Marley Bubbler Review | Why Is It So Good?

Marley Bubbler Review

In a world of electrictronic, battery powered vaporizers, there is always a need to go back to the ‘old style’ of enjoying herb; and what’s a better way to do that than with a high quality water pipe?

The Marley Bubbler is definitely one of the best options on the market today when it comes to quality, well-made water pipes. I had a great experience with this unit, and I am more than confident that so will any water pipe lover.

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First Impression

Marley Natural Bubbler

Although many will say that first impression don’t matter, they really do! Even with a vaporizer or water pipe, the first impression adds to the satisfaction of the customer and I believe this is more than important. T

he Marley Bubbler did not let me down in the slightest. From the moment I saw it, I immediately knew that it wasn’t just another low-quality water pipe.

The first things that caught my eye when I unboxed the Marley Bubbler were its super fancy build. If you are a water pipe or bong OG like myself, you are probably used to seeing a cheap plastic or super fragile glass pipe that looks more like a mistake than a well-made unit.

Well, the Marley Bubbler is nothing like that. I could literally see the quality, time and effort that was placed in to its design and build, and I believe that Marley Natural did an amazing job with this unit.

Build Quality

As I mentioned above, the first thing that caught my eye from the Marley Bubbler was its super fancy, gorgeous build and design. The Marley Bubbler has a very unique design when compared to other units on the market, and this is thanks to its wood and glass materials that are paired beautifully in its build.

Marley Natural likes integrating “natures goodness” in to their quality pipes and pieces, and in this unit, you can feel that goodness for sure.

Not only does the Marley Bubbler have a build that is gorgeous, unique and fancy, it is also made of quality, durable materials. The durability of this unit made me fall in love with it even more, because I’m not the most ‘responsible’ smoker if I’m honest.

Thanks to the sturdiness of this units materials and build, I was able to enjoy using it without worrying too much about breaking it with one touch (which is great!).

Marley Bubbler Pipe

The Marley Bubbler has an overall awesome build that allows users to enjoy their favorite dry herb to the fullest extent. It has an impressive base that can be filled with a good amount of water and has a globe-shaped percolator that filters the smoke efficiently.

I truly believe that there is no unit like the Marley Bubbler. There was so much thought and detail placed in to its design, and thanks to this effort, it is by far one of the best on the market, and one of my favorites.  

Ease of Use

Another thing that’s great about the Bubbler, and that made me fall in love with it even more is its ease of use. Really, who has the time to deal with complicated instructions, parts and pieces?

I believe that ease of use makes a unit more enjoyable and easier to enjoy, which is why the Marley is such a great unit. Unlike other pipes, the Marley Bubbler has super easy to understand instructions, and can be enjoyed from the moment it’s unboxed, completely hassle-free.

All you have to do to unlock the Bubbler’s superpower, is fill it with water (I prefer cold water, for the extra temp), grind up your favorite dry herb (not too fine), place it in the bowl, and light it; it's that simple!

Like any other water pipe, it is recommended to switch out the water after each use, to get the best taste. I like switching out the water regularly, because it keeps my unit clean, and also makes it look brand new.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Marley Pipe

Many people believe that maintaining a water pipe or bong can be complicated or tedious, but in reality, it’s the same as any other dry herb related unit (vaporizer, hitter, pipe, etc). Especially if a unit is as well made as this awesome Bubbler.

You will find that maintaining your unit and cleaning it every once in awhile becomes a super easy process, and like me, you might actually start to enjoy it!

The only thing you need to keep the Marley Bubbler clean and working like a champ is some Isopropyl Alcohol, which you can find at a store near you (it's everywhere). Take apart all of the Bubbler's pieces and put the glass pieces in the Alcohol.

To clean the wood mouthpiece, you can use a Q Tip by dipping it into the Alcohol and wiping inside of the mouthpiece. Simply use paper towels or hand towels to dry the pieces, put them together carefully and you're ready to go! (I do this once a week, but you can do it every 2 to 3 weeks if you prefer).

Who is the Marley Bubbler Perfect For?

Due to the fact that I’m a water pipe lover and sometimes need  break from electric, battery-powered vaporizers and dry herb units, the Marley Bubbler really satisfied all my needs and left me as happy as ever. It’s easy to use, it’s beautiful, it’s simply great.

I am confident that you will also love this unit if you have been looking for an alternative to all those popular vaporizers out there today.

The Marley Bubbler is also perfect for those that are looking for a water pipe that is durable, easy to maintain and classy. It it definitely one of the best water pipes on the market, and I think it should be on your must-have list if you like enjoying your favorite dry herb with water pipes.

Another great thing about the Marley Bubbler is that it’s affordable! If you were hoping to find a high quality, a well-made water pipe that is awesome, but that won’t completely empty your wallet, the Marley Bubbler is definitely for you.

It’s set at a reasonable price, and it is totally worth it considering the amazing build, the quality and the years of use that it offers.


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