Arizer Solo 2 Review

Arizer Solo 2 Review

Arizer Solo 2 Review

The Arizer Solo II portable vaporizer has been on the market for about a year. It comes from Canadian manufacturer Arizer, who has built a reputation for solid, reliable vaporizers. It is substantially different from the Solo and Air, two of Arizer’s other portable dry herb vaporizers on the market.

In this review, we’ll go over all the Arizer Solo II’s pros and cons, all its features, we’ll compare it to other popular portable vapes, and even show you more on how to use the Arizer Solo 2 vape!

Feature Overview: Arizer Solo 2

Compatible With Dry Herbs
Heat-Up Time +/- 30 Seconds
Temperature Settings/Manual Adjustment Manual Settings in Single Degree Increments (50°C-220°C)
App Required? No
Heating Element Hybrid (Convection and Conduction)
Oven Material Ceramic
Oven Capacity 0.2g
Vapor Path Borosilicate Glass
Removable Battery No
Sessions per Charge 10-12 Sessions (180 Minutes)
Charge Time 3 Hours
Draw Resistance Direct Draw/ No Resistance
Vapor Smoothness 10/10
Flavor/Taste 9/10
Odor Level 8/10
Country of Origin Canada

Pro´s and Con´s of the Arizer Solo 2

  • Quick heat-up time
  • Amazing vapor quality
  • Very portable
  • Easy cleaning
  • Hybrid heating
  • Great digital display
  • Single-Degree Temperature Adjustment
  • Glass stems are fragile
  • Charging time is quite long
  • Not compatible with concentrates
  • Temperature settings are a bit slow
Build Quality Arizer Solo 2

Build Quality

We’ll begin the Arizer Solo 2 review by looking at the build of this portable vape. The vapor pathway on the Arizer Solo 2 is all glass, which lends a little fragility to the unit but improves the vapor quality (discussed below). It comes with two glass stems – one 9 cm, the other 11 cm, so they’re fairly long. And thin. Long, thin, glass stems.

It has an LED screen to tell you its operating temperature and has a battery life indicator. There are many other uses for this screen that we love though and we’ll talk about those a little later. It will heat to its highest temperature in about 30 seconds, which is good for those who don’t want to wait. Among heat up times, it is not the fastest but it beats out the majority of its competitors.

It comes with a more powerful heater than the Solo to deliver even, consistent heat from the stainless steel heating element and ceramic chamber. You also get full temperature control between 50C and 220C. You can speed up the temperature selection by holding down the button to move in 10C increments.

Overall this feels like a sturdy unit that is designed to last. It’s curvier than the Solo and feels really nice in the hand. The buttons do not stick – very responsive. It is also designed to work with third party water pipes and cooling devices, which adds significantly to its value.

Also, if you owned a Solo, your older tubes and adapters will work with the new Solo 2. There is a 2-year warranty for defects and workmanship and a long 1-year warranty on the battery. The heating element is covered for life.

Alongside the warranty, the kit comes with everything you need to get started, including a sample of aromatic botanicals (lavender), which can be used in the aromatherapy dish for even more versatility.

Vapor Quality

Let’s talk about the reason you are looking at a vaporizer. Next up in our Arizer Solo 2 review is vapor quality. The vapor quality on this vaporizer is fantastic thanks to the all-glass vapor pathway. The flavor of the herbs is great from the beginning and stays strong and clean throughout the session.

Like pretty much all vapes though, it will get a little harsh at the higher temperatures. The vapor is nice and cool when it hits you thanks to the long glass stems.

You will get the most vapor at 220C and the most flavor out of your herbs at lower temperatures.


The battery life on this unit is outstanding at 3 hours. That is double most other vaporizers in its class, including the Solo. The battery also has pass-through charging so on a dead battery, you can begin using it plugged in, after about 5 minutes of charging.

Portability and Discreetness

It’s time in our Arizer Solo 2 review to talk about use on the go. The long glass stem on this vaporizer is not the best design for discreetness but the carbon color of the unit does help make it inconspicuous.

It is not particularly small though at 11.4 cm high and only 4.5 cm wide. It is slimmer than the Solo but still too large to be discrete, especially with a glass stem attached.

The long glass stem also poses a problem for putting the Solo 2 in a pocket, purse or bag, where they can easily be broken. The risk of broken glass makes this not pocket-friendly. It is light at 210 g. It comes ready to handle 100 – 240V power sources.

Really long battery life increases the portability of the vaporizer but it is probably still easiest to use this at home and save the long battery life for sharing sessions with friends. All told, it is slightly more portable than the Solo but less portable than the Arizer Air.

Ease of Use

Next in our Arizer Solo 2 review, we look at ease of use. Solo 2 is easier to use than its predecessor. You hold the up button and the power button down to turn it on, then set the temperature with the up and down buttons. Loading the glass tube is easy as well. To load the heating chamber, you fill the bottom of your dish with the glass stem, insert it and you are ready to go.

You can customize your session length and alerts by navigating through the menu on the digital display. No application is required for this functionality. It has an adjustable auto-shutoff and even brightness control as well.

The Arizer Solo 2 is easy to clean, especially because the heating chamber is non-stick. A little isopropyl alcohol and a pipe cleaner and you’re done.

How to use Arizer Solo 2

How to Use the Arizer Solo 2

Using the Arizer Solo II is really easy, and here is all you have to know about using your Solo II:

How to Load the Arizer Solo 2

  • Grind your dry herb to be a bit coarse, but not too chunky. You don’t want it to be too fine, or it will get stuck in the screen.
  • Then, load the bottom of the stem, and pack it down a bit so that there is a tiny gap between the edge and the herb.
  • After, holding the stem up-right, stick the vaporizer onto the stem, and turn back over.

How to set the Heat on the Arizer Solo 2

  • Hold the center and up/down button for 5 seconds to turn the vape on, and then select the temperature that you want to start vaping at.
  • Wait 3 seconds, and get vaping!

PRO TIP: We recommend taking long and slow hits for the best-tasting clouds.

Arizer Solo 2 Accessory Guide

All-Glass Aroma Tube:

Though the Arizer Solo II’s aroma tube is made from high-quality borosilicate glass, it is still quite fragile, and we all know that accidents happen sometimes.

But if you do break the piece, you don’t have to worry because Arizer offers replacements made with the same care and quality as the ones that come with the portable vape itself.

Stem Cap Pack:

If you like taking your portable vape on your daily adventures, but prefer not to pack your stem in public, you need to use a stem cap. They allow you to pack your stem before you leave, and keep it safe during your travels!

Arizer Stir Tool:

A stir tool is pretty essential when using the Solo II, so getting one is a great idea. They allow you to stir your herb throughout your sessions, and they even make your vape easier. Highly recommended!

14mm Water Tool Adapter:

One of the cool things about the Arizer SOLO II is that you can use it with any water tool of your choice. With this 14mm adapter, all you need to do is connect your vape to the tool and vape on. It’s easy, efficient, and is really convenient.

Curved Glass Mouthpiece:

Some people prefer to use their vape with a curved mouthpiece, and that’s possible if you add the curved mouthpiece to your vape kit! It’s as efficient as the original straight mouthpiece, and it’s super comfortable to use.

Arizer Solo 2 Review

Arizer Solo 2 vs Boundless Tera vs DaVinci MIQRO

 Features Arizer Solo 2 Boundless Tera DaVinci MIQRO
Manual Heat Settings x x x
Mobile App
Easy to Clean x x
LED / OLED Screen x x
Concentrates Compatibility x
Vapor Quality (Out of 10) 9/10 8/10 9/10
Vapor Coolness (Out of 10) 10/17 7/10 7.5/10
Ease of Use (Out of 10) 9/10 8/10 9/10
Durability (Out of 10) 7.5/10 9/10 8/10


The Arizer Solo 2 has a number of big improvements over its predecessor, the Solo, beginning with the amazingly doubled battery life, the very functional LED screen and menu, improved resistance and the slightly slimmed down and more ergonomic body. It has all the reliability and solid build quality that Arizer has become known for.

The glass stems on this vaporizer are great for improving the quality of the vapor but they pose a problem with making this unit either portable or discreet. Even though it is slimmed down from the Solo, it is still a little too big to be easily portable or discreet in any event. Its large chamber though and ease of use make it a great vaporizer to use while sharing with friends or moving around at home.

We are really impressed with the battery life on this unit and how quickly it charges given how long it lasts. Even if you forget to charge it up, its pass-through charging capacity means you will be using it again (plugged in) after just a few minutes of charging.

The glass vapor pathway and even, consistent heating of this unit make for a fantastically flavourful vapor from beginning to end.

All in all, this is a very solid unit that will make your dry herbs vape experience easy, flavourful and enjoyable with a vape that is built to last a long time.

This information is sourced from the manufacturer and our own experience with the Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer.


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