepared” and “exciting news.”

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It looks like we’ll have to wait until their ready to share the details with their customers.

What to Expect From The Crafty Plus?

As mentioned above, there is no real way to know exactly what will be changed or improved in this unit. There haven’t been any official announcements by S&B about what they are planning so the best we can do is try to guess what to expect.

The changes that were made to The Volcano Classic were very much based on customer feedback, so we can assume that S&B will take a similar approach to their work on the new edition of The Crafty Plus. This means that those issues mentioned in the table above will likely be the primary focus of the development process.

Improved Battery

One of the first changes we are expecting from the Original Crafty is an improved, longer-lasting battery. As mentioned above, the Crafty is known for having an above-average of defect-rate, and these defects are usually related to the battery. This is why an improved battery is one of the first things that fans hope to see In the Crafty Plus.

The Next Level of Design

Although the design and build of the Crafty has become iconic, there is always room for improvement. The size may not be the change we are expecting in an improved design, but it might just be more on-unit controls, or even an improved LED display.

This is exactly the type of upgrade we discovered with the new Volcano Digital, so it may just be that the Crafty Plus will follow in its design footsteps.

Speed & Efficiency

An improved heat-up time in the new Crafty Plus could add a whole new level of enjoyment to this unit, according to customer feedback. With a faster-charging battery and quicker heat up time, users will be able to enjoy more of the delicious vapour they love in a less time-consuming manner.

Less Plastic

Some Crafty fans are crossing their fingers for less plastic and hoping to see improvement in the chamber’s materials. A stainless steel chamber and a glass airpath may just be the thing that can take the vape quality and taste of the Crafty Plus to the next level of functionality and sustainability in one fell swoop.

More for Less 

As mentioned, Storz and Bickel’s units aren’t exactly affordable. Compared to other units on the market, the Crafty and other S&B vaporizers are on the pricier side. This means that an improved unit for a better price would be very good news for people wanting to experience the S&B quality for themselves.

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