DynaVap Coloured M Series - The Newest Vape

DynaVap M Colored - Review

We’re proud to announce the recent release of the DynaVap Coloured M Series! This new collection features all-new colours, but all the vaporizers remain the same in terms of core features, quality, and overall design as the well-loved 2019 DynaVap M.


Featuring a series of 3 new colours and finishes, the DynaVap Coloured M Series is a captivating take on the original DynaVap M, and it caters to all different tastes and preferences. We think it was a great move on DynaVap’s part, and we’re more than excited for you to try them all!

DynaVap Coloured M Series

The Pop of Colour You’ve Been Waiting For

The DynaVap Coloured M Series comes in 3 stunning colours:

  • Aurum - a beautiful take on a decadent gold colour, with a smooth and shiny finish.
  • Rosium - the captivating pink with an oil spill-like effect, switching from greens to blues and purples with subtle golds in some lights.
  • Phantom- a strong gun-metal grey with a beautiful matte finish and a grippy feel.

    The colours are all added to the units by means of PVD (physical colour disposition), which essentially vaporizes the coloured substance in a vacuum space, then deposits it directly onto the vaporizer. This makes the colour much brighter, much more durable, and much more efficient.

    DynaVap Colored M in Gold

    Thanks to the diversity of colours, everyone can find the perfect Coloured M for them. If you like the fancier look, you’ll love how the Aurum looks. If you are into more psychedelic effects, the Rosium is the perfect M for you. And if you like more unique finishes and colours, the Phantom is a great choice.

    Another intriguing feature is the fact that not only is the exterior of the vaporizer coloured, but all of the interior pieces are too! From the atomizer to the cap and mouthpiece are all the same colour, and you can even see that the inner rim of the vape’s herb bowl is also the same colour!

    The attention to detail is insane and we’re living for it!

    Fully Customise Your DynaVap Coloured M

    One of the coolest parts about the Coloured Series is that you can mix and match the vaporizer parts to create your own unique DynaVap M. This means that you can make a franken-vape with the atomizer from one colour, the body from another colour, and the cap from another!


    DynaVap Coloured M Vaporizer Pink

    We love the idea of a fully customizable vaporizer, and now we can say that our need for one is fully satisfied by the colour series! We’ve tried all the different combinations, and we’ve come up with some really cool combos!

    New Colours, Same Amazing Features

    Though the colours have gotten way cooler, this series is just another take on the most recent version of the DynaVap M. This means that you will still have all the beloved features of the fan-favourite vaporizer, just with cooler colours.

    DynaVap Coloured M Phantom Vaporizer

    This vaporizer features the same amazing quality of design and build, the same attention to detail in the ‘grip’ of the vape, the same airways, and the same amazing atomizer. It is also to be heated the same way as the original DynaVap M 2019, such as with a torch or conduction heater of your choice (or anything hot enough to heat the unit).


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