Arizer Air 2 Cleaning Tips

Arizer Air 2 Cleaning Tips

Arizer Air 2 Cleaning Tips

One of the best features of an Arizer vaporizer is an all-glass vapour path. The glass is great for maintaining the flavour and purity of your herbs, but that’s not the only reason why it’s so nice to own a dry herb vaporizer with a glass stem.

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The other reason is that removing herb resins from glass is incredibly easy. Would you like to clean your Arizer Air 2 and restore its original performance and flavour? These Arizer Air 2 cleaning tips will walk you through the process. 

Cleaning the Arizer Air 2: What You Need

  • Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol
  • Cotton swabs
  • Pipe cleaners (optional)

Cleaning the Stem and Mouthpiece

Since you load your herbs in the stem of the Arizer Air 2, that’s the area in which most of the residue from your herbs collects. The best part is that glass is incredibly easy to clean.

Fill a bowl with isopropyl alcohol. Separate the glass stem and black mouthpiece, placing both in the bowl for a long soak. Since dry herb resin is alcohol soluble, the dark goop simply falls away after a few hours. Resist the temptation to swish the stem in the bowl; the thin glass breaks easily. 

After removing the stem and mouthpiece from the alcohol, you should notice that most of the resin is gone. Anything still sticking to the stem should fall away under running water.

If the stem doesn’t rinse completely clean, dip a pipe cleaner in alcohol and use it to brush away any remaining residue. Allow the stem and mouthpiece to dry completely before using them again.

Pro Tip: The resin in your Arizer Air 2’s stem might not taste or smell great, but it does contain active compounds. If you want to use every last bit of the good stuff in your buds, soak the stem in strong drinkable alcohol such as Everclear. Use the alcohol to make your next herb tincture a little stronger.

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Cleaning the Oven

Although the Arizer Air 2 holds the herbs in the glass stem, some of the herbs will inevitably fall out and stick to the inside of the oven. Cleaning the oven is a little more tricky than cleaning the stem because you can’t just pour in alcohol. Soak a cotton swab in alcohol.

Tap the swab to rid it of excess liquid and rub it around inside the oven. The alcohol dissolves the sticky resins and releases the stuck particles. If you encounter some especially sticky residue, you can use a small nylon brush to scrub it away.

After you’ve given the oven of your Arizer Air 2 a good rubbing with a cotton swab, turn the vaporizer on to heat the oven and evaporate any remaining alcohol.

You’ll know that the oven has done its job when you stop smelling alcohol fumes. After you turn the vaporizer off, you can remove any remaining herb particles by turning the vaporizer upside down and tapping it. The remaining particles should fall out.

This trusted information is sourced from the manufacturer and our own experience with the Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer.


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