Find Your Winner - Ghost MV1 vs Firefly 2

Ghost MV1 vs Firefly 2


Lets get straight into it, no need making you stay longer than you need to. Both are very vaporizers but which one is for you.

Let us help you make your choice - Ghost or Firefly

We will go through the categories we think make a good vaporizer.

Vapor Quality

Ghost MV1

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The Ghost MV1 is a very nice vaporizer in many people’s opinion ever since it came out, and the vapor quality has been one of its most mentioned features, which is already a great start for the Ghost MV1 vaporizer, as that is one of the most important aspects in a vaporizer.

This particular vaporizer is incredibly potent when it comes to cloud production and it can come to produce huge clouds which are both flavorful and dense, and I love that I can always rely on a nice big hit when I use my Ghost MV1!

The tastiness of the hits is also something which is much commented about within vaping communities, and it is said to be one of the main reason this vaporizer is recommended amongst vapers. This means that since the Ghost MV1 came out, one of the user’s favorite feature!

Additionally, the vapor is never too hot, no matter how high the temperature at which you vape it at, which is a big deal for me, because in my opinion there is nothing worse that a vape session that gets gradually too hot.

So with that said, I always find that the Ghost MV1 is perfect for me, and I don’t stand alone in this opinion either! Many people also comment on the great vapor temperature of the Ghost MV1 vapor.

Firefly 2

The Firefly 2 vaporizer also produces good quality vapor, like the Ghost MV1, but there are little tricks which you have to know in order to get the best quality of vapor or the most vapor that the vaporizer can produce. That, however, is not necessarily an inconvenience for me, though it might be for other people.

When it comes to cloud size, I do believe the Ghost MV1 to produce bigger clouds, but I sometimes find that the Firefly 2 produces denser clouds, and many vapers prefer denser clouds over larger clouds, so I guess it all comes down to personal preferences at that point.

To add to this idea, the Firefly 2 produces good tasting vapor, and I find that the full flavor of the product really comes through during a session, and that is a really important aspect for me and other vapers, so it is definitely a plus for the Firefly 2 vaporizer.

In summary, I do believe the Firefly 2 to be a great vaporizer for shorter more on the go vape sessions because I find that it can be a little hot at times, but the dense flavorful clouds can’t really be beaten by many other vaporizers of the same price and type.

Therefore, I do recommend the Firefly 2 over other economically priced vaporizers, but whether it stands against the Ghost MV1 in terms of vapor quality relies on your own personal view.

Look and Feel

Ghost MV1 size

In both look and feel, the Ghost MV1 is one of my personal favorites; it is a perfect weight, it looks amazing, it feels great in my hand, and it really feels and looks the part, I think.

Also, I love the chromed look because it looks fancy and elegant, but the shape of the unit brings it back to a more modern and contemporary look, so the whole vaporizer is a great mix of timeless design, and modern presentation.

I also like the way it is curved, for it allows me to hold it in different positions when I'm on the go, and I don’t have to worry about my product falling out or anything of the sort. This is not always the case, so I value this aspect of the Ghost MV1 vaporizer, for sure.

The Firefly 2 vaporizer is, in my opinion, notoriously unique in either look or feel, for it is a commonly seen shape and model, especially regarding the way one uses it; therefore, when it comes to uniqueness, I’m not sure the Firefly 2 is “the one”.

But in other regards, I love the compact design, and I love how it is not too heavy, especially since it is meant to be an ultra-portable vaporizer.

When I use the Firefly 2 vaporizer I like that it looks good and streamline, I like how neutral it is, and I like how “quiet” or subtle it is when I’m out in public; especially since it is not a large vaporizer and I can use it quickly and put it back into my bag in a matter of seconds.

So, Firefly 2 isn’t super unique, as there are many vaporizers and combustion-type tools that have the same design, but it is neutral and streamline, and it looks sophisticated in my opinion.

Temperature Settings

The Ghost MV1 has a wide spectrum of different temperatures you can set it at, which I love, and these are all in preset settings which you can switch between using your vaporizer’s button.

But the fun part about these preset settings is that you can actually enter them and set them at the temperatures that best suit you using the GHOST app for your phone.

I think that using the app makes the whole vaping process more customizable, and I like that everyone can edit their temperatures to better fit their personal preferences, and to better suit their moods. Therefore, I do recommend getting the app, for you will be able to tailor-make your sessions and change temperatures at any time!

Firefly 2 Size

The Firefly 2 vaporizer also has a wide spectrum in terms of temperature settings that one can choose from, and the Firefly 2 can also be controlled by an app named the “Firefly 2”, which is a great feature for such an otherwise simple vaporizer to have, and I give Firefly props for incorporating this tool into their vaporizer.

The app does work a little differently from the GHOST app because when changing through temperatures, one does not have to change a preset temperature setting, all that needs to be done is to use the slider on the “Lighting Bolt” tab to seamlessly increase or decrease the temperature at which you want to vape.

It really is that simple, and I actually quite like the app because not only does it control the temperature, but it has technical information about the device and such.

Battery Life

The Ghost MV1 vaporizer actually has quite an amazing battery in it which lasts around 35 to 50 hits, which in my opinion does seem to sound like very few, considering the power of the battery; but I noticed that I don’t personally take that many hits throughout the day, therefore this battery life is good for me and for people who don’t vape a lot in one day.

But if you are a person who vapes more than 40 hits in a day, or who likes to share their vaporizer with friends, then this battery life may seem a little too short.

But there is one thing which can save you, and that is the Ghost MV1’s charging time, which is only around 120 minutes from empty to full charge.

Therefore, it might not last you a whole day if you vape more than around 40 to 50 hits per day, but you will be able to charge it and resume your vaping session in a matter of around 2 hours.

The Firefly 2 vaporizer also has a fairly potent battery which lasts around 1 - 2 hours, which can translate into different numbers of hits depending on the way you personally vape; but for me it lasts for approximately the same amount of hits as the Ghost MV1, meaning it gives me around 40 - 50 hits.

Additionally, one feature which I really love about the Firefly 2 vaporizer can fully charge in under 45 minutes when using the Quickcharge AC adapter! It truly gives the shorter battery life a whole other meaning and allows users to use it up, charge it again in a matter of minutes, and be ready and on the go in such a small amount of time that this aspect really can’t be beaten by other vaporizers.

Ease of Use

Ghost MV1 Vaporizers

The Ghost MV1 vaporizer is really easy to use, and I love the simplicity of the whole vaporizer in itself. It is easy to load, easy to turn on and off, and switching between temperatures is a walk in the park thanks to the GHOST app.

I would recommend this vaporizer to people who have a little to a lot of experience, but I might not recommend it to people who have never used a vaporizer before, just because there are simpler vaporizers on the market which could ease new vapers into the whole experience.

Of course, if you are a new vaper considering the Ghost MV1, I don’t want to shy you away from getting it, because it is an amazing vaporizer, but it might take a day or two to get used to, that’s all.

This vaporizer is much simpler than the Ghost MV1 vaporizer in terms of loading, cleaning, and operating, for it is very intuitive and very easy to use if you are a first-time vaper or a veteran; therefore I do commend the Firefly 2 on being ultra-easy to navigate.

This is the perfect vaporizer for people who just want to take some hits on the run, because there is no fancy way you have to operate it, and the loading process is so simple you can’t really go wrong, no matter how hectic your day might be.

Therefore, I recommend this to anyone who likes this type of vaporizer, no matter if they have no experience because everyone and anyone can easily operate this vaporizer!

Portability & Discreetness

When it comes to portability, I would like to say that I wish the Ghost MV1 was a little bit more compact or maybe a bit smaller, because I don’t always carry a huge purse, and I don’t always want to have to carry a backpack on my adventures; and for that reason, I would prefer this vaporizer to be smaller.

But otherwise, when I use it in public or in places where discreteness is valued, I never find the Ghost MV1 to be a problem, and many other users also comment on it being nice and discrete but also comment on the fact that they would maybe prefer it to be a bit smaller; because the size of this vaporizer is between a small desktop model and a very portable model, so it is a little in between both, and some people don’t always want to carry it around for the same reason.

Firefly 2 Vaporizers

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This vaporizer is extremely portable, and it is the perfect shape for storing in any small purse or pack, and it fits perfectly in pockets and smaller containers. The Firefly also has a case accessory that is easily packed into a backpack or larger purse and is therefore also very portable.

In terms of discreteness, the Firefly 2 is also very high on my list, because depending on the temperature you vape on, the clouds are subtle, and the loading process is also quite subtle and quick; and thanks to this I think that this vaporizer is the perfect one for people who prefer to vape “on the low” and to have a chill time of it during their sessions.

Conclusion, Ghost mv1 or FireFly 2?

I really like both vaporizers and I think that they are both worth their prices, however, as you may have noticed, they have different strengths and features, therefore I think that choosing a “winner” or the best vaporizer out of the two really depends on what you are looking for in a vaporizer.

That said, I believe that you can rely on either vaporizer to be high quality, durable, and very well functioning! So I hope this blog was helpful for you, and if you are interested in learning about more vaporizers, please feel free to check out our other head-to-head reviews and comparisons!


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