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DaVinci IQ vs Firefly 2

Both the DaVinci IQ and the Firefly 2 have taken the top of the list of high-quality, premium vaporizers. Offering unique functions and innovations that other vape units on the market do not, both the DaVinci IQ and the Firefly 2 have become must-have units for those that enjoy cutting edge technology in their vaporizers.

Although both vaporizers have become increasingly popular in recent years and are well known for offering impressive functionality, and innovative technology, they both have their unique features, making them perfect for different types of vape lovers. The truth is that although they are very similar, both cannot be perfect for the same individual.

Which one is better for you?

In today's blog, we will be sharing with you all the necessary information that you need to know about these vaporizers, so that you may choose which is perfect for you, your needs, your preferences, and your vape tastes.

Instead of having a hard time choosing from these amazing vaporizers, you can finally find the one that's right for you without going through a stressful process.

DaVinci IQ vs Firefly 2

Vapor Quality

Vapor quality is one of the most important things to take into consideration when choosing a vaporizer. If a vape unit does not produce high-quality vapor, it will not offer the results that you are looking for or will simply not allow you to feel satisfied with its functions.

This is why when a vaporizer offers high-quality, delicious vapor on demand, it can become popular fast, for they are not so easy to find. This is exactly the case with both of these high-quality units.

Firefly 2

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Although both The DaVinci IQ and the Firefly 2 offers an incredible quality of vapor, they're able to do so for different reasons. Instead of using the same methods of heating, the Firefly 2 utilizes convection heating to offer an incredible quality of vapor, and then DaVinci IQ utilizes conduction style heating to offer the smooth delicious vapor it produces.

So, for those that have preferences when it comes to the heating methods of your vaporizers, you can choose the DaVinci IQ if you prefer conduction heating, or you can choose the Firefly 2 if convection heating is what you like.

So, although both of these units utilize different methods of heating, they both offer truly impressive results when it comes to vapor quality and production.

Some say that convection style heating can offer a more pure type of vapor when compared to conduction style heating, however, these views depend a lot on the individual, so we leave it up to you and your personal tastes to choose your favorite.

Build Quality

When it comes to building quality, both of these units left the vape community more than impressed. The Firefly 2 is made from the highest quality of stainless steel and a smooth glass vapor pathway that delivers delicious vapor to the users' lips.

It boasts an impressive chamber that can hold up to .15 grams and a sturdy plastic mouthpiece that is not easily broken like with other units.  Although the original Firefly vaporizer impressed the community with vapor quality, the Firefly 2 has been upgraded and improved, so it's easy to understand just how incredible this unit is.

DaVinci IQ

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The DaVinci IQ on the other hand does not fall far behind and quality. With a 10-year warranty, it is obvious that the manufacturers for The DaVinci IQ were definitely confident that their users were going to simply love the quality of this unit, and they do.

Boasting an all-ceramic vapor pathway, advanced heating styles, customizable sessions and a great .3 grams chamber size, this vaporizer is definitely impressive when it comes to building quality.

Ease of Use

I'm confident that all vape lovers can appreciate an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use vape unit. If a vaporizer has a wide variety of complicated settings and functions, using it can be a drag, and can make it less enjoyable.

This is why I strongly believe that a well-made vaporizer should boast high-tech features that are not easy to understand, and that are perfect for both vape beginners and OG's alike.

Although I'd love to say that both of these vaporizers are super easy to use, I'd be lying to you if I did. Both the  Firefly 2 and the DaVinci IQ have a learning curve to them.

However, almost all vaporizers have a small learning curve, and a little getting used to before users can enjoy it to the fullest extent. So yes, both of these vaporizers have a small learning curve, but after using them a couple of times, vape sessions will be enjoyable and easy.

DaVinci IQ in hand

The only thing that you're going to need to practice a little bit when it comes to the DaVinci IQ, is its unique heating styles. Both of these vaporizers have an application to go with them, so also using the app a couple of times will help you get used to their functions and quirks.

Firefly 2 on the other hand can be slightly frustrating at the beginning, but after a couple of sessions, it will be more than enjoyable.

Portability and Discreteness

In today's vape market, one of the most searched for features in a vaporizer is portability and discreteness. Although vapor quality and production is obviously something that all vape lovers take into consideration, portability and discreteness have become popular must-have feature that vaporizers need to boast nowadays.

This is due to the fact that our world is now fast-moving, and we need a vaporizer to go with our busy lives on the go.

When it comes to portability, The DaVinci IQ boasts a smaller size, making it easier to take in small spaces such as pockets and purses. However, thanks to Firefly 2’s sturdy, high-quality build, it is also great for on-the-go use.

Both units were designed with portability in mind, but they are not the smallest units on the market. Both of them will, however, fit perfectly into a sweater pocket, a backpack, or a bigger sized purse; and can then be enjoyed on the go.

When it comes to discreteness, however, Firefly 2 takes the prize. thanks to the on-demand heating that the Firefly 2 offers, users can take quick, and delicious hits without having to wait.

No matter where users are, they can enjoy a delicious discreet hit from the Firefly 2 without a problem. The DaVinci IQ is also discreet but simply can not compete with the Firefly 2’s on-demand convenient heating.


Firefly 2 in hand

As mentioned above, both of these vaporizers can be controlled with high-quality applications. And although many vape lovers prefer not using apps, for they may be time-consuming or complicated, both of these applications have shown to be easy to use and worth it in the long run.

You can control a wide variety of settings and features from these applications on both vaporizers, which simply makes the overall vape experience they offer more enjoyable. With features like this, users can have an easier time with their vape unit, and enjoy vape sessions like never before.

Temperature Controls

Temperature controls are important, and both of these units manufacturers kept this in mind when designing them. Although not too impressive, the Firefly 2 offers 5 preset temperature controls through its application, including five for herbs and one for concentrates. This simply allows users to have an easier time when beginning to use the unit, and experimenting with materials.

The DaVinci IQ on the other hand, offers some of the most impressive temperature controls on today's vape market.

With a wonderful new feature that the IQ boasts called Smart Pads, and it's incredible temperature flexibility, users are able to enjoy the best taste and results from their unit. With the impressive and flexible temperature controls that The DaVinci IQ offers, you will be able to receive the absolute best results from the variety of materials you enjoy. It definitely is a great touch.

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Battery Life

Davinci IQ box

Just as the portability and discreteness is important for a vaporizer in today's market, battery life also makes the top of the list of must-have features. If a vaporizer does not offer a long-lasting battery life, users simply do not get to enjoy what they could with a long-lasting battery.

Plus, to take a vaporizer on the go and enjoy it out in the world, it is important to have a powerful battery life that will last at least a few sessions.

Although both the DaVinci IQ and the Firefly 2 boast impressive battery life, the Firefly 2 falls a little far behind when compared to the battery quality of the IQ.

The DaVinci IQ simply lasts longer and offers longer session time than the Firefly 2. So, for those that are looking for a vaporizer that will offer long vape sessions thanks to their long-lasting battery life, The DaVinci IQ is definitely for you.

Quality for Price

Price is not always something that is mentioned when comparing vaporizers, but I find it something that simply cannot go unmentioned. The truth is, is that all of us Vape lovers have a certain budget when we are looking for a vaporizer, so it is definitely important to keep in mind when looking for the perfect vape unit.

A great thing about both of these vaporizers is the fact that although they are super high-quality and impressive, they're both set at affordable prices.

When comparing both of these vaporizers, however, like in other categories mentioned in this blog, the DaVinci IQ takes the prize. Set at a cheaper price than its competition, the DaVinci IQ not only boasts more impressive features and functions but is also set at a less expensive price. This obviously makes it even more recommendable, for it offers quality for a great price.

Another amazing thing about the DaVinci IQ is the fact that not only is it set at a cheap price but it offers a 10-year warranty, whereas the Firefly 2 is set at a more expensive price, and has a two-year warranty.

This simply shows the confidence of the manufacturers when designing and selling their units, and the DaVinci IQ seems to be designed to impress. Once again however we leave the choice up to you when it comes to choosing the best of vape unit for your taste, preferences, and vape needs.

Firefly 2 Box

Which Vape is the Best Davinci IQ or FireFly 2?

Now that we've gone over a wide variety of information about these super popular, well-known vaporizers, you probably have a clearer idea as to which is perfect for you.

Both of these units are commonly placed on the same list thanks to their quality, their similar functions, and the overall similarity in their builds and bodies.

As you can see, they are very different when it comes to the functionality they offer, and the features they boast.

Thanks to their uniqueness, as I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, both cannot be perfect for everyone. Although they are both made for the absolute best vape experience on the market and boasts some of the most high-quality materials and features on the market, one of them simply falls slightly behind when compared to the quality of the other.

When taking into consideration all of the details mentioned above, it is easy to say that the DaVinci IQ offers more impressive functions, quality, overall features, and incredible price when compared to the Firefly 2.

And although both units are commonly paired together as the same, the DaVinci IQ is simply on a higher level of quality when compared to its competition.

So, although The DaVinci IQ did win this battle, the Firefly 2 still leaves us impressed with its quality when compared to other competition on today's market.

The truth is that both of these vaporizers are a peek into the future, as to what we will be seeing in innovative, cutting-edge vaporizers. Thanks to both of these units quality, we are confident that no matter which you choose, you will be more than satisfied and happy.


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