Kandypens Galaxy: An Honest Review

Kandypens Galaxy Review

Do you happen to love small, portable vaporizers that can be enjoyed on the go? So do I! That is one of the main motives that pushed me to purchase the Kandypens Galaxy, and why in this article I will be reviewing it, and sharing with you all the necessary info that you'll need to know if it is perfect for you or not.

Compact, portable vaporizers are growing in popularity, because now vape lovers like myself are noticing just how important it is to have a vape unit that can be enjoyed anywhere, and taken any place.

Although the variety of portable vaporizers on the market is now growing, it is still hard to find a unit that is right for your needs, which is why I was impressed when using the Kandypens Galaxy.

Like all vaporizers, the Kandypens Galaxy has its flaws, and its charms, so in this article, I will be sharing with you exactly that. At the end of this review, I am confident that you will be able know more clearly if this vaporizer is perfect for you, or if it is not.

First Impressions

What I like to call first impressions, is when you pull a vaporizer out of its packaging, and the feeling or reaction you get from it. Are you satisfied with the overall look and feel of the vaporizer from seeing it for the first time?

This for me is a first impression, and I think it is a key thing that will either add to the satisfaction of the user or detract from it.

In my years of vaping concentrates, I have experienced a handful of impressive vaporizers that left me with my mouth open with the first impression. Sadly, the Galaxy was not one of those.

It has nothing to do with the actual vaporizer itself, for I knew coming in that this unit is not the most extravagant or impressive portable vaporizer on the market. It is a more simple, minimalistic type of unit.

So, I can't say that when I unboxed the Galaxy I was ecstatic, but I was of course excited to try out my new vaporizer, and see how it held up to the handful of competition on today's market. Although not the most impressive, it did at least get me ‘pumped’ to want to use it, which is good.

Kandypens Galaxy first impression

Look & Feel

After pulling out your vaporizer and its pieces from their packaging, the first thing you are going to notice is the look and feel of your unit. So, in my opinion, I feel that the look and feel of a vaporizer also can add or detract from the satisfaction of user.

Also, I simply consider myself a sucker for a fancy looking vape unit, so look and feel are important to me.

The Galaxy comes in a variety of finishes, and out of the available options, I simply had to choose from one of the Galaxy metal finishes.

When I unboxed the Galaxy and pulled it out of its packaging, the first thing I noticed was its shiny rose gold body that left me feeling pretty impressed. As I said, I definitely am a sucker for a fancy-looking vaporizer.

I believe that the metal finishes on the Galaxy are a great touch, for they make the vaporizer look high quality, feel high quality, and simply give it that touch of uniqueness that other vaporizers do not have.

Once I was holding the Galaxy in my hand, and I got to take a look at its shiny build, I definitely felt more impressed with the unit.  

Build Quality

Now that I've gone over the first impression, and the first look and feel that I experienced with the Galaxy, now it comes down to the actual build quality of the unit.

To be honest, when it comes to actual materials used to create the Galaxy, there are not that impressive. The overall quality of the unit however, is okay.

Kandypens is known for offering cheap, affordable vaporizers, which makes their cheaper materials understandable. To offer cheap vaporizers, it's almost a requirement to have to lower the quality of the materials used to create them.

So, although not flat-out bad, the materials for Kandypens vaporizers are not the best, and do fall short when compared to other competition on the market.

However, when it comes to actually hold the Galaxy, it does not feel like a cheap vaporizer. When holding it in my hand, it has a perfect weight and doesn't feel fragile or too sturdy. So, although not made from the highest quality of materials, it doesn't feel like too much of a cheap unit either.

Kandypens Galaxy build quality

Impressive Vapor Quality?

If there is one thing about Kandypens vaporizers, and about the Galaxy specifically that is awesome, is its vapor quality. Although there are a large number of vaporizers that are considered the competition for the Galaxy, it simply outshines a large number of them and leaves us all impressed with the awesome quality of cloud that it offers.

The impressive quality of vapor it offers is not just thanks to luck, however. The manufacturers of the Galaxy took into consideration temperature control, and high-quality atomizers to offer the best cloud performance.

I found that although the Galaxy might have a small number of flaws, the quality of vapor it offers really makes up for what it doesn't have.

One of the things that made me fall in love with the galaxy is the taste it offers when it comes to vapor. Although I have tried a wide variety of vaporizers, the Galaxy really stands out when it comes to the consistency and flavor of vapor it produces.

If you happen to be a sucker for a vape unit that offers incredible taste, you definitely need to try out the Galaxy.

Easy to Use?

Am I the only vape lover that hates using super complicated vaporizers? I honestly don't think so. Vaporizers that have complicated settings and tedious features are not the best in my personal opinion.

I find that if a vaporizer is hard to use, it detracts from the overall satisfaction or fun that the unit can offer. So I always find myself looking for a unit that is easy to use.

In this compartment, the Galaxy completely satisfied my needs. Unlike other vape units on the market, it does not have any hard to understand features or settings, making it perfect for vape beginners, and vape experts alike.

With the Galaxy, I didn't have to go through any complicated learning curves or read long instruction books about how to use it. With its ease-of-use, the Galaxy definitely became one of my favorite go-to vaporizers.

Kandypens Galaxy Review


Can it be Used on the Go?

Another thing that has made the Galaxy such a sought-after unit on today's market, is the fact that it is the perfect size to be used anywhere. The Galaxy boats a compact, small body that allows you to fit in pockets, backpacks, purses or virtually anywhere, making it perfect for on-the-go use.

When it comes to the options for portable vaporizers on today's market, the Galaxy definitely has to be on that list. It's small, it's compact, and I found that it was discreet enough to be used in public without feeling too obvious. If a portable unit is what you have been looking for, the Galaxy should surely be on your must-try list.

Great Battery Quality?

On today's vape market, it is beginning to become difficult to determine if the quality of a battery is impressive or not. There are now vaporizers that offer hours of continual use without having to be recharged. So, with the incredible technology today, it could easily be said that all batteries are incredible! (When compared to old vaporizers, that lasted 10 minutes only…)

When compared to the handful of vaporizers that are popular on today's market however, the Galaxy doesn't specifically stand out when it comes to it's battery life. Instead of lasting hours and hours on end without having to be recharged, the Galaxy only lasts around 30 to 60 minutes.

In my experience, because I am not that heavy of a vape user, I found that the Galaxy was perfect for my needs. However, I have found that a large percentage of vape lovers prefer a unit that lasts hours and that does not have to be recharged for a long period of time.

So, if you have been looking for a unit that will last you for at least more than two hours, the Galaxy is not perfect for you.

Kandypens Galaxy battery

Should you Get a Kandypens Galaxy?

Now it comes down to the big question; should you get the Kandypens Galaxy? Is it perfect for you and your needs? Is it the best option on the market for you?

Well, the answer to these questions depends completely on your needs, your preferences, and what you are looking for in a vape unit. Although I might have loved the Galaxy, I can ensure that this unit will be perfect for you.

Buy Kandypens Galaxy

I can, however, share my personal opinion as to who this unit might be perfect for. Due to the fact that the Galaxy is set at an affordable price, is easy to use, can be used on the go, is discreet and small, and offers an impressive quality of vapor, I find that this unit is perfect for those that are looking for an affordable concentrate vaporizer that is easy to use, that could be used on the go, and that offers an impressive quality of vapor.

I myself had a great experience with this vaporizer, and although I did find a few flaws in the unit, I had an overall positive, enjoyable time using it. So, if you find that what this unit offers is perfect for your needs and preferences, I definitely recommend getting it.

It will offer you an easy, enjoyable vape experience, and simply satisfy your vape needs. I loved it, and I'm confident that you will too.


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