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How to Clean a Vape

If you are a newcomer in the vape community, and you have only recently started using a vaporizer, you might be having a difficult time understanding how to keep your unit clean, and keep it working flawlessly.

All beginners need a little explaining to get started, but once they know the steps, tips, and tricks, it is more than easy to enjoy vaping like never before and have a stress-free time maintaining their unit.

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Although cleaning a vape unit might seem like a stressful, complicated process, it really isn't that difficult. Once you get a hang of things, and clean your unit a couple of times, you will basically be able to do the process with your eyes closed in no time.

There are only a few simple steps that need to be taken to maintain and clean a unit, and although simple and easy, it’s super important for a vaporizer.

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Why is Cleaning Your Vape Important?

Cleaning your vape on a regular basis is something that simply has to be done; but why is this process so important? There are many things that make cleaning your vape important, but one of the most essential reasons is to keep your unit running and functioning flawlessly.

If you do not clean, maintain, or fix parts and pieces that are not working, your vape will not last far into the future and will not offer the best experience. Just buy small, simple improvements and maintenance steps, your vape unit will be working flawlessly and last you years to come.

Vaporizers that vaporize e-liquids also need to be cleaned, however, dry herb vaporizers require even more maintenance.

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This is due to the fact that herb vaporizers vaporize more 'heavy duty’ materials, and get faster build-up of residues, oils, and imperfections from the materials used in their chambers. This is why it is more than important to clean your vaporizer and maintain it as much as possible.

One more thing that makes cleaning your vaporizer so important, is health-related. in my personal opinion, I have found that if my vaporizer has not been cleaned or maintained for a long period of time, I seem to experience irritation in my throat.

I believe that this is due to the fact that the unit itself is not receiving enough air through its chamber, not cooling properly and simply not doing an effective job at vaporizing my materials.

The moment after cleaning my unit however, I found that I was receiving high quality, delicious, cooled vapour that did not irritate my throat or cause any discomfort. So, for health-related reasons, I do highly recommend cleaning your vape unit as much as possible.

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Cleaning Your Vape

Step 1- Knowing Your Unit

The first thing that is important to take into consideration before cleaning a vape unit, is to know the anatomy or structure of your vape device. Vaporizer can vary slightly in their components, pieces, parts and overall builds, but there is still a similarity in all units.

Before you think about starting the cleaning process, take out your users guide or instructions book, and take a look at all the pieces and parts that your vaporizer has. (If you can't find either of these documents, you can look it up online!)

Standard vaporizers are generally made of three parts or components; this including a tank, a coil and a battery. All of these parts and pieces can be taken apart and cleaned easily.

However, you simply have to know a little bit more about your unit before taking it apart, due to the fact that you don't want to break or 'harm’ your precious little unit! So make sure to take a look at how to take apart your specific unit in the correct way before simply pulling apart parts and pieces.

Step 2- Take Apart Your Unit

So, now that you know more about your unit and what pieces can be taken apart, carefully separate your units pieces and grab the parts that can be cleaned, (the battery for example, can obviously not be cleaned so you can put that in another area).

When it comes to parts and pieces that you can actually clean in your unit, there are only a few parts that actually need it, and that can actually be cleaned. This includes mostly the mouthpiece, the tank, and the tanks pieces that are made of materials that will not be harmed by liquids.

Step 3- Cleaning Essential Parts

One of the most essential parts that need to be cleaned in a vape unit is the tank. The tank is the part of a vaporizer that houses all the materials, be that either liquids, oils or herbs.

The more often you clean your tank, the better results and the better taste you'll receive from your vaporizer. However, just make sure that after cleaning your tank you dry it off completely before adding materials again. This will ensure that your coil or wick will not be damaged in the process.

Although it may sound strange, the best material to use to deep clean your vape tank, is high-proof vodka. It really gets into those hard-to-reach places and completely dissolves any type of material that is sticking to the tank itself. However, if you don't happen to have high-proof vodka in your cabinet (which I sadly don’t), you can simply use warm water and a drop of dish soap.

No matter which of these materials you use, be it either vodka or warm water and dish soap, all you have to do is detach the tank, empty out any materials that are still in the tank, and place it into a bowl with your chosen materials.

After you rinse it a little in to solution and clean it efficiently, you simply rinse it with warm water, let it air dry for about 10 to 15 minutes and then assemble your device again. It's that simple! You can use the same process for your mouth piece, and other parts that will not be damaged by liquids.

Another great thing to do while you're cleaning your vape unit, is using some antibacterial gel or wipes on the outside of the battery itself and the rest of your units body or build.

I believe that this is super important, due to the fact that we take our vaporizers everywhere we go and usually hold it by the battery, so most of the bacteria is found on the battery or the body of the unit. After you give your units body a little wipe down with some antibacterial, your cleaning process will be done and your vape unit will be as good as new!

Can You Clean a Vape Coil?

Although it's sad to say, vape coils are one of the only things that you can't 'bring back to life’ or clean in a vape unit. Of course, you can try paper towels, napkins, and other things, but in reality, these won't help in any way.

After your coil has been burnt, or used for a long period of time, there is nothing you can do to really 'bring it back to life'.

However, this is why there is such a wide variety of replacement vape coils, and you can find them at almost any vape shop online or near you. It is highly recommended to replace your vape coil once taste quality or vapour production quality starts to decline.

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When to Clean Your Vape

Although I'd like to say that cleaning your vape once a month is enough, this simply isn't the truth.

I have found that cleaning my vape unit at least once every two weeks is the best way to keep my vaporizer working smoothly and offering flawless functionality and ease-of-use. I've also found that by maintaining and cleaning my units, they last me longer into the future and offer me years of use.

This has allowed me to use my favourite vaporizer for a long period of time, without having to go and buy a new unit every other month, which is great.

As mentioned at the beginning of this blog, cleaning your vaporizer might seem like a tedious, annoying process, however, the results are always more than satisfying.

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Once you clean your vape unit a couple of times, you will find that the process is super easy and that it will offer you the best results from your precious unit. Plus, your little vaporizer deserves it! Take care of it just as it takes care of you!


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